Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Creepypasta characters you all know and love. I also don't own any of the characters from other fandoms I might put in for laughs. The only people I do own are the two main characters; Lizz and Jill and their families.

''Lizz you should like totally check it out it's called the Slenderman and it's so creepy it gave me nightmares but it was worth it my cousin you know her, Jasmine told me there was this hot guy that's oh I dunno called Masky or something and she was right he was so cute we're destined to be definitely...*Fangirl sigh*'', Jill my B.F.F rambled while I was teaching freshmen in High School. Oh and BTW my names Lindsey but every person that I know or have met calls me Lizz or Lizzy how I hate being called that nickname it's unbearable.

''Jill I'm a man of science I have no time for your stupid fantasies about EVERYTHING CREEPY-PASTA RELATED! Last week was some killer the week before that was some fucking alien called Rake and NOW IT'S SOMEONE CALLED SLENDER MAN!'' I yelled in class... I'm going to get fired aren't I...?

''But Lizz how can you be a man of science when you're a girl?'' Jill pestered me.

Some random student of mine raised his hand and I looked at him ''Um Ms. Lorinson your friend does have a point there... You're a girl and only guys can do anything science related.'' He said smugly then every girl in the classroom grabbed something sharp and threw it at let me call him Sexist Bob. He was hiding behind some girl then the said girl threw him at a wall. I proudly grabbed a sharp pen and threw it at him but it hit his head and he started bleeding so I saw the slow kid in class grabbed him and the soon to be if I don't take him to the nurse dead Sexist Bob. I looked at the class and they gave me disapproving looks.

''Oh really Ted you took his pee when it was a drug test at school and everyone else framed him for something can't I do the same?'' I asked hope filling my eyes.

One preppy chick named Amanda said ''Oh it's not that it's the fact that the guy died already and you're a murderer so we're going to tell on you.''

All of her minions chimed ''Like totally!

''You killed a student!'' Principal Ms. Bitters yelled.

''I thought you didn't give a damn about children them being doomed and all?'' I asked.

''You're right that's why I'm giving you a promotion for getting rid the world of a stupid doomed child what was his name?'' Ms. Bitters asked.

''Um I don't know I called him Sexist Bob...''

''Doesn't matter anyway you're a homeroom teacher… good luck with that.'' She pressed some button that sent me flying through some tunnels and out of the school.

''OMG LIZZY! I'm here now I got to show ya who I found!'' Jill called me Lizzy. I cannot express how much I detest that nickname.

Jill went in the bushes and dragged out Sexist Bob's dead body. ''Look Lizz he walked from the classroom to here he's alive!''

I just facepalmed myself but unknown to me there was someone watching me from the distance...

Slendy POV

''Masky for the first time EVER I'll ask you who do you want us to 'play' with.'' I smirked. Yes smirked, I'm allowed to show my mouth once in a while.

Masky looked at me eagerly then just started hyperventilating then he pointed at this girl who was face palming herself. Well she did look like an interesting character, slim figure, curly brunette, medium sized, a T-shirt saying 'I don't believe', tracksuit pants, just plain simple shoes and GLASSES. I remember the time when Masky stole some poor sap's glasses and he kept running into things including me but he thought I was a coat hanger... I still have his coats. That guy had a lot of leather for a man in his late thirties.

Masky looked at me with sad eyes thinking he's done something wrong I just turned my head towards him and said ''We'll start tomorrow I feel like terrorizing tourists now.''

Masky jumped up and down. What is wrong with him does he have A.D.H.D.? I just groaned and started walking off. Masky still jumping up and down started jumping after me.