This is Halloween!

Zalgo pov

Everyone started asking questions regarding my absence and I replied to almost all of them… The Tey look alike is really creepy.

Apparently her name is Jill… Jill where have I heard that name before?

Tey seemed a bit quiet, it's not like her to be quiet. I noticed her fixated stare on this Jill girl, strange… Strange indeed.

Slender finally asked ''Who is IT?''

I smiled and said ''She is Terany.''

Jeff spat his drink and yelled ''Tyranny?!''

She rolled her eyes and said ''It's just pronounced the same, that's why I go as Tey.''

''Well, Tey I might as well put you back in your prison cell… Again for the 82.934th time!''

She smiled widely and asked ''You kept track? I'm touched.''

''Please it was mandatory, and who's helping me take her to prison?'' I asked and Yeti volunteered.

Slendy pov

They teleported and I sighed ''Finally some peace and quiet.''

Masky was tending to Jill, Hoodie was talking to Lizz and I was just about to enter my shack mansion how Lizz had called it-

''Lizz! What the hell did you do!?'' I screamed and Lizz, Jill, Jay and a soaked Jane ran out of my forest.

I looked around and saw dead Hello Kitty heads all over the Living room, in the bathroom was Freddy Kruger and I opened my room to find it PINK!?

It was a light shade of PINK!

I yelled ''You're going to pay Lizz! Mark my words, you're going to pay!''

Hoodie opened his room and smiled and said ''Far out man.''

Jeff came in and noticed his room was untouched, he sat on his bed and sighed ''Thank god it wasn't redecorated.''

Creepy Pasta realm:

All of the myths gathered, some were minor some were legendary, all were nothing compared to their ruler.

One minor myth whispered ''Why were we called here?''

The other myth shrugged and said ''No idea.''

Yeti came and said ''Silence!''

Silence fell, after a while in the CP realm you learn that not obeying may cost you your life.

Yeti smirked and said ''Some of you already know that Master Zalgo went missing.''

''Yeah! Is anyone gonna go and find him!''

Yeti growled and continued ''A retrieval team was dispatched a week ago and I'm happy to announce that-''

Someone yelled ''Oh shut up already!''

Yeti growled and said ''Who dares talk to me like that?!''

A black and red horned creature yelled from the public ''I do! Now get out of my seat!''

Yeti trembled and said ''Forgive me Lord Zalgo sir.''

Zalgo teleported from the public and sat on his throne. Zalgo smirked and said ''Yes, I'm back.''

Everyone stared at him bug eyed… He smiled showing his teeth once more.

Some kid yelled ''You're not master Zalgo!''

His mother covered his mouth and said ''He's only a child he doesn't know a thing master Zalgo.''

Zalgo rolled his eyes, he's learned that arguing won't get you anywhere in this society.

''See if I care that your little bundle of joy goes missing all of a sudden.'' Zalgo said and winked.

Zalgo pov

She let out a cry; I smiled and whispered ''It's good to be back.''

Everyone started asking questions, I just passed them and went my marry way… Towards a certain cell.

I used the key to her cell; I'm the only one who has the key and the jurisdiction to be down here as well.

Someone hummed a very familiar tune and I smiled, she does this every Halloween.

Boys and girls of every age,

Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see

This our town of Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

This is Halloween everybody make a scene

Trick or treat 'til the neighbors die of fright

It's our town now everybody SCREAM

This, our town of Halloween.

''What do you want MasterZalgo?'' She spat, clearly annoyed that I interrupted her singing.

I shrugged and teleported right in front of her.

''Who's Jill?'' I asked and caught panic come across her face for a slight second.

''Well I guess you're supposed to ask one of her friends to find out. As smart and powerful as I am it doesn't always mean I have an answer for everything.'' Terany smiled mockingly and continued looking out the hole in her cell wall.

''It would be easier for you if you just stop.'' I said and sat down next to her.

She sighed and said ''I can't take it anymore… I witnessed millions die! I saw my family grow old while I didn't. You don't know how that feels Zet.''

I frowned and said ''On the contrary, I witnessed people die, some where even from my family killed by humans and I don't go around kidnapping myths for fun. Now I'll ask again, who's Jill?''

