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*Luce is not part of the Arcobaleno in this! (I'm sorry, dearest Luce!) She will have another role.

*For the sake of matching colors (to flame attributes), Reborn's fedora band will be the color of yellow, rather than the usual orange.

*Their flame attributes will be referred to as magic attributes.

*Arcobaleno are closer in this fic because they grew up together.

*Sorry if anyone's slightly out of character. Forgive me! I'm still trying to grasp all their personalities. If they are, just tell me.

*There's a good chunk of explaining at the beginning, so sorry if it confuses you. Feel free to ask questions when you don't understand something.

*I guess they'd all be 17/18 here? And Luce is like 30.


The infamous and prestigious academy Yggdrasil University is known for it's immensely successful graduates. Ones who earn their diploma through the school have gone to do important and influential acts. They are hailed as geniuses in their field and prominent futures of the world. Here, thousands gather from across the world for a chance to partake in its excellent academic education as well as its rigorous and distinguished training regime. It is here that the exemplary and prodigious gather to claim the title of the best.

Yggdrasil is split into two factions: one for Verktaki and another for Stefna. Verktaki and Stefna are human, both born with their powers. They're beings instilled with magic, but only the Stefna can utilize it, while the Verktaki are the ones who create contracts with them. However, the Stefna can only bring out their magical powers when under a contract with a Verktaki, and if the Verktaki becomes unconscious, the Stefna will not be able to use them.

Contracts are lifelong bonds created when a blood ritual is performed. A Verktaki can only contract with one Stefna, and the contract can never be unbound once set. Thus, Verktaki and Stefna need to choose carefully on who to form a contract with, seeing as how it's a one time thing. Hastily forming a contract may hinder the potential of both candidates, so the method is usually avoided. Forcing a being into a contract will have glitches as it is better to do a contract when both counterparts have come to a mutual amount of respect and trust. Additionally, both parties must give their consent to the creation of the contract for it to be successful.

Forming a contract allows both to combine their powers, meaning as each one grows, they both grow as a team. However, the only one able to unleash this power is the Stefna when called upon. If the two are in harmony, their powers will synchronize and their combined strengths will become incredibly overwhelming. It is at this stage where both the Verktaki's and Stefna's potentials are at it's highest and best.

Beings do not have to be at the same power level to be more compatible. They do not have to be the same flame attribute either. Having the two match does not necessarily boost one's chances at creating a better connection. What makes the difference in how strong the bond of the contract is, is how much one's heart can understand their partner's. Unfortunately, contracts between family members of the same blood cannot be made.

Yggdrasil is hailed as the reigning school when it comes to teaching both Verktaki and Stefna alike, so it is quite a feat one needs to accomplish to be admitted. There are other schools that let in Verktaki and Stefna, but very few when compared with regular human schools. Today, the grounds of Yggdrasil are littered with magical beings, welcoming in the new wave of students attending.

Each person in the gathering is considered a prodigy in their own right, but it is one group of people who has caught the attention of almost everyone else. High expectations have been tossed onto their shoulders as they are individuals who are regarded as superior to their peers. No doubt they will be a group the future will come to revere.

There were six in total, and seeing as how each one had the habit of always wearing the color that coordinated with their magic attribute, they were nicknamed as the Arcobaleno. Each person had claimed a color of the rainbow, excluding orange, thus the name. Coincidentally, they were all Verktaki. Students stared and gossiped as the group went by.

"Oh, it's them! I've heard of them. They're–"

"–the Arcobaleno. I hear they're some of the toughest guys of–"

"–the year. Che, they don't look all that great. I bet–"

"–they're really strong. I mean, look at them! I wonder–"

"–if I can go up to talk to them? They're so attractive! I wish–"

"–I could punch off those smug looks they have on."

However, there was a mutual question floating around the hordes of young adults.

"Who are they going to contract?"

Reborn smirked. He nudged Colonnello in the side and said, "That guy's glaring at you like he wants murder on his hands. It's understandable since you're such a failure."

Colonnello threw a punch at Reborn's head which he evaded easily with a side-step.

"Shut up, kora! I'll crush that fedora you cherish so much, you suit fanatic!"

"Better than an army dog clad in camouflage."

Colonnello made a move to kick the other man when a voice cut in.

"You two should stop fighting all the time."

They turned around to look at the other man. He wore traditional Chinese robes and had his lengthy hair in a tight braid.

"Fon, let them do as they please. It's only a matter of time before they kill each other and we'd be rid of them," a man in a lab coat drawled.

"Wrong, Verde! For it is the great me who will be doing the killing!" A boy in purple, tight fitting clothes with piercings proclaimed.

"What was that, Skull?"

