Chapter 33

As Sesshomaru ran along side his father he was thinking about what he would say to his mother. One question kept nagging at him; why? Did she really think that she could have gotten away with it? Did his mother not see Anika as a legitimate heir to the throne? After all Anika was the princess of the West while he was the prince of the West. Snarling lightly in frustration Sesshomaru cleared his head and focused on just running. As they began to approach his mother's castle the answer suddenly hit him almost causing him to skid to an abrupt halt; his mother was not after Anika but Izayoi and Anika just got in the way! Though Sesshomaru did not fully like Izayoi he would not wish for her death and it saddened him and yet made him proud that his sister was already fulfilling her duty as princess and protecting the Lady of the West.

"Sesshomaru are you ready?" Touga snapped his pup out of his train of thoughts.

"Yes father." Sesshomaru squared his shoulders as he calmly walked after his father.

"Ah, Touga, my son what an unexpected visit and what do I owe the pleasure of seeing?" Ritza nonchalantly walked forward as she greeted her former husband and her son.

"If you so much as touch a hair on her head I will disown you!" Sesshomaru burst out in his anger. Both Touga and Ritza stared at him in startlement; never had their son spoken so harshly to another especially to one of his parents.

"She merely got in the way. What a pathetic whelp." Ritza replied with mock disinterest. Snarling deeply in anger Sesshomaru's eyes bled the deepest crimson red his parents had ever witnessed as his beast took control.

"Touch my future mate again and I will personally see to your demise!" Sesshomaru's beast threatened Ritza in a husky tone. As Sesshomaru's eyes returned to their normal golden color both Touga and Ritza were speechless.

"I don't care if she got in the way she was only doing her duty and protecting the Lady of the West and I will also be very angry if anything happens to Izayoi or her pup. Heed my words for I will not repeat myself." Sesshomaru continued on unaware of what just occurred with his beast.

"Very well Sesshomaru I will leave them alone." Ritza backed down from the fight her mind still on what his beast just said.

"Sesshomaru can you wait here for a couple of minutes I have things I must talk to your mother about." Touga sent Ritza a knowing look.

"Do you approve of his choice?" Touga asked Ritza once they were out of earshot of their son.

"It matters not to me who he chooses." Ritza replied curtly.

"Though, I was hoping that he would take Lord Rizo's daughter to unite our families." Ritza added as an after thought.

"I am not sure if he is aware of what his beast just proclaimed and I hope that I can have your word that you will speak to no one of this." Touga sternly told Ritza.

"Fear not I have no desire to speak of that whelp to anyone." Ritza sneered in disgust. Snarling very angrily Touga let his youkai overpower his former wife and quell her anger turning it into fear.

"Anika is not a whelp she is smarter than you in all your years!" Touga snarled back before turning on his heels and striding away sending a clear message to Ritza that he did not enjoy her company at all.

"Everything has been dealt with lets head back to see how everyone is fairing." Touga told his pup before starting to walk away. Nodding his head Sesshomaru followed after his father still a little angered by his mother's words against Anika. Touga eyed his pup discreetly as they ran back home and had a lot to think on. Sesshomaru taking Anika as a mate is acceptable since she had strong heritage behind her and Anika would make an excellent choice for him. Where humans looked down upon mating between siblings it was perfectly acceptable in youkai society as it did nothing to the bloodlines except strengthen them. Touga's own father took his sister as a mate and she was a very strong ruler during her time as was his father. The only reason that humans looked down on it was that it did weaken their already weak bloodlines and caused malformations where as in youkai it did nothing adverse to the offspring of such unions. Though Sesshomaru himself would have to come to realize his feelings towards Anika and vice versa but Touga suspected that that would not come into play for a long ways from here. Though for Sesshomaru's beast to already know who it was picking for a mate was surprising for rarely would youkai mate but decide to marry in case they were unhappy and could divorce and get out of the relationship where in a mating it was irreversible and permanent. Touga had only met a couple of other youkai that had mated instead of marrying and they seemed to be in true bliss and have told him that they had found their soul mate. Could Anika be Sesshomaru's soul mate? Only time would tell now.