She flashed me a smile and said ''Like I would tell you.''

I rose and left. Before I teleported I said to her ''Fine if that's how it's going to be, so be it.''

Tey pov

I stuck my tongue out and said ''Pfft… Like I give a damn. Slenda's kid turned out weaker than I anticipated. Makes me think…hmmm… I want tacos!''

A minor myth from what looks like a folklore legend muttered ''Um, well I think that lord Zalgo wouldn't like that. Sorry miss… Why are you here anyway?''

''I'm here because my views are different and because I'm different I'm looked at as a low life. Because I have a different perspective I'm locked in a cell and forced to live among people with no taste and creativity. To be honest humans are so much more practical and enjoyable than you MYTHS!''

He nodded and said ''So you went all emo PMS bitch on Lord Zalgo?''


''Alright go to sleep.''

I laughed and said ''Oh really? You're so unimaginative that you can't even think of anything else to say? Huh!? Really pathetic wouldn't you agree? I sure would. Zalgo probably placed you as my guard so I can receive grammatical and mental torture from you every single day! Zalgo sure is a tyrant.''

He ran and left me to my slop… I looked down and saw what I always dreaded the most… I saw a cockroach!

I screamed and said ''Come on! Zalgo! You monster! I'll talk!''

He teleported and squashed the roach whilst saying ''Sorry Mr. Samsa.''

''Okay you want to know who Jill is or not?'' I asked clearly agitated.

He nodded and I sighed deeply and opened my mouth only to be stopped by a siren.

Zalgo's eyes shot open and he said ''Well, are you going to help or not?''

I shrugged and said ''I don't know why should I help your people? … It's your responsibility to take care of them… Is it not?''

He growled and said ''Come on Tey… Please.''

He spat out the last word with such discomfort that it brought me happiness and I couldn't help but smile… I really couldn't help but smile.

I laughed and said ''Alright so what does code 777 mean?''

''Halloween. The time of year where 95 % of people lose their way and wander into out realm… It's our job as high ranking myths to kill them on sight before they can corrupt our young or that's what I've been told. Anyway it gives me an excuse to kill, that's all I really need.''

I nodded and said ''Well perhaps you should quit the job and settle down… Become someone you have always wanted to be… Not someone you were assigned to be.''

He asked ''How many books did you say you've read?''

''Over a thousand why?'' I asked and he went bug eyed at me.

''When you're immortal and you live with someone who is 'allergic' to technology you either have to adapt or hang yourself.'' I elaborated and he asked ''So you mean to tell me that even after you became someone who found enjoyment in fine literature and all that is now classified as 'Educated' you still became a psycho killer with no regard for people. How did that happen? What, were you corrupted by television?''

I shrugged and said ''I'm disappointed… You of all 'people' should know by now that anyone unaware that entertainment is just that deserves to doom themselves in some dark cell for being so stupid! Music, TV, Books… They're all entertainment not guidebooks to damning oneself.''

''You kidnapped me with hopes I might sing you a last tune… The tune of death. Pathetic really, and why did you think of Slenda's children as weak? They're pretty tough if you ask me.'' Zalgo muttered and I looked at him.

Then after a second or two we burst out laughing.

We went to the west gate and saw people dressed as fruit… Disgusting.

Zalgo and I made a fighting stance and went for the kill.

Slendy pov

I have never understood the need for humans to dress up as nonexistent people and have 'fun' trick or treating.

Well I still don't understand and yet my 'friends' or how I like to call them 'people I live with' are dressing up and wanting to cause chaos… I will never understand humans.

They were all dressed as their favorite characters… Normally my proxies would never do this but I guess this year is a lot different than the years before.

One hour ago

Lizz was frantically screaming bloody murder at Hoodie.

''No you are not going as yourself! As a matter of fact none of us are going as ourselves. And no we can't dress up as myths except Jay since she's new and Jill is her new B.F.F.A.E. I want to see how she'll look. She's going to be a gender bender version of Jeff. Not Jane the killer style since that would be disgusting beyond belief.'' Lizz finished her rant and said ''Okay even Slender has to dress up!''

