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Chapter 1 - He Who Hesitates...

"I'm gonna kill you dragon," said Hiccup as he raised the knife.

The dragon continued to stare at him with a blank expression, even though it knew that its death would come in just a moment from the hands of this young and underdeveloped Viking.

"I'm gonna cut out your heart and take it to my father. I am a Viking..." Hiccup took a deep breath and exhaled, "I am a VIKING!" He exclaimed with as much force as he could.

To the Night Fury, it looked like the human was trying to convince himself rather than him. It wouldn't matter though...

Hiccup inhaled and raised his knife as he closed his eyes. Before he brought the knife down however, he spared one last look at the Night Fury... and gasped.

The dragon stared up at him with a glazed look its eyes, as if about to cry. It looked so fragile and helpless; one could have mistaken it for a kicked puppy. The dragon gave a low croon of distress as it laid down its head and closed its eyes, accepting its fate.

The self-proclaimed Viking hesitated as the knife in his hands shook, sweat rolling down his head despite the cold weather surrounding him. He grit his teeth together and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to muster up the courage to finally kill the dragon that terrified his village for years.

"Come on!" his inner voice said, "Killing this thing will finally put you in with the rest of the crowd. No more neglect, no more insult, and no more being the world's biggest screw-up in the history of Vikings. You can finally be ONE OF THEM!" He raised the knife...

"I can't do it." the boy sighed.

He let down the knife and looked at the dragon with pity.

"I did this..." he said as he turned to walk away. But his conscience would not let him simply walk away from the fact that this dragon would eventually die from starvation, or from the very unlikely possibility that some other Viking would come across this now-downed dragon.

He sighed once more.

The dragon's eyes snapped open as it heard the rough scraping of knife against rope. It felt the constricting force around it becoming loose to the point where it felt nonexistent.

As the boy cut the last rope, the dragon leapt up immediately to all fours and pushed Hiccup against the rock, the young Viking breathing in and out in short, hurried gasps.

The dragon assessed the boy's face closely with its eyes, the dark slits surrounded by the shiny green outline. Its glare pierced the boys own eyes, eyes that looked up at the dragon with no other emotion than that of fear.

The dragon continued to stare down at the boy with hatred, but after a few moments, its rage-filled countenance softened, the sharp slits becoming that of a round innocence, similar to that of a dog's.

Hiccup's fear eventually gave way to confusion as the dragon continued to do nothing, and looked at him with a face that his own father usually wore whenever Hiccup happened to be around causing trouble; that of one not knowing what to do with something... or someONE.

The dragon closed its eyes in frustration, as if not knowing what to do with this one human boy. It trembled in its own indecisiveness, the boy feeling the claws on his chest extending and contracting.

The dragon's eyes opened again, and Hiccup could have sworn the look on its face looked happy. This guess was even more strengthened by the fact that the dragon pulled its 'lips' back to reveal a healthy set of gums, almost as if it was smiling.

Hiccup eyes widened. He never expected that he would ever meet a dragon without seeing the incredibly sharp teeth they normally had. "Toothless?" he asked, "I've always expected that a dragon like you would have had..."


The dragon unsheathed its teeth a meter in front of his face. "Teeth." Hiccup's fear returned instantly and he began to breathe heavily again as the dragon slowly brought its head down near the crevice between his shoulder and neck.

Hiccup desperately tried to plead to the dragon as its sharp teeth surrounded his left shoulder.

"No! Wait! Please don't-!"

The dragon bit down hard on his neck and shoulder, and Hiccup let out a scream of horror and agony as he thrashed about, his legs kicking out from the under the dragon hitting nothing but air.

His arms pounded against the dragon forelegs in an attempt to get the Night Fury off his frame, but the young, muscle less Viking could not gather any strength even as he cried out for the gods! His father! Gobber! Anyone to help him!

Nevertheless, the dragon continued biting down, but did just that. It did not move, attempt to tear out the boys arm, or even try to stop the severe thrashing that the human was in the middle of.

Hiccups eyes began to tear up as the reality of his situation began to sink in. He was going to die, by the hands of the creature that he let go. He sobbed, thinking about his village, his father, his mother...

