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The lights never go out in Republic City, Tahno muses as he strolls south along Yue Avenue. Thousands of lamps and light bulbs reflect off the dark waves, twinkling like tiny stars on the water. He's seen it hundreds of times, but it never becomes any less stunning. Then again, what view wouldn't look beautiful to a man who had just secured himself several thousand yuan a month, a flat with a skyline view and guaranteed entrance to Republic City's most elite nightclubs? For the first time in a while, Tahno feels happy. His joy, however, isshadowed by the implications of what such a role might require.

"Just a little extra help for your old uncle," Zemin had growled, leaning across his desk at Xian Bail Bonds. "Make some money, nothing better than working for family, eh?"

At the time, it had seemed like an excellent proposition. And the benefits were superior to any other occupation Tahno can imagine himself holding…all that Uncle Zemin needs is some extra muscle, right? So Tahno gets the chance to knock a few heads with his waterbending and he has all the advantages available to members of the Red Monsoon. Flowing cash, invites to the hottest parties in town, and-of course-beautiful women clamoring to accompany him to said festivities.

What could possibly go wrong?

"Gangs have always plagued Republic City, from yesteryear's Fire Lions to today's Triple Threats. Their members steal from, harass, and intimidate merchants and business owners. They vandalize private and public property with triad insignias. They recruit our youth to run dangerous errands for them…and persuade them to pursue lives of crime…"

Korra stifles a groan as she props her chin up on her palm. It's barely an hour into the Republic City Council meeting that Tenzin had insisted she attend, but it feels as though she's been here for days already. How could anyone take Councilman Tarrlok seriously? Not only does the man talk like a history textbook, he rambles on for ages. How can anyone take him seriously…especially in that flamboyant Northern Water Tribe hairdo?

When Korra tunes into the lecture again, Tarrlok's ranting about the Triads. She doesn't know much about them-but she recalls beating up a few Triad gangsters on her first day in the city.

"Their constant warring has wrecked havoc on our streets…on our city! And I won't stand for it any longer. Council members, I urge you to vote for my latest initiative: a task force comprised of law enforcement officials and council members-and myself, of course-aimed at taking down the Triads. A vote for this task force means a vote for Republic City."

Tarrlok finishes his speech with a dramatic fist to the air, as though he's speaking to a crowd of thousands instead of five bored-looking council members and a teenage girl. A few people clap halfheartedly, but the council member isn't finished yet. He turns towards Korra with a smile that reminds her of a hungry seal-shark.

"And I was hoping that Republic City's beloved Avatar would join me in bringing these dangerous criminals to justice."

Tenzin rises to his feet at once, a frown materializing on his usually calm face.

"Tarrlok, Avatar Korra is a young girl with extremely limited knowledge of the justice system. What on earth makes you think that she would be a likely candidate for a law enforcement detail?"

"The Avatar is a skilled bender, from what I've heard," Tarrlok replies smoothly, and Korra realizes that his careful use of flattery is what makes him such a good politician. "She'll be working alongside the esteemed Police Chief Beifong, along with the city's best officers. It will be an excellent chance for the Avatar to remind the city that she's here to protect and serve the people…"

"She's not a police officer, Tarrlok!" Tenzin snaps. "She's a teenager. It's far too dangerous for her."

Tarrlok heaves a dramatic sigh and passes a hand across his forehead, brushing away an unseen sweat.

"If you think that Avatar Korra is too young and naïve, perhaps afraid to face such dangerous-" he begins, but Korra jumps to her feet and bangs a fist down on the desk, causing several cups of tea to rattle in their saucers.

"I'm not naïve! And I'm not afraid!" She huffs, ignoring Tenzin's scolding glare. "When I first arrived in Republic City, I saw Triple Threat gangsters threaten innocent shop owners and destroy their property. I want to help bring them to justice."

Korra leveles her gaze at Tarrlok, bright cerulean eyes meeting his ice-colored stare. She can see that beneath his hooded eyes, he is insecure, shaken. Tarrlok likes to be the best, the brightest, the revered. He likes to be the one who wears the crown. And now a teenage girl is challenging him in front of his whole court.

"I'm the Avatar," she says. "And I'm not afraid of anything."

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