That's when I would've gone all bug eyed on her but I restrained myself… Why do I have to! I guess it could be fun.

''Who are you going as Lizz?'' Jay asked while Jill was 'Squeeing' at Jay's Halloween Jeff clothes and make up?

Lizz flashed a toothy grin and said ''I'm not telling.''

Jill yelled ''I need a cat for my outfit!''

Lizz rolled her eyes and called Grinny… He was somehow brought back to life.

Grinny was hairless… I guess he burned his fur off on his way back from hell.

''What?'' He asked and Lizz pointed at Jill who was holding a white cat costume… I know what Grinny is going as.

Jill grabbed him and put him the costume…I knew it! It's Kyubey! It's the incubator! Let me guess Jill is going as someone from that manga Lizz gave me… It was originally an anime but since I have that tech problem she gave me a manga… Sad really. Oh well Hoodie is taking pictures of Grinny.

Hoodie went in his room to put on his Halloween get up… So was everyone except Jay who was having her Jeff make up ready. She's going to look horrible since Jill is doing her makeup.

''I'm a pro at this don't worry… Hey if there's some makeup left can Lizz borrow some I think she might want to go as the Joker like last year?'' Jill asked and Lizz yelled ''No I'm not going as Mistah J. I'm going as someone from my favorite TV show that got cancelled because of either Sponge Bob or Fairly odd Parents! I'm going as Professor Membrane.''

Jeff got out of his room in a white long sleeved shirt that had blood stains on it. He wore loose jeans and he wasn't wearing shoes … What kind of messed up creature is he going as?

His hair was messy and spiky. Some even covered his eyes… His contacts were red and he smiled deviously. He had an empty jar of strawberry jam.

''Who ever guesses as to whom I'm going as won't be killed by my hands EVER!'' He said and a kid wearing purple teleported in front of him and said ''You're going as Beyond Birthday from Death Note or BB for short. He never appeared in the anime he came from a light novel named LA BB murder case or something.'' She teleported from whence she came from and Hoodie walked out in a coat that was stitched and he had a screw in his head. He wore glasses and he smoked.

Masky came out running and screaming yelling ''Why am I not short! I want to go as GIR!''

Lizz shrugged and turned to Hoodie ''Professor Stein huh?''

Hoodie nodded and smoked some more.

''Where's your chair?'' Lizz asked and Hoodie smirked.

Ben came out in a suit and combed hair, he had a sly grin on his face as he said ''This night is going to be Legen-wait for it, all of you who are lactose intolerant sorry-DARY! LEGENDARY!''

Jill slapped Masky and told him ''Dude, just go as someone from your favorite show… That's not from IZ we already have someone from IZ, HIMYM, DN, PMMM, SE and we have Jeff girl over there, messes everything up but it's cool she looks awesome… Why don't you go as… Naruto?''

Masky's eyes beamed and he ran upstairs and put on a cloak with red clouds on it and he ran downstairs wearing that cloak and an orange swirly lollypop like mask.


I as the only non cosplay person in this house decided that I won't be dressing up but Trenderman ran in here and said ''Brother Lizz called me and told me that you're going as someone from something for Halloween I made the costume! That would be 1000 euros!''

Lizz went bug eyed in her costume and started yelling ''Wow dude what costume did you make that would cost so much!?''

Brother dear crossed his arms and said ''I made Jack Skellington.''

Lizz smiled and yelled ''Awesome here's Jill's credit card.''

She handed him the credit card and Trender trendy walked outta here.

I looked at the attire I had to wear… Disgusting… Very disgusting indeed.

I cringed at the thought of me wearing this but then again I have to make sacrifices… I'll go put it on…

Lizz pov

We wore our costumes with pride and Jill finally finished her makeup… Wow.

Jay looked awesome… Really awesome…

Jill pov

Oh yeah… Center of attention, in your face Hoodie her costume is the greatest. My work is admired… Well you know I helped.

She wore a white Hoodie, black jeans, I painted her face white, I used eyeliner to make her eyes realistic and the scar thing well let's just say I kidnapped the guy who made the Joker scars from the Dark Knight and forced him to make her scars realistic… Everything for my new B.F.F.A.E.!

