Author's Note: This takes place during The Trial, an unfinished episode is Invader Zim. I own no rights. Enjoy!

The Tallests starred at each other in disbelief. They were shocked. Everyone in the room was dead silent. The Tallest had brought Zim to face trial to be deactivated. And just as their dream of being Zim free as near, the control brains went completely insane. They had just proclaimed Zim the Greatest Irken invader ever and were going to let him drive the massive. However the last think they said practically sent a shockwave of fear and agony


"Wait only the tallest Irkens can be the leaders" said Red hoping to prevent the situation from getting worse.

"Well guess what, we don't give a sh-" the brains crackled more shooting sparks everywhere.

"The STICK figure is right" said the left brain

"Hmm well then how bout Shortest people become leader and not the tall ones" said the right

"Um you know we'll let Zim drive the massive longer, theirs no need to-"


The brains glowed at a panic stricken Red. The brains then mumbled to each other. Everyone in the room was panicking. However others were praying. The table service drones, and shorter Irkens were wondering if this was going to be their glory moment where the Tall ones would service them. The Tallests were on the brink of tears as the brains mumbled to each other.

"It's all a dream, a bad dream, this isn't happening, right?" Purple was already slipping from reality. Red was just trying to keep it together, not wanting to break down. After a moment the brains mutter stopped.

"Greatest Irken Invader Zim" said the middle brain

"Yes ON WITH IT" yelled an anxious Zim. His eyes were focused on the brain.

"We have not only decided to flip the social chain, but you are now the ALMIGHTY SHORTEST OF THE IRKEN EMPIRE YEA"

The Brains started laughing shooting sparks everywhere.

"Prepared to be re-encoded" said the Left one

A cable shot down and hooked itself to Zims Pak.

"Why does it still say Fast food service drone" asked Zim

"O right you were never an invader Zim. The Tallests lied to you. They wanted to get rid of you. Your mission is a lie" explained the Right Brain

"LIES, I refuse to believe that My Tallests would lie to me on such an important mission" said a proud Zim

"Important mission?"

All three Brains broke into a never ending laughter. Clips then came up of Purple and Red showing them on the massive talking about Zim, laughing at how much of an idiot he was, and how he wasn't even a real invader. Zim was crushed by this. The brains laughed harder and harder as a heart broken Zim drooped his head down.

"Re-encoding complete" they said. "You will all bow down to the Almighty Shortest or face deactivation" said the middle one

The crowd was extremely silent however the short Irkens started cheering. They didn't care if their ruler was an insane homicidal defective Irken, they no longer had to serve the Tallests. Suddenly cables shot from everywhere hooking themselves on to the crowd.

"Prepare for all to be re-encoded" yelled the middle brain

Suddenly the short Irkens were promoted to the Elite while the Taller ones were demoted to Table service drones. The crowd then started cheering for Zim mostly because the Brains were starting too hurt their Paks and the pain would increase if they didn't obey the Almighty Shortest. Zim then marched too Red and Purple

"So my mission was a lie?" he asked in a sad tone

The former Tallests looked at him with disgust. They could give no answer. Suddenly Purple broke into tears clutching Zims leg

"FORGIVE ME IT WAS ALL REDS IDEA" he shouted pointing a finger to Red

"HA, I knew one of you would be loyal to me" said Zim now happier then ever. He motioned his hand and the guards came and grabbed Red.

"Bye Red" said Purple before he found himself being dragged alongside him

"No one will fool Zim, NO ONE" he shouted.

The crowd cheered although if one was to look closely if was being forced and some were holding back tears and I can assure you they were not tears of joy.

"A new era has begun. Zim we're gonna have to chop your thumbs off now" said the Left Brain.

"Eh" Zim looked at them with fear for a moment

"Were just kidding, DID YOU SEE THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE"

All three Brains once more broke into laughter.

"Oh YES I knew it all along. Now come my fellow Irkens, let us board the Massive. The short but now elite Irkens started walking along side him.

"Man this great" said one

"I know right. Hey what's your name?"

"Gin" he said "and you?"

"Sik" she said

"You know Sik, I think things are going to be a lot better. Even if our leader is the biggest Defect there has been."

"I'm a bit afraid but at least we don't have to serve those tall jerks anymore"

As Zim continues to walk towards the Massive, someone stoped him

"Ah it is good to meet you my shortest" he bowed

"Huh? Who are you?" asked Zim

"My name is Rarl Kove my shortest. I was the advisor to the Tallest and am now your advisor" he stated

"Ah sure whatever" said Zim and continued marching. As he marched Zim was thinking to himself

"I am the leader of the Irken Empire? Yes, YES FINALLY, so everyone will know the name Zim. I am the greatest Irken to exist. Soon that Dib monkey will see just how powerful the almighty Zim is. YES I WILL RULE EARTH WITH AN IRON FIST. THEY'LL ALL OBEY THE FIST."

Zim continued his wide grin as he boarded the Massive. He was amazed at the size of it. The Short Irkens behind him were even happier that they wouldn't have to work anymore. The taller ones started to dreadfully march to the kitchen. The pilots and guards were all thankful their Paks were not altered so they obeyed Zim to the fullest extent. Who knows, maybe they wouldn't get thrown out the air locker. Despite Zims destructive behavior, he wasn't really the kind of Irken to mindlessly throw people out the air locker like Purple and Red did.

"Set course for Earth" was the only thing they heard.

Rarl Kove was a real Irken in Invader Zim but had a very brief part so I going to expand his role