As I saw the poor girl being dragged to the altar from the corner of my eye I saw Achilles pleading to Agamemnon. Stubborn, cruel, stingy Agamemnon his heart was made of stone nothing but stone.

I too, wanted to save the girl. Iphigenia was her name, so young and innocent to die that the back of my neck began to sweat. Iphigenia slaughtered for the West wind. My palms gripping the hilt of my sword until my knuckles turned white. Achilles still pleading, "Spare the young girl, please Agamemnon!"

As the girl was laid onto the altar for the slaughtering I couldn't bear it. I rushed to the front row. "No, don't kill the girl!" I roared as Agamemnon raised the sharp stone just above her neck.

Agamemnon chuckled, "You don't want to fight the war to get Helen back do you, Odysseus. " His chuckle was hard to hear like-like something cruel.

"You don't think of the wives of the men and how worried they are. You don't realize that mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters and how they are still worried to death about their husbands. You, Agamemnon, are just a heartless king with a stingy appetite for war that doesn't care about his daughter!"

Every pair of eyes looked at me in shock, bewilderment, anger, and fear to their king. But all I could see I Agamemnon's eyes were was blind anger. He raised his stone as I stood paralyzed. The stone brought down onto Iphigenia's neck, a steady blowing west wind blew. Men ran excited to the boat but Achilles was on his knees crying on the corpse of Iphigenia.