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Rarl was in his private chambers. He had deemed the invasion we'll enough without his constant supervision. It was now time for his plan that he was waiting anxiously for. Still he had to postpone Sik beaming down to clear up somethings. A knock on the door broke his train of thought.

"Come in. Ah Commander Jel, how are we today?"

"Find find. You know I'm starting to hate these postponements you keep ordering"

Jel fiddled with his thumbs briefly and then looked at the clock.

"I trust you can carry out what I asked" asked Rarl

"yea, eh, Tallest Red and Sik will be dead. Tell me this however, what about the um, what's his name, eh, GIN. Yes what about him and Tallest purple?" asked Jel

"Oh please, Purple is an idiot and Gin will be too blind to see this through. That's why I need Sik and Red dead. They are a bit smarter then their counterparts."

"Ok and what about Zim?"

"Your kidding right? Zim knows his mission was a lie yet believes the Talkest made him leader. He cannot add everything up. I could hold a gun to his head and he wouldn't know he could be killed. He's a wanna be, an idiot, good fighting skills, but terrible at rationalizing. He will be the easiest"

Rarl chuckled a bit but Jel remained motionless

"So I guess you don't know do you Rarl?"

"Know what?"

"That Zm cloned himself"

There was silence then. Rarl dropped his jaw in disbelief. Did he just say Zim? Of all people ZIM!

"HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE" yelled Rarl in complete rage.

"He just did. Even copied his Pak"

Rarl then twitched his right eye.

"He copied his Pak? But that's impossible. Tampering with a Paks data is extremely dangerous and requires careful managing. Only the Control Brains are able to successfully to so without effects. How was Zim able to do this. HOW DID HE EVEN SURVIVE CLONING HIMSELF"

Rarl found himself with a million questions rushing through his head. There was an Irken Cloning Program enacted by Tallest Red. But so many died in the process it was deemed a failure. It was concluded that Smeets were the only ones successfully to be cloned. But even they had side effects. Not every Smeet came out perfectly.

"Well to answer you question Rarl, Zim got nude, removed his Pak, cloned himself, after having five subjects die before hand. He had the computer copy his Pak to a new one and hooked it onto the Clone. The clone came out perfectly except having blue eyes, the only known side effect. And the only reason I know about this is because his sixth subject survived. Well actually the original one died without his Pak and the clone has his Pak. Is this making sense to you?"

Rarl just sat there bewildered. He wanted to ask more questions but decided against it. What shocked him most of all is how Zim accomplished this in such a short time span.

"Oh and Rarl, Zim's Pak is practically the most corrupt in history. Copying it, while it may kill us, would have little effect on someone who's Pak is already screwed up"

With that Rarl was left speechless.

"Well then, Jel carry out the plan. I want the whole social chain put back into place. Tallest rein, not the shortest. Not those disgusting ugly short ones. However I need the former Tallest dead so that I may be the Almighty one. And don't worry about the insane Control Brains, I'm already putting together a team to fix them."

"Well your just on top of everything aren't ya" grinned Jel

"Yes my friend I'm always am. And don't worry about the two Zim's. I'll be contacting someone to kill them both."

Jel then turned to leave but stopped to say something

"You know you should do a security check with the computer"


"Because Zim's data went through it. You saw what happen to the Control Brains. Be a shame to see it happen to the Massive"

Jel than left Rarls chambers and went on to prepare beaming down and carry out the plan. Rarl sat alone for a while processing what he was told. He had already forgot what Jel just said. He was more concerned woth Zim. He then got up and went to see the TWO almighty shortest. Although it was illegal what Zim did with his Pak, the Control Brains in their current state could careless. But Rarl was already forming a plan to kill them both.


Dib manage to finally get to the floor. His was exhausted, tired, he just wanted to rest now. But there's no time for rest when the world needs saving. Dib quickly got himself together. He rushed to the doors to see his Dad and the other scientists sitting at a round table and to his surprise was Gaz.

"Gaz? How did you get here so fast? And don't say you took the staff entrance"

"I took Dads teleportor at the welcome desk" she said before returning to her game slave.

"What? Ah, Nevermined. DAD"

"SON I'm glad your alright"

"Listen Dad there's no time."

"I don't know what to do son. These aliens, I can't believe their real."

"Well take a good look outside because they are very real. Look I have a plan. I can hack into their system. I know there weaknesses, in fact I meant be able to broadcast this to the world."

"What? How do you know this?"

"Remember that green guy that you thought was my foreign friend that you talked too. I've spied on him and long story short I've collected information on him over time."

Professor Membrane sighed. How could he not see it. A green guy wearing a dress with no ears or nose. He swore that hair was a wig. Plus he talked about humans so weird. But his obsession with Real Science blinded him from seeing this. He never looked into Zim. Now he wished he had.

