As much as a clothes horse Cosmo Renfro was, the whole team found it highly ironic that the woman he had fallen head over heels for didn't care one whit what she (or he) wore. They used it to tease him on any number of occasions.

But it was really quite true. Mary Elisabeth Kendall could pull off any designer fashion with ease, given her figure and her natural beauty, but she would rather go around in jeans and a baggy T-shirt.

It did prove something, though. The whole team –and especially Sam –could tell that she really, honestly loved Cosmo for who he was, and not the clothes he wore or the personality he faked sometimes. She saw right through him and demanded nothing less than a man who could be honest with her –one who didn't have to wear the right clothes or say the right things to impress a girl.

Oh, he still bought the clothes and told the jokes–Sam didn't think anyone could cure him of that, though if he had to bet money on anyone, it would be Mary Elisabeth –but they weren't as showy as before. They were just …Cosmo.

It was a good change, all in all.