Chapter 11: Plotting and Planning

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The new idea of using nets to fish was a brilliant concept. The male Night Fury was surprised that the dragons never thought of this before. However, since the next raiding party was in the next few days, they had to tell the other dragons about their change in plans.

His mate, once she woke up with the hatchling, was listening to Hiccup intently. Hiccup laid out his idea for her, while the hatchling squirmed in his mother's grip. The male Fury chuckled. His son was probably bored about of his mind.

The male Night Fury had been skeptical at first, due to the fact that Hiccup was asking them to use a human tool. However, Hiccup was firm in his suggestion, and after all, if something was good enough to capture dragons, then surely it could catch plenty of fish as well, right?

Plus, if they could make this work, there would be less starvation for the dragons and more food for the Viking village. Heck, this could probably end the need to raid the village entirely! Then, as Hiccup said, there would no longer be a reason to keep this 'war' going.

Hiccup finished telling the mother of his idea. The female contemplated what she had just heard, while the former human just looked on in anticipation. The male Night Fury reached out his mind to Hiccup's... And shook his head after hearing the "Please say yes!" phrase in Hiccup's head WAY too many times.

The female smile and nodded, then addressed her son, who was half-asleep from all the boring 'parent talk.' She used her gummy teeth to pick him up by his chest, startling the hatchling awake. Hiccup stared in confusion as she proceeded to lay the hatchling on his paws.

"Will you watch my son for a second?" The female asked.

Hiccup nodded, still confused about what she wanted to do. The hatchling meanwhile, was currently hopping up Hiccup's back until he was resting on the human's head. The baby giggled, since he enjoyed playing with his new friend.

The female then went to talk to her mate, who was also confused. Hiccup, meanwhile, left the cave to watch the hatchling play with the other baby dragons. The two adults probably needed some time together anyways. After all, it's not every day a good idea comes along and helps solve a major problem.

He headed out the cave entrance and disappeared. Both Furies waited a moment to make sure he was gone before the female spoke up.

"Well, I'll admit that human is smarter than what we give him credit for." Stated the female. Her mate nodded in agreement.

"He's probably the only human here who hasn't needed to be mind-wiped completely." Added the male Night Fury. "I'm glad I reconsidered my original decision with him."

The female nuzzled her mate, crooning softly. "Do you think he misses his family on that island?" she asked sadly.

"Occasionally." replied the male. The female pulled back, looking at her mate in confusion. The male, seeing her bafflement, decided to elaborate.

"When he sleeps, I look into his dreams." He explained. "The only member of his family I ever see him with is his mother."

"But what about his father? Didn't he have any friends? The female asked. "Doesn't he dream about them to?"

"Oh, his 'father' and 'friends' appear as well." Her mate said with a sarcastic tone, putting heavy emphasis on the words. "They're in his nightmares."

The female's eyes widened in surprise She pulled back and regarded her mate curiously.

The male sighed. "Apparently, he was considered the social pariah of the human village. He's considerably smaller than any of the Vikings there, and from what I saw, he was considered more dangerous to the village than to dragons."

The female gaped at her mate, unable to believe her ears. This boy, with his incredulous kindness and intelligence, never had any real friends or family besides his mother? How horrible!

"And don't even get me started on the bullying he went through. I think he still had some bruises from his cousin before I transformed him." Her mate brought up, rolling his eyes in obvious disgust.

Her own eyes creased in anger. How dare they?! Even his own cousin, for Hel's sake! If she wasn't a mother, she would fly over to that island and set it aflame.

"You know," She said bitterly. "I think he had the most humanity compared to those monsters on that island."

The male regarded her for a minute before nodding.

"I agree." He responded. The couple just sat there angrily, this issue unable to completely leave their minds. Hiccup had proven to be such a brother to them, and that he had to suffer ridicule, bullying, and neglect for most of his life was completely unforgivable in their opinion.

But Hiccup had made it clear to them that he preferred not to look back on his past. While he was still a little sore at the village, (after all, the village didn't even bother to look for him the day he was transformed) he wasn't the vengeful sort of person.

Then, slowly but surely, both dragons turned to each other and smirked. They brought their muzzles to one another, giving a loving dragon kiss before pulling back.

"Well, I guess we should spread the news of Hiccup's idea to the rest of the nest, shouldn't we?" The female suggested, baring her sharp teeth in a grin.

The male grinned back, then closed his eyes and concentrated. Not too long after this, a small Terrible Terror flew into the cave, landing and bowing lowly towards the couple and awaiting orders.

"Spread the word. We head out tomorrow night to the human village." The male Night Fury commanded. The Terror was confused at the change of timing of the raid, but knew better than to question his superiors. He nodded obediently, turning around to do his job, but was startled when the female's tail plopped down in front of him.

"However, we want it to be known that human casualty is strictly forbidden during this raid, unless as a last resort." She added.

The Terror nodded and turned to head out, but was blocked this time by the male's tail.

"We also want you to send for one dragon of every type here, including yours, and have them meet specifically with us. We have a...special mission for them." The male said, shooting a smirk toward his mate, who returned it with a smirk of her own.

The Terror looked at up at the two, waiting to see if there was anything more they needed to tell him. The Furies watched him confusedly before motioning for him to go.

The Terror flew off... And proceeding to bump right into yet ANOTHER Night Fury. He gazed up at the dragon with an annoyed expression, before realizing that this was the transformed human (Who was looking down at the Terror in surprise.) He gave the human a quick nod of acknowledgment before finally heading out.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Said parents smiled at the call of their names. Hiccup had to squint as the baby walked onto his face, excited and jumpy like any other little kid.

"Can we play now?" The baby asked impatiently while Hiccup did all he could to resist shaking his head and throwing off the hatchling. It didn't help when a child was literally sitting on your face.

The two parents laughed.