The dragons own eyes creased in sadness, knowing that the human probably thought that this would be his last day alive. In a way, the dragon thought, it was...

As Hiccup began to slow down in his screaming and thrashing, he realized that the dragon was just sitting there on the top of him. The teeth still burned in his shoulder, but it was no longer as severe as it was before.

Hiccups sobs dissolved away into confusion, his wet, bloodshot eyes looking down at his now blood-ridden shirt while the dragon remained still like the rock his head was currently pushed up against.

After several moments, the dragon finally let go of his shoulder, the boy let out a groan of pain as the now-free shoulder burned with pain. The dragon stepped off him and backed away a few paces before simply sitting back in its haunches and looking at him with a blank, wide-eyed expression.

Hiccup slowly got up, gritting his teeth as he slumped up against the rock while holding his stinging shoulder. He was confused as to why the dragon was now sitting and staring at him like was going to do some sort of trick.

The boy regarded the dragon carefully, and eventually decided that it was now safe for him to try and check his injuries without any further surprises from the dragon, who continued watching him, as immobile as the trees in the forest surrounding him.

As Hiccup proceeded to take off his shirt, he noticed that the pain in his shoulder appeared to have vanished, and instead felt raw and cold, even colder than the winter weather the island was currently in. He looked down at arm, and gasped as he saw that not only had the blood stopped flowing, but the area around the bite wound had become a grey color that began to become darker the more he looked at it.

"What did you do?" Hiccup asked, as he slowly backed away from the dragon.

The Night Fury, noticing the attempt to escape, got down on all fours and, in a few seconds, leapt around the boy and spread its wings, blocking the boy from going any further back to its village. It let out a grumble, gesturing its forearms towards Hiccups wound, and shaking its head.

Hiccup backed away from the dragon, tripping over the rock in the process. As he got up, he noticed that the grey area around his wound was now pitch-black, and felt very stiff, as if he was wearing a strong, sturdy piece of armor. Not only that, but the black skin began to spread down to his arm, his elbow, all the way up to his wrist.

Hiccup looked down at his arm in horror, the slow, steady breath of his chest began to rise and fall erratically as he began to hyperventilate. His gaze could not tear away from his arm, and he lost all feeling in his legs as he desperately began to rub and scratch off the black area on his arm with his right hand. The once thin and soft left arm had suddenly become thick and smooth as he realized that the black area around his shoulder was covered in scales. Scales like that of the creature in front of him...

A Night Fury.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Hiccup screamed, realizing why the dragon bit him. "I can't be a dragon! I don't want to be a dragon! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!" He shouted at the creature in front of him.

The Night Fury grumbled in apology, lowering its head in shame, hoping that the boy would understand that this was a gift from his species for sparing his life.

Unfortunately, all Hiccup could think about was the fact that his left hand was becoming encased in the black scales, the short fingernails becoming thicker, longer, sharper. The arm itself was becoming stubbier and gained muscle, even as Hiccup began to claw at it with his other hand.

Hiccup felt a tingling in his left ear, and instinctively used his now clawed hand to scratch at it. He felt a sharp sting of pain at the claws drew blood from the side of his head, but was even more distracted by the fact that his ear was longer, blacker, and that his other ear was beginning to tingle as well.

"CHANGE ME BACK!" he shouted. "I never asked to be a dragon! What are you gaining from this anyhow! I have a life! You can't take that from me! Change me ba-AAAUUUK!" Hiccup fell to his knees and hand and claw and began to cough violently as his vocal cords and his lungs began to rearrange. He clutched at his throat as the scales began to make their way around his neck.

The Night Fury creased his brow as he realized that the boy was transforming WAY too slowly. While he knew that this transformation was painless, it was preferable to get it over with so that the boy would not die from the conflicting organ differences in his body. He approached even as the boy's coughing descended into wheezing and screeching.

The dragon quickly took the boys other hand and bit down hard enough to draw blood. Hiccup, still recovering from the coughing fit, let out a high-pitched screech and immediately withdrew his hand toward his now black chest. He instinctively let out a growl of anger and pain before he shook his head and began to cry once again. Only instead of sobbing, his now dragonified lungs produced whimpers and slow, desperate wheezing.

