Chapter Three - The Pact

Tuesday was one of those days where they didn't have the same classes.
Their mother had insisted that Murphy learned French whereas Connor was supposed to learn Russian. This way they could learn both languages
and teach each other. The playground next to their school was the place where they usually met up after classes, and when the Connor finally left
the building he saw that his twin was already there. He was sitting on one of the swings and stared at his feet.
The older twin frowned and made his way to the playground. He sat down next to his brother and started swinging.

"What's te matter with ye, dickhead?" he asked after a while and looked at Murphy, but he wouldn't look up.
He just shrugged and kept playing with his fingers. Connor stopped swinging and stared at his twin.


"Mr Evans gave me extra homework cos Peter told him about my 'maths problem'" the younger murmured and Connor just stared at him.

"Asshole told 'im bullshit like I'm too stupid ta get it and that even ye couldn't explain it ta me and that he should give me more homework til I get it."

"That's bullshit" his twin growled and Murphy just shrugged.

"Did ye tell Mr Evans that it's bullshit?"

His younger half nodded.

"Aye, but he wouldn't listen, he just listened ta Peter."

Connor got up and folded his arms.

"Come on, let's go home. We gotta tell Ma."

Murphy shook his head and snorted.
"'m not fuckin five anymore. I don't have ta go and tell Ma everything."

"But that's fuckin unfair Murph!"

His brother wouldn't answer and got up from the swing. Then he put his hands in his pockets and started walking. Connor went after him.

"Well then gimme yer homework and I'll do it fer ye. 's my fault Peter started that bullshit anyway, I mean 't was my idea with the whole problem."

Murphy kicked a branch away and growled.

"Stop fuckin pettin me Connor. That's te reason shit with Peter gets worse all te time."

His twin shoved him. "'m nat fuckin pettin ye, I'm lookin after ye, 's what big brothers do fer their little brothers!"

Murphy looked up and glared at him.

"Yer nat my big brother" he said matter of factly, and when he wouldn't get into a fight with Connor and just looked at him like that,
it made his twin a bit scared. Scared that maybe Peter's whole brainwashing thing was starting to work. 'm tellin ye, he's trying ta seperate us.
The blonde chewed on his lips and eyed his brother, then he nudged his shoulder and sighed.

"Ok, yer te big brother fer a while then, aye? Tell ye what, we're gonna go home and do our homework.
There yer gonna give me yer extra maths stuff and I'm gonna do it with ye."

Murphy narrowed his eyes and wanted to say something but his brother hushed him.

"Nah, before ye start fuckin complainin again, I mean ye do te whole thing on yer own, but I'm gonna do te same.
Can't do me any harm ta do some extra work as well, aye?"

His younger half and seemed to be unsure about the whole thing, then he nodded and started to smile a bit.

"Aye, that's okay." he said quietly and Connor beamed at him. He ruffled his twin's black hair and started running.

"Come on now, te one who gets home last is a massive dickhead!"

Peter was away for pretty much the whole day because of some school conference, so Murphy calmed down pretty soon.
They spent the rest of the day doing their homework and playing bandits in their backyard, and started laughing when they saw that
their mother had fallen asleep on her chair in the kitchen.

"Conn, are ye fuckin crazy!"
Murphy whispered and started giggling when his brother entered the kitchen and went for the shelf where their mother kept her booze.
Connor snickered and tiptoed his way through the kitchen, passing his snoring mother. Once he had successfully reached the shelf
the blonde grinned at his twin and gave him a double thumbs up.

"Connor, really, what if she wakes up?" his younger half asked and looked at his mother nervously.
She suddenly stopped snoring and both twins froze, but Annabelle MacManus just shifted a bit and started snorring again. Connor covered his mouth
to muffle his giggles. He then grabbed one of the chairs and moved it right under the shelf. The blonde looked at his snoring mother once more,
then he climbed on the chair and grabbed one of the small bottles from the shelf. He didn't want it to be too obvious, so he moved the other bottles
until it didn't look like anything was missing. He turned around and grinned at his twin, shaking the small bottle in his hands.
Murphy giggled and animated him to hurry up.

