To All Saburo fans: You might want to leave. Serious Saburo bashing here.

My name is Saburo,

and I'm a Mary Sue

Look, I'm perfect!

From my hair to my shoes.

I with my pen, I could do anything!

But will I use nope!

Nothing cool will happen,

as long as I am here, so mope!

I know Natsumi,

has a crush on me.

But I'll just let her continue on,

while I stand here, silently.

Hi, I'm Saburo.

And I'm a Mary Sue.

I feel bored, so adieu!

To those wondering if I'm trying to either complement him or insult him, it's the latter. Seriously! With the pen he could have whatever he wanted, even take over Pekopon, and what does he do with it? N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Gyah! Anyway, this was inspired by RunwithscissorsXXXbattlescars. We decided that Saburo was really dumb in the anime and served no purpose other than being an obstacle in Giroro's path to Natsumi's heart! Really! And for every review, a Saburo plushie doll get's stabbed with a chainsaw. 8D