My best friend part 4

The five minute drive to the convenient store felt like forever since Alex's hands were going everywhere. Bobby finally had to tell her to stop and made a promise that he would make it up to here later that night after they got the condoms.

"Do you want to get out with me?" He killed the engine.

"Sure why not?"

"Hopefully they have condoms." Alex got out of the car and looked at Bobby before going into the store.

"What do you mean by that?" He held the door open for her.

"It's just with my luck, they probably won't have condoms."

"Don't worry about a thing baby." She cupped his balls before walking in front of him into the store. He groaned and followed her inside.

The cashier greeted the both of them as they went down to the protection aisle. Alex looked at the protection and didn't know which one she really wanted. She hated using condoms. She trusted Bobby enough but she wasn't on the pill since she had no reason to be on it. Until now that is.

"What looks good to you?" Bobby hadn't had sex in years so he wasn't surprised at all that he didn't recognize a lot of the new ones.

"Personally I think condoms are like plastic bags but I'm not on the pill so we got to use them for the time being. I promise I'll set up an appointment soon." Bobby couldn't believe his ears. She actually wanted him bare inside of her. He could not wait to feel her heat.

"Let's just pick this one then." He picked up the small blue box and was ready to go pay for it.

"We can't get that one." Bobby was scared that Alex had thought about it more and realized that she didn't want to do this with him.

"Ok Alex that's fine. You're right this was a crazy idea in the first place. I mean look at you and look at me." He put the box back where it originally was. Alex just laughed at his sad face.

"Ok first of all that is not what I meant. And second of all you are an amazing man. Any woman would be crazy not to want you. I for one have been waiting for a long time." She kissed him on the lips passionately and cupped him again through his pants. After the kiss broke Bobby awkwardly waited with his hands in his pockets for her to pick a box.

"What I mean was that we need a hell of a lot more than just three. We have waited a long time to do this. And plus from where I stand, you are going to need the biggest ones they make." She lowered her voice and winked. He chuckled and got the biggest box they made.

"Need anything else?"

"I'm good." They made their way to the cashier but stopped dead in their tracks.

"Shit." They both swore at the same time before going back down the aisle and putting the protection back on the shelf.

"Detectives." Of course right when they were about to leave their captain shows up at the same store.

"Told you with my luck something would happen." He whispered in Alex's ear as they went up to Ross.

"Captain how are you?" Why did he have to be here?

"I'm good. Just grabbing a few things. How are my two best detectives doing?" He could tell something was off with Bobby but didn't think anything of it since the man was awkward as it was.

"Fine I was out drinking with an old friend and Bobby picked me up so that I wouldn't chance it. I mean wouldn't it look bad if an NYPD detective got a DUI?" Bobby just stood there rubbing his neck while Alex tried to get away from Ross without seeming too eager.

"What are you guys doing here then?"

"I wanted to get some cigarettes and this was the closest store from the house." Just like everyone else Ross was suspicious of the two of them moving in together. He wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea that his two detectives were living under the same roof. He didn't know about Alex but he could tell by the way Bobby looked at her that there was something there. The brass had a field day when they found out but as always, Alex worked her charm and smoothed things over. She reassured everyone that she was just doing a nice thing for Bobby and his mother. But right now by the way they were standing; Ross could tell something was up. He decided not to press them for any more details.

"Well have a good weekend detectives." With that Ross went up to the cashier and paid for his things.

"I think we should just leave and then come back for them in a little while when he's gone." Bobby nodded his head and went up to the cashier to get a pack of cigarettes. He was planning on quitting but decided to smoke one more pack. There is nothing better than a cigarette after sex.

"Thank you come again." The cashier greeted them as they walked out the door. Alex rubbed her hands to warm them up from the chilly air.

"Here take my coat." Bobby took off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders.

"See that's why I have been dying to have sex with you; because you are so sweet and thoughtful." She leaned up on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss on the mouth. She didn't care if Ross was standing right next to them. She loved this man and didn't care what anyone else said. He returned the kiss and stopped in his tracks to wrap his arms around her.

"Well thank you. I have been dying to sleep with you too." They walked hand and hand down the street to their car.

"So do you want to go to another store or wait a few minutes?"

"I don't mind waiting. I have waited a while for you so a few minutes won't kill me." He joked as she cuddled up closer to him.

"Believe me tonight will be worth the wait." He leaned down and kissed her again right as his phone rang. They both groaned out loud. "I hope it isn't a murder."

"Well if your phone doesn't ring soon then we're good." He teased as he tried to get his phone out of his pocket before the person in the line hung up.

"I bet its Ross just to make us mad. He isn't an idiot you know?" The ringing stopped right when Bobby took his phone out of his pocket. He chuckled before checking his caller ID. Alex noticed his face dropped a little.

"It's my mom's doctor." It was almost midnight so he knew that it wasn't a good sign if the doctor was calling him.

"I'm here for you Bobby." She hugged on to him tight as he redialed the number not bothering to listen to the voicemail.

"Hi Doctor Rogers this is Robert Goren." Alex moved her face away from the phone so that she couldn't hear what was going on. Sure she was a nosy person but not in this department. Bobby unlocked the door so that they could get warm. Once inside Alex watched him as he talked to the doctor.

"I'll be there in a little while. Thank you." He hung up and let out a big deep breathe.

"What happened Bobby?"

"My mom freaked out when they told her about giving her the new medicine so they had to sedate her. She's at the hospital now." He started the engine. "I'm sorry for ruining the night. I'll drop you off at home. Just like I said I have the worse luck ever."

"Bobby this isn't your fault. I have waited six years; I can wait a little bit longer. Do you love me?" Bobby was taken aback by her question. Of course he did he was just scared to let her know that.

"I do Alex, very much."

"Well then take me to see your mom." Bobby wasn't comfortable taking her to see his mom, especially now. He didn't want to lose her over his mother. He didn't know how his mother would take seeing a new person. He also know that Eames didn't take no for an answer though.

"Just promise me one thing; that you won't run."

"I'm not going anywhere Bobby. I love you in the same exact way that you love me." She kissed his hand as they made their way to the hospital.