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Gi and I had had Mia home for about six weeks when I had to go for my first day of work. I hadn't been doing anything with the band since Mia had been born and the guys and I had a lot of work to catch up on. Fletch had decided that we needed to start doing some writing for our new album and it couldn't be delayed any further. Having six weeks at home with Gi and Mia had been amazing. We'd pretty much just stayed at home and enjoyed each others company and spent lots of time with Mia, when she wasn't asleep. The sleeping situation had not improved much and both Gi and I were woken up at least twice a night. This meant that neither of us had managed to get much or anything done work wise because we were both pretty exhausted most of the time but that didn't matter any more and I had to get on with my job. The guys and I all met at Danny's house to start on some writing as Georgia was out with Lara looking at wedding stuff, Izzy had gone to mine to see Gi and Mia and Danny's house had his studio which was always useful when writing. We spent the entire day going through ideas and writing out some new melody's and guitar parts. We got, surprisingly, a lot done and it was overall a very productive day but I had spent the entire day wondering how long it would be before I could get home to Gi and Mia. It was lovely to spend some proper time with the guys again, like we'd used to, and we spent a lot of time joking and laughing but I couldn't help but miss my family. I knew that, over time, I'd get used to being away from Mia but I could tell that tat wouldn't be for a while yet. Even when we weren't working I still saw or spoke to at least one of the guys everyday so having Mia, Izzy being pregnant and wedding drama hadn't effected our friendship that much. At about six I decided that it was probably time I headed home so that I could cook Gi and I some dinner. I stood up from where Dougie and I had been sitting, on one of Danny's sofa's, and grabbed my guitar from next to me.

"I'm gonna head home, guys," I said as I flung my guitar over my shoulder by the strap so that I was carrying it. Harry and Danny looked up at me from the other side of the room, where they were writing down a chorus.

"All right mate," Danny said as he stood up and gave me a hug. "I'll see you later, yeah?" I hugged him back before pulling away to see that both Harry and Doug had stood up.

"Yep." I replied. I gave Harry and Dougie a hug goodbye and they both wished me luck with the sleeping scenario, which made me laugh. I got all my stuff together and left Danny's house. My car was parked in his drive so I jumped in, dumped my stuff in the passenger seat and started the short drive home.

I pulled into the drive in front of our house and parked the car out front. Izzy's car was still parked on the other side of the drive so I presumed that she was still at ours with Gi. I got out of the car and walked towards the front door. I opened the door and walked, quietly, into the house. I could hear quiet talking coming from the dining room so I smiled to myself and started to walk down the hall after taking my shoes off and leaving them in the hall.

"Hey," I said to Gi and Izzy as I walked into the dining room to see them both sitting at the dining room table, chatting away. They both looked up as I entered the room and smiled.

"Hey Tom." Izzy said smiling.

"Hi honey." Gi said. I walked over to her and kissed her quickly in greeting. Gi smiled up at me as I turned to walk across the room to the kitchen area. "Good day?" I nodded as I filled the kettle with water.

"Yeah it was pretty good, got a lot done," I said as I placed the kettle on it's stand and turned it on, pulling a mug out of the cupboard. "Do you guys want a cup of tea?" I looked over to see both Gi and Izzy nodding and I smiled at both of them. I pulled another two mugs out of the cupboard and set them on the worktop and stood, waiting for the kettle to boil. I stood with my back against the worktop, hands behind me, facing Gi and Izzy, who were now continuing their conversation. I looked at Gi and smiled to myself as I saw how relaxed she looked. She hadn't looked that relaxed since Mia had been born and her girly day with Izzy must have been a god send for her. The baby monitor was sat on the table in front of her and I could hear Mia making small noises in her sleep through it. Since it was now about half six I presumed that Mia had been asleep for a couple of hours and she'd be waking up again soon. Once the kettle clicked I made three cups of tea and gave two of them to Gi and Izzy. I decided to leave them to their conversation and headed upstairs to check on Mia as she was due to wake up soon. Gi had been spending a lot of time looking after Mia alone today and she was enjoying spending time with Izzy so I figured I should give them some more time to chat. I sipped my tea as I walked up the stairs and along the hall to see the mine and Gi's bedroom door was slightly ajar. I pushed it open completely and walked into the room quietly, as to not wake Mia. I smiled as I saw my daughter lying in her cot, sleeping peacefully. I took another sip of my tea before placing my mug on the bedside table, that was near mine and Gi's bed, and sat down next to Mia's cot. Mia stirred in her sleep and I could tell that she was slowly waking up.

"Hello beautiful." I cooed as Mia opened her eyes and looked up at me. Mia giggled and cooed and I couldn't help but grin to myself. I carefully picked her out of her cot and held her in my arms, against my chest.

"Did you have a nice day with mummy and Aunty Izzy?" I asked, looking down at my daughters smiling face. Mia giggled and I took that as a yes. I sat for a moment in silence, looking down at Mia. I started humming the tune that was stuck in my head and laughed quietly when Mia started giggling. I hummed again as Mia seemed to be enjoying the noise before putting lyrics with the tune that I'd been singing. I just sang random words quietly, making Mia giggle. Mia looked up at me and I pulled silly faces at her as I sang, making her musical giggle fill he room. After a moment I stopped and pressed a light kiss to Mia's forehead, holding her tightly. I jumped when I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I spun around and saw Gi standing in the doorway of our bedroom, leaning against the door frame, the baby monitor in her hand. She was smiling at me, her eyes sparkling with happiness.

"What are you staring at me for?" I asked, smiling slightly. Gi grinned and held up the baby monitor that she was holding.

"You sang to her." She stated, smiling.

"Yeah?" I asked, shrugging. I still didn't really get what she was getting at.

"It was very sweet." Gi said as she walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck from behind, looking at Mia over my shoulder. She pressed a kiss to my cheeks and hugged me tightly.

"Isn't daddy wonderful, Mia?" Gi cooed, stroking Mia's hair. "And very talented too?" Mia giggled and Gi grinned at her. I smiled and pressed a kiss to Gi's cheek.

"Is Izzy still here?" I asked and Gi nodded.

"She's just downstairs, Harry just rang her," Gi replied and I nodded.

"Do you wanna go back down? I can take care of Mia and can cook you both some dinner if you'd like."

"Are you sure honey?" Gi asked, unwrapping her arms from my neck and turning fully to look at me.

"Yeah, you need a quiet night." Gi smiled and I kissed her quickly.

"Love you." Gi murmured against my lips.

"I love you too." I said smiling. "Now go back downstairs, I'll be down once I've got Mia back to sleep."

"Okay," Gi replied, grinning. She pressed another kiss to my lips before turning and walking back down the stairs. I pressed a kiss to Mia's forehead before placing her back in her cot and heading downstairs.

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