I started walking home to get my costume.

I laughed until I remembered that I left someone in my oversized oven… Shit!

Oh false alarm… Oh no! My apartment building has burned down and so has my costume! NOOOOO!

This could've happened to anyone! Why me!

Le sigh…

''Oh well I could always go as Darth Vader… Oh right… I'm not allowed to go as Star Wars characters anymore… I fucking won fair and square!'' I yelled and some kids in costumes turned around and whispered some shit… How dare they! Oh well they're just kids… Oh my god I could go as her! YES!"

I ran towards a nearest phone and dialed my tailors phone ''Yo! It's me Jillian, yeah I need you to make me a Halloween costume… I know, I know it's her. Awesome thanks! I'll pick it up in about 30 minutes… Thanks make it look realistic please… Oh and make the toy too… Thank you!''

I hung up after he groaned and cursed at me for making him work on his favorite holiday.

30 minutes later

I squeaked my Spooky doll and looked at my clothes… Awesome! I had a backpack, green pants, purple-ish shoes and oh my god I chopped off my hair so I would look more like TENNA!


I had a black shirt under my green and purple tank top!

''Time to go to that party! Oh yeah!'' I yelled and heard some teenagers chuckle.

One of them said ''OMG this old person thinks she's like I dunno hot or somethin' she thinks that people find her attractive. She thinks that going to an adult party is cool? OMG like that is not kawaii.''

The other girl who was dressed as a sexy kitty squealed ''OMG that is soo rit, she not cute at all… Many people so stupid and unattractive it not even funny.''

I growled under my breath and yelled ''WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU LITTLE BITCHES! I try to go to a party and I'm happy then you ruin my life! OMG you are so gonna die right now!'' I took out my knife and they ran out screaming.

Lizz pov

''Come out of the closet!'' I yelled and banged the closet door.

''No! Everyone will make fun of me!''

I growled and said ''Dude! It's Halloween get out of the closet… We won't think different of you. Come now honey… Be a dear and GTFO of the closet!''

He gave in and stepped out of the closet in his Jack Skellington costume!

I burst out laughing and he locked himself inside the closet once more.

''I'm sorry, it's just so… FUNNEH!'' I yelled and rolled on the floor holding my stomach and yelling ''Make it stop please!''

Slendy opened the closet door only to 'glare' at me and leave whilst muttering ''I just had to employ you as my proxy didn't I?''

Hoodie pov

''Alright… We're doing a costume check and I want to know what fandom you're going from so I can tweet that.'' I said and everyone nodded.

I started ''I'm going as Professor Stein from Soul Eater.''

''I'm going as Beyond Birthday from Death Note.'' Jeff said and ate some Jam to get into character.

''I'm going as Tobi from Akatsuki or from Naruto!'' Masky yelled and I tweeted the real identity of Tobi.

''I'm apparently this incubator beast by the name of Kyubey.'' Grinny said, I really didn't care but I might as well tweet that too.

''I'm going as the biggest bro out there, Barney Stinson.'' Ben said and I just typed 'Pervert from how i met your mother'.

Lizz came down the stairs and said ''If I knew I would've went as Sally. Oh I'm going as Professor Membrane… Do not disturb me because 'I'm MAKING …TOAST!''

I tweeted that as well and also tweeted that Boss is going as that Pumpkin King from Nightmare before Christmas.

I tweeted for Jay ''Gender Bender Jeff.''

Now all that's left is Jill… I'm putting down 'Crazy chick from somewhere.'


We heard gunshots and all of us said in unison ''Jill's here.''

Jill ran inside with a skeleton toy and I almost screamed of fanboyness… What she's going as the craziest character from my favorite fandom… JTHM related.

''Oh hi, I'm going as Tenna, I was going to go as Death the Kid seeing as I can wield two guns and all but I decided to go as a female for once in my Halloween history.''

Slendy growled and all of us chuckled and some were even laughing hysterically (Lizz, Jeff, Jill).

Ben pov

''Alright people! Are we going or not?!'' I asked and we all started walking towards Jill's Halloween party.

