AN: Hey, so I wrote this one-shot for 'HOA One-Shot Day.' It focuses on Joy and how she really feels. I was trying to get into Joy's head and show everyone her point of view on the whole Nina situation because I don't think everyone has seen her side of the story and that's why they are so quick to judge her and take Nina's side. Read on…

The Unfortunately Misread Depressed Shadow

You've been replaced. Picked up and thrown to the side as someone takes the spot that was originally reserved for you. You try to get it back. You try so hard, but you're unwanted… Unwanted. The word hangs in the back of your head because you've known it all this time, you just didn't want to believe it. But now you've been forced to face reality. You've been forced to face the fact that they don't want you and they never did. They found someone who's just like you except better in everyway. You hide behind that soul, the one that replaced you, but not by choice. You've tried to step in front of it but you're pushed back by those eyes and those words. That's why you're hiding behind the one that took your old life and has turned it into their own… oh how you wish you could have it back…

Joy Mercer was replaced. She was replaced by that girl… the chosen one. She tried so hard to get her life back but was shoved back. All her so-called friends let her go without shedding a tear and that's why she was broken. All those thoughts and feelings she had tried to keep contained were now pouring out. Joy wanted to close the wound, but even if she did it wouldn't be able to hold everything like it used to. A single word could cause her to explode and that would be the end.

Not only were her friends ignoring her… but they forgot about her. She now meant nothing to them, so the smallest memory of her was now gone. July 7… The day formerly known as her birthday was now known as the chosen one's birthday. She never got the 'Happy Birthday Joy!' that day… But she did see her get it… why did she get it?

Joy was once that girl. The one that was friends with everyone and the center of attention. Why couldn't she go back to those days? Why was she nothing? What had she done to deserve to be exiled? Joy didn't understand, so she tried to draw attention to herself.

Maybe she didn't do it in the best way, but at least she had everyone's eyes on her for a fraction of a second. That's all she craved. To be looked at like she mattered… like she was a person.

Joy did what she had to do. She was hated even more for it, but now she was known. Now she was seen.

So what if people didn't like her? So what if her friends gave her up and quickly found a replacement? She just wanted to get rid of the cape of invisibility on her. She succeeded. But it didn't fix that wound… It only made it grow and even more emotions poured out. That's why during the day she was happy smiley Joy, but at night… no one would ever believe she was the one quietly sobbing into her pillow. No one would ever believe it. No one could see that deep. No one could see her breaking.

AN: So that's my one-shot. I hope you liked it because I enjoyed writing it. Please review and favorite!