"A-ah, nothing, Reborn." Skull hunched his shoulders in and ducked his head. Despite the immediate submission, Reborn decided to kick the other in the ribs anyway.

The blow flung him towards a person completely hidden underneath a long cloak and caused them to collide.

"Hey, watch it! I'll charge you double the usual if you bump into me again," the person spoke.

"Now, now Viper, no need to bring money into this. Greed is unbecoming," Fon chided.

Before the other could retort, a loud clap could be heard. Everyone turned their gaze to the front of the school. A woman with a warm smile and a flower tattoo under her left eye stood. She wore a white hat that bloomed like a mushroom and a white, full-length dress adorning two vertical orange stripes and one around her middle.

"Welcome to Yggdrasil University! I am the Head Mistress, Luce, and I am very glad to see all of your excited faces. You will be split up according to your classification and then into smaller sub-groups to be toured around the school. You will be shown your room right before lunch and find that your luggage has already been placed in it. After lunch, you will have two hours of free time before you are to meet me in the courtyard. Now, please check-in with one of the staff members in the lobby."

People shuffled into the main building and did as they were told. The school was rather large compared to others as it stretched out across many acres of land. There were multiple buildings stationed and peaceful, open fields. The classrooms were spacious, the interior was beautifully crafted, and the gyms were well equipped. The rooms were luxuriously furnished, too.

Reborn sunk into a chair when he finally arrived at his room. He chose to skip lunch since he wasn't hungry and had decided to go to his dorm. He surveyed the area to see that his suitcase was indeed there. It was small and compact since Reborn didn't really have things of personal value. He looked to the side of it and frowned when he saw a familiar bag. The door opened at that moment to reveal Colonnello.

"Oh, Reborn, you're my roommate? Just like old times, kora," the blond said as he went over to his bag.

"Yeah, yeah," Reborn replied. He titled his fedora hat so that it shadowed his eyes. He figured he might as well take a nap.

"So you didn't eat lunch either?" Colonnello turned around from what he was doing to face the man, but found he was already asleep. Colonnello rolled his eyes and put on the headband he had been searching for.

'I think I'll go to the shooting grounds I found earlier..'


New students filed into the courtyard from different directions. Luce was already in the middle, smiling brightly. The courtyard looked to be as big as a football stadium. It had short, soft grass underneath and was lined with white paint. It was boxed in by four other buildings, each providing a nice view of the area if one wished to be a spectator.

"Hello, everyone," Luce greeted, "I hope you have enjoyed your time here thus far. Now, what you are all standing in is the Battle Arena. Each day, the school hosts duels between two pairs to determine ranking and prowess as a team. These will be battles to test your strength and help you grow. They will also give you much needed experience. Keep in mind that all duels are not won by physical strength. You do not have to necessarily be excelled in fire power to succeed. Various methods are equally as good. You will come to learn it is essential to be both mentally and physically prepared to emerge victorious. Most importantly, these events will hopefully help you deepen your connection with your partner."

Everyone chatted excitedly at the news with their friends, eager for their chance to impress.

"You will be automatically be chosen for your duel date, but you can also sign up for dates. Also, it is imperative that you register your pair into the database when you have made a contract. This is for information purposes as well as to have a chance to compete in the Battle Arena. You will only be pitted against pairs of your own year by the computer, but if you wish to challenge upperclassmen, you may sign up for a date together. The upperclassmen will be arriving during dinner, as they have had most of the day off in order for us to welcome all you first years.

"Contracting is a careful and meaningful process, so the last thing we would want to do is rush you into it. However, we suggest that it would be best to make a contract within the first month."

A hand popped up and Luce allowed the child to speak.

"What if we already have a contract with someone?"

"Well, then you're off to a good head start. You and your partner can utilize the time to fully focus on getting better," Luce answered.

The boy fist pumped and shared a high-five with his partner standing next to him. A lot of other people starting bustling and smirking at the advantage they had.

"The rules of the Battle Arena are as follows:

1) Killing is not tolerated. Those who kill will be expelled and put on trial.

2) The word of the referee is absolute. Once he announces the battle over, it is over.

3) If the battle is deemed as a hazard to any individual's life, it will be stopped immediately.

4) In case of an emergency situation, the Head Mistress will step in and everyone will be evacuated to safety.

5) Fights are held in good nature and sportsmanship is advised. Cheating will not be tolerated.

6) Be respectful and courteous. Have fun.

I will personally be witnessing all battles, as well as some of my staff, to ensure that these rules are followed. Finally, all fights must be held within the arena as an official match. I will not permit a foolish scuffle to happen on school grounds other than in an official match inside the arena. If I catch you in the middle of one involving magic, I will personally hunt you down."

Everyone shivered at her menacing aura. After a few seconds of silence, she smiled warmly again.

