Chapter 1

As many of Grace Days Three has stated on her homepage, she has given me the opportunity and privilege of continuing her her stories for her. I hope I can live up to her standards and do a good job of following the plot line. Those of you who haven't read it yet, I think you will enjoy it. The 33 chapters I am downloading are hers; so the I will adding on at number 34. Let me know what you guys think of this story.

"Can this night get any worse?" Touga muttered to himself as it began to down pour while he was out doing border patrol. Hearing a baby's cry Touga went to investigate the sound by the shore. Touga was staring in disbelief at a bundle that was washed up on the sand where there seemed to be a creature in the rags. As Touga picked up the baby he saw that the baby was definitely not from his country by the baby's wide green eyes and pale gold hair that was wet and plastered to the baby's head. Touga couldn't smell anything other than the salty water that drenched the baby's rags. Getting the baby out of the cold rain was Touga's first concern. Transforming into his demon form Touga gently held the baby in his warm mouth as he flew to his castle quickly. Once at his castle Touga transformed back as he clutched the shivering wailing creature to his chest ignoring the looks that his servants gave him as he ran to the healer's room. The healer's heads snapped up as Touga swiftly opened the door and walked in with purpose.

"My Lord what is the problem?" Taku; one of Touga's best healers asked.

"I found this washed up on my shores. Please clean the baby and let me know when I can see the baby again." Touga thrust the wailing bundle into Taku's arms as he couldn't stand the baby's loud cries.

"Father what is going on?" A young boy asked with curious golden eyes.

"Sesshomaru I found something while out border patrolling. I have yet to investigate it closer." Touga ruffled Sesshomaru's hair affectionately.

"May I see it?" Sesshomaru was now interested in what his father found.

"Not yet pup." Touga closed the door muffling the baby's high pitched cries. Suddenly it all went silent in the room and Touga feared that the baby had died. Slowly turning around Touga was about to enter the room when a very high pitched yelping could be heard. Touga wanted to rip off his ears the sound was so loud and high. Sesshomaru was smart and sprinted away to his room where his ears rung from the sound. Touga was snarling slightly as he slowly opened the door to find out what was going on. The baby was clean and dressed in a small pink kimono. The baby had what could only be described as a pair of golden dragon wings attached on her back and one of the wings appeared to be broken. Each time a healer tried to put on a brace on the baby's wing the baby would yelp in pain and cause the healers to shy away from the small creature. Touga raised his youkai levels and the baby automatically stopped yelping and turned its glowing green eyes on Touga. Raising its arms the baby begged to be picked up and Touga could only comply. Now that the baby was clean Touga could smell that the baby was a girl and she smelt of something pleasant and foreign. Touga also saw that she had very small claw tipped fingers that clutched at his front as she rested her head down and closed her eyes.