For the first time in ages, while the two of them stood in the elevator, it seemed completely appropriate to kiss her right then and there. As she pressed the button to go down to the evidence garage, he stared at her and imagined what would happen if he decided to stop the elevator and have his way with her right then and there. Tony tugged at his shirt collar.

"Everything okay, DiNozzo?" Ziva questioned him, her voice slightly deeper. She could sense the tension in the elevator and she moved closer to him. Tony backed against the wall and looked at Ziva.

"Fine." He replied giving Ziva the smile that was capable of giving her a feeling like her stomach was on fire. Ziva whipped around and hit the emergency off switch on the elevator, returned to Tony and pressed herself up against him.

"I'm going to ask you again, Agent DiNozzo - How are you feeling?" Ziva winked at him and bit her lip before pressing herself up against him. She noticed he was getting incredibly hard.

"Truthfully," Tony laughed "I think I cannot handle you, Agent David." Ziva chuckled deep in her throat.

"Really?" Ziva came even closer to him and Tony dipped his head down and kissed her passionately. Both of them moaned loudly into the kiss and Ziva hooked a leg around Tony. She quickly broke the kiss.

"Come on, Tony." Ziva begged. "Real quick before we have to go back to work." She whined pressing herself against him and quickly, and repeatedly kissing his lips.

"I can't… not today.." Tony managed to choke out as he strained himself against her. She let out a slight whimper as he had to push her away. "Gibbs would find out, Zee." Tony explained flipping the switch back on. Ziva straightened her shirt and looked at him.

"Perhaps tomorrow then?" She asked tucking her hair behind her ear.

"Maybe." Tony replied stepping out of the elevator, leaving a very sexually frustrated Ziva.