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Chapter 6

"You know what? We won't go into a hotel room…"


"No, because it seems know a.. a history of know?"

Sue smiled "You're right.."

"We go to my house, but before we'll go to your house.."

"Alright.." taking his hand

Jack smiled at her and kissed her hand sweetly

Sue and Jack entered in the house

Sue went into the kitchen, she found a note of her mother

"Jack, it seems we are alone .."


"Yep, our parents are gone, my parents have brought your parents to do a tour .."

"Really?!" Jack winking

Sue smiled mischievously "Yes Hudson.." kissing him softly

"I think it's better if we go upstairs.." taking her hand

"Levi, you stay here…don't follow us.."

Sue smiled, dragged Jack upstairs

Once they arrived in the guest room, Sue was under him on the bed, Jack unbuttoned her blouse, Sue groaned and unbuttoned his shirt, Jack kissed her neck, her weakest part, went down to his chest and kissed her breasts, kissed her stomach, Sue chuckled a little bit, she stopped laughing and began to sigh nervously when Jack quickly took off her pants and underwear, kissed and teased her most intimate part.

"Jack..please.." putting her hands in his hair

Jack smiled kissed her stomach again, her breasts again, and then returned to kissing his favorite part, her neck, while his fingers sought again to discover the deepest part of his woman

"Jack..please.." moaning "You're killing me.."

Jack removed his fingers from her vagina, but he continued to kiss and nibble her neck

Sue smiled shyly "It seems that the little Hudson is happy to see me .."

Jack chuckled and rolled onto his back dragging her with him

An hour later

They were happily lying on the bed, smiling like a Cheshire cat their bodies still slightly perspiring

"It was…incredible.."

"Only incredible? It"

Sue blushed

Jack chuckled "After all that we've done, after what you have done this afternoon.. you blush?! I mean .. when we make love, you are completely different, you're full of creativity, and .. you know all the hormones that make you do things you wouldn't even think to do.. then ... well when we are out of the bed" chuckling with Sue "You're the Sue I've met in the office 4 years ago, the one that offered me a cookie to take away, the one that had a bath with her best friend, and unfortunately it wasn't me.." stroking her hair "You're the only person with whom I thought I'd.." Jack sighed and closed his eyes

"You thought what?" Sue said sweetly "Don't tell me, your mobile phone?" Sue smiling sweetly

Jack nodded "I'm sorry honey.."

Sue smiled "Don't worry, go on.."

Jack stood up wearing only his boxers, took the phone and went back to bed


"Hi mate, you took your time to respond…what do you were up to, Sparky?"

Jack sighed "Hi Crash..I'm fine too…"

Sue smiled and Jack stroked her hair, Sue kissed his cheek, then his neck

Jack gasped as he saw that Sue was sitting astride him "What are you doing baby?" only with the lips

Sue done a mischievous smile and signed -I was thinking of show you what I bought in that store-

Jack smiled back "I'll wait here..and if Bobby leaves me, it will be fun to remove those things you bought, honey.."

Sue chuckled and kissed him softly before getting out of bed

"You are with a woman, man? I just heard someone giggle.."

"Uhm… these are not your business.."

Bobby laughed "I hope that woman is Sue, or you die, mate, when you come back to DC you will die..if that woman isn't Sue..alright Sparky, I leave you and Mrs. Sparky alone, don't do anything I wouldn't do.."

Jack chuckled "Alright Crash, bye..Merry Christmas, by the way.."

"Yeah Merry Christmas.."

Jack put the phone on the nightstand and smiled when he saw Sue coming back after a few minutes with his shirt.

Jack was sitting supine and motioned to Sue to sit on him, she smiled and sat astride him, he smiled and stroked her hair

"My shirt looks great on you, honey.."

Sue smiled "Thank you, honey.."

Jack leaned down to kiss her softly, stroking her legs, then thighs, buttocks, up to the hips, hugging her even more

Sue smiled when felt Jack's excitement grow under her, groaned as his hot lips moved to her neck

"I want you so much, Jack.." Sue sighed nervously

"A third time, Thomas? "

Sue blushed "Well there's no two without three, right?"