Jill got a phone call about the party and she ran off.

''So is anyone else coming?'' Lizz asked and Jill while running answered with glee ''Oh yeah, some myths are going too… I even convinced Zalgo to come if he wasn't too busy.''

Zalgo pov

''Hey Tey, I was invited to this Halloween party you want to come… I mean if you want to-'' I said and was cut off by Tey who stabbed the Annoying Orange person multiple times ''I don't see why not… Nor do I see why would that benefit me? Although it would be a lot more fun than to stay in my prison cell all day and all night.''

I smirked and she grabbed a hold of me.

''Well…'' She asked and I teleported us.

Jill pov

Everything was set up and I was Happy… Everyone finally got here and I smiled.

I turned on the music and said ''Let's party bitches… Slendy's brothers aren't coming so yeah… The good news though… Zalgo and Tey are coming! YAY and BOO!''

Once I saw Slendy again I burst out laughing and Lizz and Jeff joined in again.

Slendy mentally glared at us.

Ben was trying to pick up some of my friends who knew about Creepy Pastas.

''Hello Ladies... Name's Ben… And I can assure you that if you come with me your night is going to be Legen-wait for it- DARY. LEGENDARY!''

Some girls squealed until they saw Zalgo in a Nny costume and they just mentally died and went to Heaven, Hell and back to glomp him.

Zalgo turned around and saw the raging fans. His eyes widened and he yelled ''Tey do something and I'll free you!''


''….Tey…'' Zalgo said and I pointed towards Lizz and Tey drinking themselves to death… Well Lizz at least.

Tey drank four vine bottles while Lizz was on her second bottle of Snaps

Ben was trying desperately to get some fans off of Zalgo who was buried in a dog pile of crazed fans.

Funny… Zalgo was dressed as Nny and Tey was Devi.

They made such a nice couple…

Slendy made a disgusted face… I'm one of the few people who can tell what facial expression he has on.

''You're seriously pairing them up?'' Slendy asked and I nodded and said ''What they seem nice together, better couple than you and Lizz I can tell you that.''

Hoodie was snogging my cousin Jasmine and she was freaking out… Oh no she's taking out the pepper spray!

Hoodie screamed and Ben laughed at him whilst helping Zalgo get out of the fan rubble.

Zalgo pov

''I'm suffocating!'' I yelled and continued fighting for my life.

Tey pov

I dragged this girl named Jay and Lizz came willingly and we started drinking our arses off!

''Oh yeah! Drink while you can! Don't have regrets in life! Do what you can in your short lives! When things get tough just give up and pay someone to do the hard stuff for you. If it's an immigrant you can take all of the credit. DON'T do that though… People hate when minorities get picked on!'' I started giving out advice and Jay was the only one listening and yelling ''Asking Alexandria FTW!''

Zalgo finally got out of that fan rubble and apparently he went towards booze… He realized we drank it all… He looked sad and said ''I might as well kill myself just to stay in character… Hey Tey!''

Jill pov

Tey rose all wiggly and wobbly and she fell on me.

''Sorry kiddo.''

I squeaked my Spooky doll and said ''No problem Devi.''

She laughed and said ''YOU'RE a Jhonen fan?''

I nodded and asked ''Yeah, why?''

''Well you don't look like a Jhonen fan and if you were you probably can't comprehend any of the BIG words he used in JTHM! Another thing you dress horribly, and to tell you the truth you're just a little rich girl who I regret not killing all those years ago! I became a drunk because of your very existence… You made me feel like Squee's father! AND….Zzzzzz…''

I pushed her off of me and Zalgo muttered ''Sorry about that… She's hibernating. Nice party, if you ever get into any trouble with myths I'll help you out… I don't know why, I guess because Tey acted like a human being for once in her miserable life. Thanks.''

Zalgo added ''I'll go take her to her cell now. I enjoyed the party Jill… Jill… Where have I heard that name before!? FOOK!''

I chuckled and said ''Some myths claim that 'Jill' is evil and that she came to the CP realm to kill you all.''

Zalgo nodded and said ''That was the 05.05.05. incident… The fifth May of the year 1005… Crazy year it was the myth '70s… Lots of stoners… *deep dark memory none wish to recall*… Everyone regrets that year.''