"If there are no more questions, then you are all dismissed. Your schedules will be given after dinner. Oh! I almost forgot. Up there," Luce said while pointing to a large wide-screen monitor on the wall of the cafeteria that faced the arena, "is the news board. It tells of the upcoming duels, new contracted pairs, and any other news that needs to be told." With that, Luce turned to leave and the crowd parted to let her through. They began to disperse little by little.


Dinnertime rolled around fairly quickly. Students shuffled in, stomachs grumbling. The Arcobaleno had already claimed a round table near the glass walls of the front, casually eating their food.

"So I heard we're all rooming with each other," Fon stated.

Colonnello nodded. "Yup, I'm with Reborn, kora," he said around a mouthful.

Viper also replied. "I'm stuck with Skull."

"Ahh, we've been lumped together since primary school. I'm getting sick of it," Verde exclaimed as he stabbed his fork down.

"Doesn't look that way as you're still avidly gathering data about us," Reborn pointed out.

"It's for research. I want to prove I am the best out of all of us," Verde quipped.

"As if! I'm the best," bellowed Skull, puffing out his chest.

"Tch. You're not fooling anyone. We all know who the best is here, kora," Colonnello said.

"Yeah, me," they all said at once.

Reborn's eyes flashed. "Oh yeah? You all think you're better?"

"What about yourself? I'd bet my life that I'm better than you at combat skills, kora," Colonnello threw in.

"You'd be dead then," was Reborn's curt reply.

"Wanna go?" Colonnello ground out.

"Anytime," Reborn shot back.

"I'd trump both of you. My control over my mentality is the best out of everyone's. Your brains would waste away," Viper jeered.

"Martial arts will always be superior, Viper," Fon countered.

"Wrong, Fon, it is science that prevails. Science is the core of everything," Verde argued.

"I WOULD DESTROY ALL OF YOU!" The shout echoed off the walls and five pairs of eyes turned to Skull, as well as many others around them. Skeptical looks were thrown at him from around the table. "T-t-that's right! I'm the biggest daredevil here. I take the most risks, and they always pan out in my favor!"

Their bantering was cut short when a group of upperclassmen approached their table.

"Hey, freak! What's with the stupid, pathetic shouting?" one of them sneered. The others around him laughed. Skull shrunk in his chair. The other five narrowed their eyes at the newcomers. "You're the Arcobaleno, right? The hot topic that's flying around here." The guy took a minute to survey them. "You don't look so tough. You can't be all that good since you mostly look like losers to me."

"You bastard–" Viper hissed, standing up from his chair.

"Don't," Fon intervened. "It's not worth our time. Don't get dragged into their pace, Viper."

Glaring at Fon, they had a mental battle before Viper obeyed and sat back down in his chair.

"Oh, what's this? Goth kid's backing down? What a joke."

Fon could sense everyone's frustration around the table. It was reaching dangerous levels. He had to calm them down before hell broke loose. "Ignore them. They are but wind trying to move mountains."

However, Reborn paid no heed to his warnings. He leaned back in his chair and stretched his legs up onto the table. "Looks like you're pretty confident... Kensuke Mochida," Reborn said, fingering an ID card inside the open wallet in his hands.

The boy stared for a minute and then began patting his pockets. "Wha–! How did you–"

Reborn brought out the card and seemed to be observing it, twirling it around his fingers, until he threw it towards Mochida. The object whizzed past his cheek at lightning speed, grazing it and causing blood to spill out. It embedded itself into the marble of the pillar behind him. Mochida touched his face and brought his hand up to his eyes to see blood on his fingers. A smack to the face made him recoil a bit. A soft pat signaled something hitting the floor. Mochida then realized Reborn just threw his wallet in his face. Scrambling to pick it up, Mochida tried to redeem himself.

"What do you think you're doing, huh?" he asked threateningly.

"Simple," Reborn glowered and it made the group take a tentative step back. "I'm going to show you just how pitiful your half-assed confidence is."

"Hey, hey, Reborn, don't have all the fun, kora," Colonnello said, cracking his knuckles. "I've been meaning to do my regular sparring workout with you, but I guess I'll have to settle with these guys."

Fon sighed at their antics and Viper just smirked.

"H-hey," Mochida squeaked, "you're not gonna start a fight here of all places, right?"

Colonnello had a feral smile on his lips and he got up from his seat. However, he stopped when he heard Reborn.

"No," Reborn answered, catching everyone off guard. "We'll settle this in the Battle Arena. Sign up for Friday of next week. You'll see who the better man is after I win."

Mochida recovered from his slight fear and huffed. "As if, I'll have you and your Stefna kissing dirt after I'm through with you." Motioning for the others to follow, Mochida stalked off angrily.

