On the big ship Achilles had become prideful of his own works and gifts. No longer sober his mind was free from tragic death of Iphigenia. As for me I was sober my mind never left Ithaca or faithful Penelope and Telemachus. Everything was black shades and grays nothing bright or colorful. I wanted to leap from the railing and swim back to Ithaca.

Everything was hard to take in from the time I was taken away from precious Ithaca.

I was pretending to be mad the day before the messenger came. I hitched 2 bulls to a plow, and sowed salt for seeds. The elders watched questioning me every time. Penelope asked me but I paid no attention to her. I kept saying, "I have to plant this before dusk!" When night approached I fell onto the sandy beach and slept. When I woke up my beard was full of sand and did the useless labor. But that was the day the messenger came. As I kept did started on another row the messenger came. It kept on saying, "King Odysseus, King Agamemnon needs for the Trojan War!" He jeered, expecting me to throw a fit. I kept on ignoring him, sometimes the bulls almost stepping on him. Finally he made a cruel attempt. He snatched the baby from Penelope and threw him on the ground. When that happened I rushed to the bulls' front threw my hands to keep them from smashing the poor infant. That was the time I had to join this stubborn war.

Achilles tried to lighten my spirits, but only succeeded in making me want to go home. "The war can't be that bad, you will see Ithaca again!"

Ithaca, Penelope, Telemachus, father and mother, where were they?