A/N: okay, yeah, i'm doing a sequel to Frerard: Love Is Love. :) how? well, just read.

Gerards POV

Days had gone by. Then weeks. Then a year. It had been a full year since it had happened, and I still visited the cemetery everyday, just to say hello. And everytime, I cried over the cold headstone as I traced my fingers over the words:
Frank Anthony Iero Jr.

A wonderful son

An amazing boyfriend

I would read the letter he wrote everyday, when I woke up and went to bed. He was all I really had besides Mikey and my family. And when we was gone... I didn't talk to anybody, never left my room. On normal days I would stay here for about an hour, but today was special. It was his birthday. Halloween. October 31st. And I promised myself I would spend the whole day with him, to show him I still loved him. I was wearing the tee shirt he bought me for my birthday a few years ago. I brought a bag a of skittles, and set it a the bottom of the headstone and did the possibly the saddest thing ever by bringing a small piece of cake and lighting a candle as i sang happy birthday. Then i sat it the plate beside me as i watched the wind blow the candle out. This made me smile, it was almost like he was still here, celebrating with me.

"Are you okay?" a voice asked behind me. I turned and saw a girl standing behind me staring of into space.

"I think so, yeah." I nodded and turned hoping she would leave, but she remained there.
"No, not you, him." She pointed next to the headstone, but when I looked I saw nothing.

"What are you looking at?"

"Theres a boy, standing right there. He has a misfits hoodie and... skeleton gloves, torn skinny jeans and a lip ring." She looked down at me. "He looks pretty upset." I got up from my spot on the ground, taking a step towards the girl.

"Thats what my boyfriend looked like, but hes dead and-" I stopped, and observed the girl. "Who are you... how do you know Frank?" I lashed out at her. I didn't mean to, but this wasn't exactly one of my happy days. Come to think of it, I haven't had a good day in a while.

The girl stepped back, shocked at my sudden outburst. "I don't even know a Frank... I just moved here last week... why don't you ask him?" She again pointed to the same spot.

"No one is there! And if Frank was alive right now he would think you were crazy too! But guess what, hes not. Hes dead. Hes gone. And hes never coming back, So go away please." I sunk back to the ground, gripping the headstone, my shoulders shaking as I sobbed over my dead boyfriends grave once again. The girl quietly turned and walked away, but before she left, she stopped and whispered something that sounded like "I'm sorry for your loss..." and then left without another word.

The rest of the day was quiet. There were people who came to visit a loved ones grave, and left, watching as I sat there staring at the grave. Somewhere in the day Franks parents came to say happy birthday to their son, but left after a short while, because they knew I wanted to be left alone. When it was over, I stood up silently, taking one last look.

"Happy Birthday Frankie. I love you." And I left the cemetery without a sound.

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