"Fuckin hurry before she wakes up!"
The blonde started dancing on the chair just to tease his younger half a bit more, then he got down and put the chair back.
He cursed when it made a loud creaking noise, but even that wouldn't wake their mother up.

"Connor!" Murphy demanded and his twin gave in. They hurried out of the kitchen and ran up the stairs with a triumphant giggle.
The younger kept trying to get the bottle, but Connor kept it out of his reach until they were in his room and the door was closed shut behind them.

"Are ye sure about tha?" Murphy asked and froze.
Connor sat down on his bed and grinned at the small bottle of whiskey he had just stolen.

"What now, yer gonna chicken out? Ye gonna be a baby about it? I thought ye were te big brother?" the blonde twin asked and grinned at his brother.
Murphy narrowed his eyes and folded his arms.

"Fuck ye."

He approached his brother and sat down on the bed next to him. He wanted to grab the bottle, but Connor wouldn't let him take it.
He put his hand up in the air so Murphy couldn't reach it.

"Murphy's a wimp, who's too scared af Ma, no wonder she calls him snotface!" he started singing and laughing, which made his younger half angry.
He started punching Connor and got up to grab the bottle.

"Fuck ye!" he spat and opened it, then he took a sip and started coughing and pulled a face which made Connor laugh even more.
The blonde leaned over and laughed until there were tears in his eyes. Murphy wouldn't stop coughing.

"Such a fuckin wimp!" Connor giggled, grabbed the bottle and took a sip as well. Much to his surprise he didn't react any different.
He started coughing and gasping for air because damn, that stuff burned in his throat like cough medicine.

Murphy wouldn't disappoint him and started laughing just as hard.

"Connor is a wimp!" he sang and hit his twin's back forcefully to help him get over his coughing fit. Connor growled and boxed back.

"Ow don't hit me tha fuckin hard, ye asshole!" he complained and boxed his twin's shoulder, which made Murphy wince and rub it.
They both calmed down after a while and stared at the bottle in their hands.

"Why would Ma drink that? Fuckin hurts.." Murphy murmured and Connor lifted the bottle up to see how much whiskey was in there.
He remembered that it took their mother less than a couple of minutes to empty such a small bottle. Now that he looked at it he felt like it would
take them years to down that pure acid. The blonde shrugged and took another careful sip. He ended up coughing again, but this time it wasn't so bad.

"Apparently it is cool. All te grownups drink it. Ye see them everywhere, even in school. "
He handed the bottle to Murphy and watched him drink. His younger half frowned when he was done.

"Peter doesn't."

Connor snorted. "Aye, Peter isn't cool or grown up. Peter is a dickhead."

Murphy grinned and nodded. "Aye, Peter is a dickhead."

For a while they didn't say anything and took a couple of sips from the bottle, but not much since it was way too hard for them.
They both had their reasons. Connor because he wanted to prove that he was the older brother, Murphy because he wanted to rebel against Peter,
against everyone. And of course they did it because everyone else was doing it, including their own mother.

"Murph?" Connor asked after a while and Murphy wiped his mouth.


"Am I really nat yer big brother?"

His younger half frowned.

"I don't know, ye have ta ask Ma."

Connor shook his head and looked at his twin.

"I mean, do ye really not want me ta be yer big brother?"

Murphy chewed on his lower lip and frowned. He didn't really know what to say. Of course, there was no way he would give in now,
it was a never ending fight between them after all, but that look on Connor's face made him hesitate. And now that he thought about it...
Sometimes he really wanted a big brother. Someone who protected him and kicked Peter's ass.

"Sometimes" he murmured and his brother looked away.


Murphy sighed and gave him the bottle. "Why?"

His brother sighed.

"I really wanna be yer big brother, ye know?It upset me when ye said that taday."

Murphy looked at him for a while, then he nodded.

"How about we take turns every once in a while? Whenever someone needs a big brother.." he suggested and Connor nodded eagerly.


They didn't speak for a while until the blonde looked at his twin again.

"'s nat because I want ta mock ye or anything. I mean, af course, it's fun ta call ye babyface or snotface every time.."