Hiccup lifted his head toward the dragon and attempted to speak once more, "WRrrrRryyyYy RrrrrrRRRRRrrr OouuuoooOou GgoooOOOUUuuiiiIIINNNnnng THMMMMIiiiiiiiSSSSSsssssssss ?" He managed to say this despite the fact that his teeth were beginning to reform and retract uncontrollably into his gums.

His right hand however, was beginning to look like his left arm even as he tried to use the claws to scrape of the scales growing up on his skin. Eventually, both arms became the strong, durable, and heavily muscled forearms of a Night Fury.

Hiccup screeched. His voice was now long gone and his chest was hard and thick from the scales that continued spreading down to his legs. His head however, began to lose hair rapidly as the scales surrounded his face, the clumps of brown hair falling off and littering the grass floor of the forest. His lips became hard and smooth, and his nose began to extend from his face, at least a foot in length. After the process was over, the hybrid between human and Night Fury let out a pained roar of despair and misery for the loss of his humanity.

The Night Fury, having been circling Hiccup the whole time, began to nervously approach Hiccup from the side and used its claws to rip into Hiccup's back. Hiccup let out a whimper of pain as he curled up and continued crying, not even bothering to yell or beg the Night Fury to stop, considering that he no longer had a voice box anyway.

The gashes in Hiccup's back began to extend outwardly as they grew, becoming longer and wider as they grew out like a pair of limbs extending from a spider. The skin in between the finger-like appendages that extended from the back began to connect to one another to create a web of skin that was suitable for flying in harsh heavy winds. After the wings were done, Hiccup curled them in to make himself feel smaller despite the fact that he was now the size of the average Viking.

A tearing sound resounded through the Night Furies ears as a long and healthy tail grew out of the boy's spine above his rear end. The tail lengthened and grew out two flaps of skin on the tip of the tail that looked similar to the dragon's own and miraculously undamaged tail-wings. The tail waved around for a few seconds before curling in between the boys legs.

The boy's pants ripped and tore as the girth of the once-human began to gain mass and muscle, the boy's feet becoming shorter, the toenails became thicker and sharper, and the boy's lower half finally became the haunches of a Night Fury.

The Night Fury sat up and regarded the now human-turned-dragon. He seemed healthy enough despite the injuries required, but was still curled up in a ball, letting out heartbreaking whimpers and moans as his eyes let loose tears of loss and hopelessness.

The dragon sighed. He didn't mean to hurt the boy physically and psychologically, but after checking the boy's heart, he found that the boy was devoid of any genuine hate or malice towards him and any other dragons in general. He was a pure-hearted soul with a heart of gold, and longed for attention from people who had given him nothing but ridicule, neglect, and pain. Even his own father was not very supportive, to the point where he shot down the most feared of all dragons and the stupid humans STILL considered him an outcast.

The dragon felt bad for the boy, and figured the only way for him to show the boy his gratitude was to not only spare his life, but grant him the form of a Night Fury to represent his inner strength and purity.

The Night Fury slowly approached the miserable dragon and began to nuzzle him on his head, taking the time to get the torn articles of human clothing off the new dragon. He wouldn't need them anymore.

At the same time however, Hiccup slowly looked up at the Night Fury and crooned unhappily. His humanity was gone, he wanted it back, but he somehow knew that this Night Fury would not grant that request, even if he could voice it. He couldn't go back to the village, the Vikings would kill him in an instant, and he could no longer tell them anything because he could no longer speak.

"I don't think they would take kindly to a talking dragon either." said a male voice that was smooth and comforting.

Hiccup jumped to his feet... and immediately fell onto his arms. He looked around for the source of the voice as he backed away from the Night Fury.

"Don't be frightened." Said the voice, as the newly formed dragon looked all around the forest desperately.

Hiccup stiffened, and looked at where he now knew the voice came from; the Night Fury.

"It can talk!" he thought.

"I can." He heard.

Hiccup backed away into a tree as the dragon approached him.

"Stay away!" He cried. The dragon looked intently into his eyes, and Hiccup looked away in fear of what it was going to do to him.