I laughed and said ''Okay… Is she always drunk like this…? I'm guessing she has a very bad history with men for her to choose 'Devi' to be her Halloween costume… That's a taboo costume for single women hoping for a knight in shining armor. I'm also going to make a guess that she spends her time with books like the nerd she is… Amma right?''

Zalgo's eyes widened and he mouthed ''No.''

Tey's eyes shot open and she yelled ''First of all, I'm not a nerd I'm a geek second of all I'm not all into books sometimes after I rid myself of Slenda I started watching every movie ever made, I'm on L! Third of all I enjoy the occasional Anime here and there. I'm NOT goth, punk, emo nor am I cheerleader type like you clearly are!''

That hit the spot I shot up and started arguing with a drunk who is in hangover mode.

''I'm not a stupid cheerleader type that will make you cry in the bathroom for no apparent reason! I'm simply a crazy mother fucker who will one day die a very slow death by some moron out there willing to be like Jeff or a Jimmy person… So you can just fuck yourself in your pathetic little life which has no end because sister that's the only thing you have left… And you have Zalgo left as a friend… But you're too STUPID to see that there is someone who cares enough to break his foot up in your ass so he can make you snap out of your little world of pity and regret! IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!? Oh well I guess some people are stupid.''

I saw a nerve pop up on her head and what I've learned from past experiences with veins is that Lizz is always angry once that happens…

Tey pointed her index finger at me and she looked pissed. ''JILLIAN SANDRA MONTGOMERY DON'T YOU TALK THAT WAY TO YOUR MOTHER!''

-SILENCE- (Crickets were supposed to fill the silence but they found a better job with better pay… I hope they die)

Realization came over me and I said ''Hi… Mum.''

She nodded awkwardly and said ''I wanted to make this moment special… I was going to use that Star Wars reference… … Zalgo!'' They teleported.

I smiled a genuine smile… I felt all warm inside… Oh my god I want to puke!

I ran towards a bathroom and while I was running up the stairs I heard Slender ask ''Jill didn't fill in her lineage section correctly, did she?''

Lizz pov

I shook my head no and he raised his arms in the air and yelled ''WOO! PAPERWORK!''

Everyone but Slender pov

Le sweat drop.




I'M FINISHING THIS… IN WHAT 5 CHAPTERS GIVE OR TAKE… Not sure… I'm desperately trying to hold on until Christmas… I have a Christmas special roaming though my head… I LOVE CHRISTMAS DON'T YOU!?



CP dungeon:

Tey pov

''You're a mother!?'' He asked for the billionth time now… ''Yes.'' I answered and he just went bug eyed again.

''Why did you name her Jill?'' He asked and I thought for a moment.

''Well Jill is… Jill. An ordinary name that the user would cease to like and become someone who isn't ordinary like Jill did… She's a fucked up mother fucker that's experienced in guns and well everything weapon related. I couldn't help but smile when I laid eyes on her. She's so much like me… A spitting image how humans would say.''

Zalgo nodded and started backing away.

''And another thing… She's nothing like her father… I only mated with him for procreation purposes. You know how it is with men… And what the hell is up with people pairing us up… We've only known each other for a very long time and we're friends that doesn't mean we should automatically be together right?''

Zalgo nodded and gestured for me to continue.

''I mean really what is up with Slenda pairing us up and the 05.05.05. Incident did NOT help at all… Although it was a lot of fun, wasn't it?''

Zalgo pov

I shuddered and remembered the apocalypse which is known as the myth '70s… I don't understand why though it happened long before the actual Hippie invasion.


Zalgo had long hair and he was smoking weed and was dressed in clothes with flowers.

Slenda was dressed in all 'natural' green clothes and she was protesting with a sign that said. 'Power to the myths!'

Tey was in the building filled with corporate hounds ready to kill you at any moment for disturbing their evil plans of pollution!

Tey signed behind the glass and she just shook her head in a disapproving matter.

Tey sipped some of her vine.

Turning around she said ''Sick them hounds.''

The Hounds started chasing us and we ran.