"Look Dad, all I need all I need is a computer. Hope is not lost, we can still undo what Zim did. If I have enough time, maybe, just maybe, I meant be able to reverse what they did. I meant be able to use there own jammers against them. But first we need to use their weaknesses"

Every scientist in the room was silent. They had always ignored Dib and his crazy rants. But now they needed him more them ever. Usually they were the smart ones. Membrane and his staff were world renowned scientists. Everyone thought they were the smartest, the best of the best. But now they were clueless. Completely clueless on what to do. A whole Alien species invading Earth was not something they were focused with. But now they were listening to the big headed kid who made them sound like the stupid ones.

"The Irkens biggest weakness is water which Earth is filled with. Other weaknesses include meat and beans."

"Wait that's it" said a scientist.

"Just water, meat, and beans? Hell we got that everywhere on Earth" said another

"Still guys I need help to broadcast this to the world" said Dib

"That will take a massive computer, BUT WE CAN BUILD ONE" exclaimed Professor Membrane.

The scientists immediately huddled together. Despite the aliens massive conquering, they seemed to ignore knocking out power and water facilities. However time was running short.

"Professor Membrane, we have everything we need. However we don't have time. The military here has just arrived but they may soon be driven out"

Membrane thought to himself before deciding to make a call


"Move it come on people move it, haul your asses" he yelled

The US military was desperately trying to set up positions. However if one could see, the men were demoralized. Attack after attack was taking its toll. Also the fact remained the whole world was crumbling around them. Most men expected to die soon. Many were getting ideas about deserting. The higher up commanders were panicking. The whole East coast of the US had been annihilated and Washington was razed to the ground. No president. Their was no head of state. At the current rate everything was going, it was expected that a complete breakdown in the military may happen. That is until a phone rang.

"HELLO! Oh Professor Membrane."

"Listen Mr. Olson, I have, well, my son and I have a way to beat the Aliens"

"I sure hope so Mr. Membrane. It's not look'n to good out here."

"Listen I need you to replace your weapons with water and-"


Mr. Olson broke into laugher getting looks from the others.

"Let me get this straight, you want me to replace my guns with water. You sure dis war hasn't made you, um, you know, CRAZY"

"LISTEN TO ME" yelled Membrane already fed up with the Commanders laugh

"You know the little poke-a-dot things on there back?"

"Yea I've noticed. You know if there not firing and killing us all in the process. But yea sure, I've notice those little things. Why?"

"Apparently they need it to live. It's called a Pak, it's basically there life support system"

"That's great to know but how are we suppose to hit 'em. Those freck'n chicken walkers practically bombard us before we can even land a shot on them. Are tanks can bring them down but then those dam ships above force us to fall back"

"Don't worry about those, my...son has a plan" a voice of uncertainty in Professor Membranes voice. He rarely credited, well then again, NEVER, credited his son for anything but insanity. But his son knew so much about these aliens, that he felt a sudden need to say something about him.

"Wait your son." said Mr. Olson with a perked eyebrow


"Your son, that big headed insane kid who follows that paranormal shit?" said Mr. Olson in a mocking tone

There was a heavy sigh on their other end of the line

"Mr. Olson if you want to live your gonna have to stop FUCKING WITH ME" he yelled

Mr. Olson was a little taken back at this


Dib was next to his Dad and was equally shocked as he was. Was his Dad really defending him?

"Fine Mr. Membrane. We'll try it your way. But I swear to god this better work."

then hung up.

"Alright listen men, theirs been a change of plans!"


The room is completely white. The table, the chairs, everything. Labeled above the room was titled "COMPUTERS SUBCONSCIOUS" Surrounding the table is the pieces of the computer. A big bulky, you can say man or program, with a label on his chest saying security sits at the head. Surrounding him is a nerdy, skinny program labeled CPU. Another program is labeled Ram and if one were to look at him resembled lightning. Then there was Hard drive who looked even bigger than security but passed his time. This was the computer's subconscious. Programs, hardware, software, a whole world that no one knew of. But here in the room was the brain, the core of The Massive's Computer

"Alright is everyone here. Ok it appears we may have a slight problem." said Security

Everyone's heads darted towards a door. A thick steel like door. Inside they could hear ranting.

"So anyone have any ideas on how to kill this virus" Security perked an eyebrow.

"Well..." began CPU, "We have tried everything. Secure here..."

"I told you not to call me that" interrupted Security.

"But security is a mouthful and boring" Said CPU

"Ran will you shut him up" said Secure

They had nicknamed Ram, Ran. In this world things get boring. So they abandoned their given names and got nicknames with the exception of Security but regardless everyone called him secure.

"You two can settle it yourselves. I'm bored already just sitting here, we got to be in constant motion. Right HD?

Hard drive nicknamed HD was sleeping but quickly awoke.

"God you upgrades are so annoying." he said before going back to sleep

"Listen people we have to figure out how to kill this virus" said Secure

"Well before you interrupted me I did have a plan" said CP. Yes many in the room found it to long to say CPU so they just cut out the U.

"This virus is obviously something that we've never seen before" said Ran

"FOOLISH PROGRAMS! Do you honestly think you have enough power to defeat the Almighty ZIM!" said the virus. It resembled Zim in every way except it was very white, made up of the energy in the system.

