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"Yo! Mail-call everybody! " Cyborg shouted as he entered the main room.

"Oh how glorious to once again receive the mail!" Starfire said as she twirled over to the couch.

All the titans gathered around the couch to sort through the mail. It had become a weekly ritual as soon as they put up the tower and received their first pile of fan mail.

"All right yawl, not much today." Cyborg handed each titan their personal fan mail and continued through the pile. "Beastboy, here's your Mega Monkeys' Gamer book.

"Dude their coming out with a Mega Monkeys' Bonsai Bananas 3!

"Next we have Raven's new book.''


"Then we have Starfire's fashion magazine"

"Most glorious!''

"Booyah!" "My new Motor Magazine!"

Cyborg set down his beloved magazine to look at the next letter and suddenly froze.

"Uhhh… Robin I think this one's for you."

Cyborg flipped the letter over to the rest of the titans to reveal a black and yellow bat symbol on the back of the letter.

Mouths dropped open and all that was heard was a simple "whoa" from Beastboy.

That's when Robin cooperated and grabbed the letter and simply walked out of the room leaving an astonished group of titans behind.

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