People sitting nearby who had been listening in turned around quickly when Mochida left. They started to whisper fervently at the situation that just took place.

Colonnello slumped in his seat, sighing. "Aw, man, I really wanted to break his nose."

"Are you sure about this, Reborn?" Verde asked. "You haven't even made your contract. Seeing as how you just got here, and coupling that with your aloof personality, I doubt you even know any Stefna here."

"Doesn't matter." Reborn put his legs down and turned his chair inward towards the table.

"You've always been like this, Reborn. And you're too stubborn to back down, so I'll help you, kora." Colonnello grinned as he shot Reborn a look.

"I don't need your help, Colonnello. I'm not weak," Reborn said.

"We understand, Reborn, but seeing as how you can't even sign up for a date without registering your pair into the database first, I don't know how you're going to pull through this," Verde commented.

"We don't mean to disparage you, Reborn. We'll help because we want to help," Fon asserted.

"I'm charging you extra for this," Viper sniffed.

"It'll be good data." Verde's glasses gleamed as he pushed them up.

"I guess the kingly me will help out a commoner, such as yourself, as well," Skull said haughtily.

Reclining in his seat again, Reborn let his fedora shadow his eyes. "Do what you want," Reborn relented, a small smile in place.


"Excited?" Colonnello shot his head out from behind the magazine he was reading to grin at Reborn. They were back in their room with Colonnello stretched out on his bed and Reborn occupying the small table by the window.

Reborn looked up from his book and raised an eyebrow. "For what?"

Colonnello rose so that he was sitting on his bed cross-legged. He shut his magazine and put it aside. "For tomorrow!"

Reborn snorted at the comment. "I couldn't be more thrilled," he deadpanned.

Colonnello rolled his eyes and threw his magazine at Reborn who caught it without looking. Not missing a beat, Reborn shut his book and aimed it at his roommate's head, who dodged and let it hit the wall behind him.

"Just don't mess it up like you always do."

"I never mess up, kora."

The blond flopped back onto his bed and said he was going to sleep. Reborn sighed and got up to go over to his bed to do the same.


The two were up an hour before dawn. They were going through their morning workouts when Colonnello brought up an idea.

"Hey, I found a track field when I was looking around the place yesterday. Wanna race?"

"Are you sure you want to taste defeat so early in the day?" They both smirked as they felt the tension rise.

"The only thing I'm sure about is me kicking your ass, kora."

"Please, you can't even beat Lal, and she's light years behind me."

"I've gotten better, kora. You wouldn't even be able to touch the dust behind me because you're so slow, kora."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Always is."

They went outside to see Fon doing his morning routine in the middle of the courtyard. Fon paused in what he was doing to greet the two.

"Good morning," he chimed and he got up from his meditation stance.

"Morning," they both replied as Fon started warming up. They breezed past him and hurried to the track, eager to win the challenge. Fon stared after the two and sighed as he shook his head.

The track seemed to be specially made for the school as it stretched in an oval shape across many meters of land. It looked pristine and new with crisp white lines and shiny metal bleachers off to the side. As they started stretching, Reborn came up with the terms.

"It looks roughly a mile per lap, so first to twenty sound good?"

"Only twenty? Thirty."

"Your feeble muscles can handle that?"

"Shut up and get to the starting line, kora."

The race was finished in a flash with Reborn as the winner. Demanding a rematch, Colonnello suggested they move on to weight lifting. After that it was swimming, then shooting, and finally sparring. Panting from all the exercise, they still stood tall, as if to one-up the other by showing whose endurance was better. Suddenly, the clock tower's bell chimed, telling the students around the area that it was eight in the morning. Class started in an hour.

Grumbling, Reborn and Colonnello took the elevator up to their dorm to change and get ready. When the doors opened, what they found was something neither were expecting. Swarms of girls and some guys were littered around the hallway leading up to their door. A girl spotted them and let out a shrill squeak. "It's them!"

"Ah! Reborn! I heard you're looking for a Stefna–"

"Shove off, he's mine!"

"I'm really strong, I'd so get us to rank #1–"

"I'm most compatible with you!"

"No, me! Pick me!"

They all started running down the hallway towards Reborn and Colonnello. Scowling, Reborn jabbed his finger on the close button of the elevator. The doors shut before anyone could reach them in time. Once they started descending, Colonnello burst out laughing.

"I can't... believe... this is," Colonnello squeezed out, switching between laughs and catching his breath. Reborn sent him a glare and punched him in the stomach, making him gasp for air even more. Colonnello doubled over, but kept letting out little chuckles every now and then.

Later, they broke into their dorm by climbing in through one of the windows. They changed, grabbed their books, and headed out through the same window. Reborn had an unmoving frown on his face the whole time, while Colonnello was all smiles.


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