"What the hell is it anyway" said HD now glad the argument settled.

"Well according to my analysis, its, we'll something. I don't know what it is. All I know is it's an extremely aggressive and very powerful virus that could actually destroy this whole system and maybe even effect the real world." said CP

"Has the virus ever surfaced anywhere else" asked Secure

"Not that I know of" said CP

"Well how the hell do we get rid of this thing. We were lucky that we even manage to contain it" said Ran

"I don't know" said CP

"This Virus has massive amounts of resilience. A scan and delete won't work"

"So in other words we screwed" said HD

The room was silent but the sound of something breaking broke the silence.


"Shit that Virus is lose" yelled Secure

Everyone around the Table immediately jolted.

"CP hide. We can't let the Virus touch you"

"What about me" yelled HD

"Eh, you can be replaced" joked Ran

"Come on guys we gotta move" yelled Secure

"Don't you think we should alert the real world"

"Oh please we can do this" said Secure

The group broke up in search to contain the Virus. They could hear the mad laugher throughout the system.

The Zim virus was quickly speeding away. He didn't know where to go, but he knew his objective. Eliminate the enemy and replace with him. And he was running he stopped and beamed into the cameras in Rarls room. He needed to hide for a moment and he beamed into whatever he could.

"Yes sir" said the hologram

"Is prisoner 077177377464663 still alive" asked Rarl

"Yes she is but her brain is a bit, well...gone. She is completely insane."

"Being stuck out in space with no food or water, and life will do that to anyone. Anyways listen I need you to release her"

"Ok scratch that your the insane one now"

"Listen she will be the only capable of killing Zim. Both of them."

"Very sir, if you insist. I hope I can expect something in return"

"Don't worry you'll be set for life my friend"

And with that the hologram ended.

"Rarl you traitor" muttered the Virus. He had to warn he real life selfs.

"GOT YA" yelled Secure gripping himself around the Virus. Being lost in thought lowered his alertness.

"Program, Do you honestly think you can contain the-"

"Shut up man, I'm bringing you back to containment till we can delete you"


A giant electric shock came over Secure who was blasted away. The Zim Virus quickly sped off.

"Secure you alright" asked Ran

"That Virus, it's, it's, something, I don't know. It's so powerful." mutter Secure.


Jel was in his room. He was looking in the mirror. And uneasy look across his face. He was nervous. He was very good at hiding it thou. Sik then came into his room.

"Ah, Master Sik, I'm sorry with the round of postponements" he said in an uneasy voice.

Sik came to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"Since when do you call me master" she asked in a sweet voice and then kissed him on the cheek

Jel for sure thought he was gonna throw up now. He was going to actually have to kill her now. Their affair had been kept secret. Jel was a tall Irken but Sik was short. Still he found her to be the greatest friend. But slowly it had become something more. Sure Irkens weren't technically suppose to have feelings but they did have a section for independent thought. And over time it could manifest into something more. Irkens had a passion for world conquest so why not for each other? Irkens weren't suppose to feel fear, yet thousands did. Invaders denied it but they to feared. Feared for death, that they wouldn't succeed. Or the servants who feared serving under the Tallests. How it started he could not remember. But he knew that Rarl, his greatest friend who helped him in the worse times wanted him to kill Sik. He was now torn between what to do.

While this was going on the Virus looked with glee. He now wanted Rarl dead, more so then the Tallests. Suddenly someone struck him across the face. It was Ran.

"For a powerful Virus you sure are slow" mocked Ran

"You dare challenge Zim!" The Virus quickly came face too face with Ran and before he could react, The virus touched him, something that everyone in the system had to avoid"

"Dammit" muttered Ran before losing conscious. Suddenly the whole System seemed to slow. Yes without the Ram, the computer was going very, very slow.

The Virus whistled to himself while he made his way to the main room. He quickly melted the doors guarding the room where CP was.

"Secure he's here" he said loudly

The Virus moved closer.

"Oh god, oh god, um, scan and delete" he yelled.

A green grid surrounded the Virus but he quickly broke through it.


Before CP could finish the command the Virus gripped his throat and suddenly went limb.

"I told you no one can defeat the amazing Zim" he said

He was now in control of the Massive. The whole ship was his. Soon he would effect every major system of the universe. But he had to ensure the real world wouldn't find him. They could simply contain him and throw him out in space, away from all electronics. He snapped his fingers and CP jerked before getting.

"Input Command, hidden program, impossible to notice without a full scan, everything normalized, no detection of a virus" said the Zim Virus

The whole room went back to its original color. Everything sped up again. Ran came in the main room looking as if in a trance. HD soon followed behind him. The computer would act as if it was normal. But the Virus was freely able to do as he pleased. As for Secureheh no longer existed.

"Victory for Zim" he muttered proud of what he accomplished. He then immediately formed a plan. Yes to save his real counterparts and to kill off Rarl. That traitor would die an extremely painful death.

"Rarl you will die" said the virus before insanely laughing