"I will not harm you." the dragon replied. It sat back on its haunches as it again regarded Hiccup, even as the former human looked at it in disbelief.

"What do you mean? I shot you down..."

"And yet you let me go," the dragon said, "Why is that?"

Hiccup stared blankly, before letting out a sigh, shuffling his hand-turned-paws. "I can't kill a dragon."

The dragon's head tilted. "Can't or won't?"

Hiccup looked back up, his face furious. "Why is this so important to you! You didn't need to change me at all! You've taken away my family, friends, and my whole life! And the worst part is, I'm not even DEAD!" he growled and hissed at the Night Fury, even though it continued to watch him with a passive expression on its face.

"I've lost everything because of you! I mean, what more can you take away from me!" Hiccup screeched.

The dragon brought its claw up to Hiccup's forehead. "Your mind." It said unemotionally.

Hiccup's anger immediately dispelled and was replaced with fear. "WH-what?"

The dragon lowered its claw. "If I had gone all the way with your change, I would have erased all your memories of your time as a human, leaving you as a new, healthy, and instinct-driven Night Fury to continue my species."

Hiccup blanched, and crawled even further into the tree, making him seem even smaller than before. He whimpered, "Pl-please, don't-"

The Night Fury lowered its head and backed away. "I won't, nor will I ever do so to you, as long as I live, that I promise you."

Hiccup did a double-take and stared at the Night Fury, not knowing what to think so far. On one hand...err...paw he was glad this dragon was letting him keep his memories, but on the other paw he was confused about why the dragon did this to him and why it didn't seem to want to reset his mind.

The dragon sighed, "I changed you because you earned it Hiccup."

Hiccup nearly freaked out over the fact that his thing knew his name, but then remembered that this thing was reading his mind and could basically do whatever it wanted to him, so he wisely decided not to test its patience.

"You are a good being, Hiccup Haddock," the Night Fury said, "you have suffered from insult, neglect, and pain from your people all your life, even your own father."

Hiccup lowered in head as he remembered all the failures that happened to him that the village simply would not let him forget. The ear flaps on his head dropped down, clearly revealing his emotional state.

"And yet, you constantly try to earn respect by trying to create something new and helpful to your people." Hiccup looked up at the Night Fury again, this time with a tearful expression.

"So? What about it?" Hiccup asked in what he hoped was a neutral tone. Unfortunately, the dragon was able to tell that the human's 'voice' was beginning to break from the pent-up misery of his life. The dragon also noted that the former human's green eyes were changing to that of a typical Night Fury's, but decided to avoid mentioning it, as it wouldn't help with this situation.

"You finally had the chance to 'prove yourself', so to say..." the Night Fury said, "and yet, you let me go. So now, I ask you; after all you were taught, after all you have suffered, after all you have gone through to earn their respect..." the Night Fury approached Hiccup until their eyes were simply a foot away from one another, the former human's eyes now brimmed with tears while the dragon gazed into him with inquisitiveness and pity.

"Why would you let me go?"

Hiccup did not answer for several minutes, just staring down at his paws. The dragon let him sort his thoughts out while it patiently sat on its haunches.

"I couldn't kill you..." the new dragon replied, "because you looked as frightened as I was."

The Night Fury tilted its head in confusion.

Hiccup continued even as his voice began to crack, "I looked at you, and I saw myself." That was all the human could say before he slumped to the ground and slowly continued to cry, only it was not for the loss of his humanity, but for the years and years of failed attempts of fitting in with the people of Berk. He thought of constant teasing, bullying, neglect, and worst of all, the fact that the only person who genuinely cared for him all his life was his mother, who died when he was only 6 years old. Even the most-feared dragon in all of Berk was showing more compassion to him than anyone he had known in Berk, besides Gobber.

The Night Fury watched with a pitiful expression. He knew that this was a lot for the human to go through, especially considering the fact that the human was no longer able to be with his own kind. His transformation was irreversible, and he no longer had any place to go.

The former human cried way into the afternoon, and eventually fell asleep. The Night Fury spread his wings and flew out towards the nearest scent of water, found a lake within a cove, and proceeded to grab some fish for both himself and the newly-formed dragon.