Jack chuckled, "I love your way of thinking, but first we remove this shirt .." was surprised when he saw the white lace lingerie outfit, just as he had said this morning

Sue blushed even more "You know me too well, and this worries me"

A half hour later Sue, shocked by their own passion, brought a hand on his chest, blocking his movements with a single gesture. Jack turned away from her gently, Sue put on his shirt and looked at him smiling

"Where are you going, honey?" making a puppy look

Sue smiled "I'm going to take a shower.." as she walked to the bathroom said "Jack…stop staring at my ass.." Sue smiled amused and turned to see his reaction

Jack smiled "But you have to admit that you have a fabulous ass"

Sue chuckled and threw him his shirt "You're terrible, Hudson!" Sue closed the bathroom door and leaned against it, she smiled, she felt so in love, so different..

Jack was still in bed and smiled, he was happy, he was in love, for the first time was seriously in love, in love with an amazing woman, would give his life for her, wearing only his boxers, he went to the bathroom, he needed a shower…a cold shower.

Jack entered into the shower, embracing Sue from behind and kissing her cheek, Sue turned to him and Jack said "I know how you feel honey.."

Sue blushed "About what, Jack?"

"Our relationship, the desire that we feel, believe me I know, it's new to me .. this uncontrollable desire for you, I've never felt like this before.."

Sue smiled shyly while she was still in his arms, "The thing is .. I don't know how to behave .. .. in front of this desire, it's new, as you can imagine, for me, feel something like that, I've never felt this way before… even if I had the chance, with you it's different when .. when we kissed, in that office, God, I wanted to be kissed from you in that way, with the same passion and well ... I wanted to do other things with you.. Not even with David, I could feel the same passion, and we were together… even before you kiss me, I wanted to .. kiss you, touch you and make love with you"

Jack chuckled, he knew very well that feeling

Sue slightly offended "Are you laughing at me?"

"No, I'm sorry my love "kissing her nose," I was just thinking how similar we are, I also wanted the same thing.. I love you to madness Sue Thomas, I'm not going to let you go.."

"I love you too Jack Hudson.." kissing him softly

"Can I massage your shoulders?"

Sue blushed and only then realized that she was completely naked, with him, in the shower, it was stupid, they made love 4 times that week but felt shy to be with him in the shower talking, she put her arms over her chest in an attempt to cover up, Jack looked at her tenderly in her eyes, "You don't need to cover yourself, darling, you're beautiful .."

Sue blushed even more "I'm going to change the water temperature, so stop looking at me like this .. your eyes.. are so dangerous"

"Worse than any terrorist I've ever seen .. "continued Jack

Sue was surprised

"It 's exactly what I feel when I look into your eyes .. We couldn't be more equal.."

Sue smiled shyly

"For me, you can change the water temperature, otherwise, we will make love, once again, here in the shower.."

Sue blushed furiously and opened her mouth, she wasn't blushing at what he said, but for the way he said

"You're so beautiful when you blush sweetheart" kissing her gently

Sue smiled, still lost in the kiss, he was so sweet with her..

Jack knew he had to get away from her, before getting into trouble, he get away from her lips softly, smiled when he heard her protest with a groan

- God, this woman will become my drug, my dependence- he thought

"So, can I massage your shoulders?"

"What happened to the indecent proposal that you made before?"

Jack smiled "Insofar as I want to make love with you in the shower, I…mm… the protections.."

"Oh… you can massage my shoulders.." turning around

Jack moved her hair to one side, took her bath oil and gave her a shoulder massage

20 minutes later

Jack was the first to come out of the shower

"Wait, let me get your bathrobe, so you don't catch cold .." Putting a towel around his waist, then took her bathrobe and helped her to put it. Sue smiled, he was so thoughtful and kind "Thank you my love"

Jack wore jeans and remade the bed

He came to the door of the bathroom, he noticed Sue already dressed and was drying her hair, he smiled and leaned against the doorway and watched her, he loved her hair, so soft, so silky, smelled of vanilla, unable to resist embraced her from behind

Sue smiled, "I didn't see you ... everything ok?"

Jack smiled back "Everything okay honey .. I'll wait you in the living room.."


5 minutes after

Sue went into the living room and noticed that Jack was on the couch and he was watching her album of photos

Jack blushed seeing Sue arrive

"What are you doing?"

Jack smiled, "I'm sorry, I was lured by a lovely girl with blond hair and green eyes.."

Sue smiled and sat in his arms

Jack inhaled her fragrance and sighed "Why do you have to have this smell so…?"


"So sweet and overwhelming .. which perfume is?"

"Hipnotic poison.."

"You know that you don't need to hypnotize me more.."

Sue giggled and approached to give him a kiss, a kiss slow and deep

Jack gently pulled away and rested his forehead on her "Wow Thomas .."

Approached back to her lips, but stopped halfway when he heard the door open

"They're back .." signed Jack