Murphy boxed him and growled. "'m no fuckin babyface!"

"..I'm just scared" Connor admitted and his twin froze.


The older brother nodded and looked away.

"Scared that Peter manages ta seperate us. I just wanna protect ye, tha's all."

Murphy snorted and took another sip from their bottle. "No one can fuckin seperate us."

Connor suddenly turned around so he was facing his twin. He offered him his hand, which made Murphy frown.

"Let's make that a pact" the blonde demanded and his younger half frowned even more.


"We're gonna promise that no one will ever fuckin seperate us. We will always be tagether. Always Connor and Murphy."

Murphy stared at his twin's hand, then he looked up.

"Shouldn't we seal it with blood or something? Like, blood brothers?"

Connor snorted and hit the back of his twin's head.

"We're fuckin twins Murph, we got te same blood anyway."

"Aye, but still. Blood makes it..stronger. I demand it ta be sealed with blood now. Yer fault, ye started it."

They looked at each other for a while, then Connor gave in and got up.

"Alright, what fuckin ever."

He searched his desk until he found a pin. He showed it to his brother and grinned.

"How about that?"

Murphy grinned back and nodded. Connor sat back down on his bed and grabbed his brother's right hand.

"Gimme yer thumb" he demanded and Murphy obeyed.

"On three" Connor said and his brother nodded.


The blonde pricked his twin's thumb and made him bleed. Murphy shrieked in surprise and pulled it back.

"Ow, ye fucker! Ye said three!" he complained and sucked his thumb. Connor giggled.

"Well, I did say three, didn' I?"

His twin hit his shoulder and grabbed the needle. Without a warning he pricked Connor even harder, which made his brother yelp.

"Are ye fuckin nuts?!"

He shook his hand and hissed.

"I think ye fuckin hit te bone, ye fucker!" he complained and boxed Murphy's chest. His younger half started cackling.

"Ye gonna be a baby about it?" he asked and grinned at his twin. Connor sucked his thumb and started grinning as well.
He shoved his brother and sighed.


The blonde pointed his bleeding thumb at his brother.

"Come on now" he demanded and Murphy nodded.

"I promise that 'm gonna stay with ye ferever" the darkhaired twin declared and Connor nodded.

"Aye, and that no one will ever seperate us.."

"Not Peter."

"Definitively nat Peter."

Their thumbs were just about to touch when Connor started grinning.

"...and that I am te older brother and will look after ye, my little brother."

He added and their thumbs touched. Their blood mixed and the pact was sealed. Murphy glared at his brother.

"Connor!" he complained and started punching and kicking his twin who tried to get away and started laughing.

"Ye fuckin asshole, ye betrayed me! Ye fuckin used te pact against me!"

"I didn't! I was just addin a few things." Connor giggled and Murphy sucked and licked his thumb.

"Take it fuckin back!"

His twin grinned and shrugged. "Sorry Murph, but it's sealed."

"Ye fuckin asshole! Yer nat te older brother! Connor, we fuckin agreed on something else!"

When Connor saw how upset Murphy really was because of his "betrayal" he decided to give his younger half a break.
He got up to get them two tissues.

"Alright. 'm takin te older thing back. But not te other part af that sentence. I will look after ye."

"But yer nat the older!"

"But I'm nat the older. But neither are ye."

Murphy got up and growled. "'m gonna ask Ma now."

"Are ye fuckin mental, ye want her ta smell that we just fuckin drank some af her stuff? Go brush yer teeth first."

The darkhaired twin raised an eyebrow.

"Yer nat Ma, ye can't force me ta do anything."

"I can still take my takin back back and declare our pact as.."

"Oh fuck ye Connor!" Murphy growled and left the room to brush his teeth.
His brother started laughing. He was proud of himself that he finally had something to make his twin do stuff, and he was also happy and relieved
because of their pact. He chuckled and looked at the red dot on his thumb. No one could take that away from them. He sure wouldn't break it,
and he knew that his twin wouldn't break it either. Connor sighed and got his pyjamas, then he followed Murphy to go and brush his teeth as well.