I know, Christmas is over long time ago and I feel embarrassed to post this story now. However, I introduce myself, my name is Eliana and I come from Italy, and that's why I thought a little above before posting my fan fiction, maybe write in the comments if I made some mistakes, so at least try not to make more :D.

Chapter 1.

She was on the bed, with her legs drawn to her chest and her chin on her knees, then she realized that her mother was in the doorway and was watching.

"Can I come in, honey?"

"Certainly, step in."

"What are you thinking? ... No, not answer ..Jack"

"It 's so clear?"

"Enough ... why don't you just tell him?"

"I can't ... in my head when I set up my speech it's easy to talk to him, then when I do, it's hard, it's confused, is catastrophic" sighing "In few words is easier said than done"

"You could write him a letter or an e-mail"

"Mom.." sighing

"Ok, ok I'm sorry, I am sure that this Christmas reserve surprises" smiling ""I go to bed .. 'night"


Sue sighed and then said to Levi "I wish that you could talk to my place"

The next morning Sue went into the kitchen to make coffee and when she switched on the blackberry read a message that she thought wouldn't have ever read.

Jack ran his hand over his face, rubbing his fingers over his eyes, he wrote that message, but wouldn't have done, when he noticed, however, it was late, because the message has already arrived at their destination.

-You' re like air to me, but remember that without air you can't live ... I miss you Sue-

Sue sat down at the table and continued to read that message

"So, buddy, what I should reply now?"

"Hello, darling!" Said her mother smiling

"Um ... hello mum" clearing her throat.

"Are you okay?"

"Um..yes, I'm fine.. I go to the park with Levi"

"Okay.." when Sue left the kitchen, she took advantage to call Jack's mother "Kelly, I'm Clara, Sue's going to the park with Levi, maybe we'll see later at the mall. Bye"

"Sue I have to go to the mall, would you like to come?"

"Sure..come here Levi"

Thirty minutes later found themselves at the supermarket

Levi seemed very agitated and seemed in search of someone

"Levi, what's wrong with you?"

-There is your Jack- Levi thought

Jack was walking alone, searching the perfect gift for Sue, he stopped at a jewelry store, sighed when he saw an engagement ring, when he turned he found himself face to face with a furry friend.

"Levi come here.."Sue began to run "I am really really sorry.. I don't know how..Jack"

"Sue…hi" smiling

"Hi…what are you doing here?"

"Probably I forgot to tell you yesterday on the phone, my parents occasionally come here on holiday.."

"I see.."

"Jack, did you find the gift fo..Hi" said Stacy

"Hi, I see you're busy, maybe we should go Levi.."

"Sue, wait, I want introduce you my sister Stacy and my nephew Stella..this is Sue, my coworker and my best friend, and Levi, the wonder dog"

"Oh..Hi..Nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too"

"She's beautiful, uncle Jack, this is the woman you're always talking about?"

"Yes, she is really beautiful.."watching Sue and smiled as she blushed

"Nice to meet you uncle Sue.."Stella signing

Sue was surprised "How did you how to sign nice to meet you?"

"Uncle Jack taught me some sign…because he l.."

"Stella, your mom is searching for you…"

"This is his nice way of saying that he doesn't want me between his feet..See you soon uncle Sue"

Sue smiled and gave her an hug "Bye Stella.."

"Bye Levi.."

"So.." said Sue

"So.." said Jack

So you guys are idiots- thought Levi watching Jack and Sue, watching each other

"I guess I'll see you soon"

"I hope so..I mean..See you soon.."


"Bye.." Jack began to breathe again – I let her go..again..- thought

"You let her go…again"

"I know..I'm an idiot"

"Yes you are!"