The phone on the wooden beside kept vibrating, over and over, buzzing and moving around. Tony snatched it up and answered.

"DiNozzo." Tony grumbled, he had just been woken up on his day off.

"I need you to come in, we just got a new case." Gibbs requested. Tony sat up in his bed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"When do you need me there?" Tony yawned.

"As soon as possible! Call Ziva too, she needs to come in as well." Gibbs instructed Tony before hanging up the phone.

Tony quietly sat his phone down on his night stand and sighed. He looked over to his side and watched Ziva sleep peacefully. It would be a shame to have to wake her up.

Tony returned to his bedroom with a tray full of breakfast foods for the both of them. He placed it on the foot of the bed and crawled under the sheets next to Ziva. He moved up against her, and took Ziva in his arms. She sighed and began to stir in her sleep.

"Good morning." Tony whispered in her ear and Ziva smiled.

"Morning." Ziva mumbled. Once Tony heard she was up, he began to place kisses over her exposed skin. Ziva began to squirm and laugh until she begged and pleaded for him to stop.

"Why did you get me up so early?" Ziva asked looking at the alarm clock on her bedside.

"Gibbs wants us to go into work. New case, can't wait I guess." Tony replied, bringing the tray up between himself and Ziva. "But, I made you breakfast!" Ziva beamed with delight.

"Thank you, Tony." Ziva grinned, taking a piece of the toast and biting into it.

"You know, we're going to have to do our usual "You leave first and I will meet you there" routine, so Gibbs doesn't find out that we slept together." Tony put it bluntly. Ziva rolled her eyes and took a sip of the orange juice.

"Yeah, I better get moving. Do you still have my extra set of work clothes here?" She asked getting up from bed, revealing herself to Tony. She was only half-dressed, wearing his white button down work shirt.

"Top drawer!" Tony yelled as he watched Ziva walk into his closet in search of her clothes.

Tony began to think that Ziva staying over night more often with him would not be so bad after all.