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Chapter 5: Morning.

It's morning. The birds chirp softly, shaking the dew drops off their feathers. The sun gleams off each blade of grass, doused in that same dew as the birds, and the world is just waking with a soft intake of morning air.

Sunlight flows in from the balcony windows, gentle and full of warmth. It coats the room in a golden yellow hue that gradually gets brighter as the sun rises, and one of the two in the bed begins to stir.

Blue eyes open slowly, peering at the open window through matching lashes. She breathes in slowly, lets it out even slower, like a sigh, and glances over her shoulder at her sleeping husband. Mornings that she wakes first are rare, and she enjoys them. It's 7:00 now, but he's tired from his late night training. He had no nightmares last night; he deserves to rest.

His arm is over her body, heavy with muscle and promising protection. His features are halfway buried in her hair, his nose at her temple, his lips just barely brushing the top of her ear. She smiles quietly, rolls over slowly, and buries her face into his chest. He grunts and shifts in his sleep, but falls still after he's settled his chin on top of her head. She slides her thin arm underneath his, wraps it around his waist, and lets her fingers trace the scars on his back. One by his ribcage that came from Frieza, another at the base of his spine where his tail used to be, another from the recent fight with Cell, one from Trunks (she smiles at the thought of her future baby boy), one from when Android 18 slammed him into a mountain, and yet another from Frieza that would be accompanied by many others.

The skin is a bit ragged over the scars from Frieza, but the rest of the skin was healed quickly with senzu beans, and is as smooth as the skin that is unmarked. His body is warm, warmer than hers. She hasn't needed extra blankets in the winter since they got together. She loves it, even in the summer when she wakes up sweating.

She smiles again, her breath flowing against his pectorals. She looks at his shoulder, where there is another scar that came from training. It's from when the gravity room blew. She kind of likes that scar. In a way, she did that to him. It was like she branded him as hers before she even knew it. And he doesn't mind it; he wears his battle scars proudly, so it's okay that she likes it.

If she tilts her head, she can touch the scar with her nose. If she leans forward, she can press her lips to it. Instead, she takes her arm from around his middle and runs her thumb over it gently. Then she notices that he is watching her with very alert, dark eyes.

She looks back at him for a moment before she looks back at his shoulder and returns to strumming the scar with her fingers. "How long have you been awake?"

He watches her silently for a moment, his eyes following the pattern her fingers are making on his skin. "A while," he says finally.


"Hmm, what?"


He pushes her hair out of her eyes and fingers the soft, stick straight blue strands. "Hn. What else do you do to me when you think I'm unconscious?"

She laughs and kisses the line of his jaw. "All kinds of things," she says, batting her lashes.

His fingers curl around the spaghetti straps of her pink tank top, his other hand gripping her thigh, and a low growl rumbles in his throat. "Vulgar woman," he murmurs.

A little over an hour later, the sun has brightened significantly, and the dew has disappeared into the ground. They lay side by side still, their legs tangled, and their bodies completely naked. He moves his callused hands across the smooth skin of her stomach, just a little bit hardened with girly muscles that she gained after she'd had the baby. He pokes her a little; she objects with a squeal and smacks his arm. He chuckles and returns to playing with her hair.

She watches him with flushed cheeks, and smiles when she sees that his skin is still flushed as well. She brushes the tiny pricks of hair that have grown on his lips overnight with her fingertips, and gives a small grin as she suddenly thinks of something. "What if you grew a mustache?" she asks teasingly.

He looks up from his study of her body, one thick black eyebrow raised. "Not on your life, woman," he says.

She laughs.

He runs his thumb over her upper lip in return. "And what if you grew a mustache?" he mocks.

She pinches his nose, and he snorts. "Not on your life, man," she says.

He smirks at her and snaps his teeth softly at her fingers. She draws back, even though she knows he wouldn't really bite her, and pulls on his hair. He shuts one eye at the sharp tug, then pulls on her hair in retaliation. "Don't be such a child," he chides.

"Why don't you take your own advice?" she returns.

"Because I'm not a child, I'm a man."

"Well then, I'm a lady."

He snorts again, though this time with laughter.

She sighs and leans into his arms again, curling against his torso and closing her eyes. His skin is warm. "Hmm," she says.

"Hmm, what?" he asks, running his fingers in the hairs at the base of her neck. Her skin is cool.

"Nothing," she says. She smiles.

They are peacefully quiet for the rest of the morning, just lying there, touching.

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