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Every day is the same being the apprentice of Marcia Overstrand. First, at 7:30 my Magykal alarm clock wakes me up and the only way to stop it is to mutter a spell. Then, I have 10 minutes to change and get ready before I eat breakfast with Marcia. Usually I have jelly on toast and a glass of orange juice. I finish and start my chores at 8:00.

After I eat breakfast, I go to the pyramid library, and clean it. I check to make sure there are no Darke spells hiding in little nooks or crevices. This is a job I enjoy because sometimes I find a good book to read in my little free time. This chore takes about an hour because the library is very large.

Next, I report to Marcia's office for two hours of Magykal training. In the time allotted for this I usually learn spells and even some Darke curses to protect myself. Some of the spells I learn are quite enjoyable, yet some aren't (like Jelly Legs). We finish at 11:00.

Next, for an hour, I run errands for Marcia. Usually, I have to go to Terry Tarsal's to get Marcia her newest pair of purple python shoes, because Spit Fyre thinks they're chicken strips and has taken an interest in eating them. But, I don't mind it; Terry Tarsal is nice and always gives me treats for Spit Fyre.

After all that, I have half an hour to eat lunch. I can eat at the wizard tower, but I always go to Wizard Sandwiches or Ma Custard's instead. My favorite at Wizards Sandwiches is the Edifice, which I hear Jenna has taken a liking to. My favorite at Ma Custard's is the steak and cheese pie. It's so tasty!

Then, at 12:30, I have one hour to do whatever I please. Sometimes I read a new book I find, or search for hidden passages in the wizard tower. But, most of the time I just visit Jenna or Beetle. When I visit Beetle, we always drink our favorite, FizzFroot.

After the best part of my day it's time to head back to the wizard tower. My next chore takes two whole hours! I have to clean up after Spit Fyre. It's not a pretty sight, or smell for that matter. At least I get to take him for a ride for a half-hour, and that part doesn't feel like a chore. I love the feeling of the wind rippling through my hair.

Next, at 3:30, I have more Magkyal lessons. I like the lessons in the afternoon, because when it's nice out, I get to do it outside. In the winter me and Marcia sit by the fire and drink hot cocoa during this time. My Magykal lessons go on for one and a half hours.

At 6:00, it's time for dinner! My favorite is roast beef on rye. I get an hour to eat. Marcia is always complaining about my table manners. They don't teach you manners in the young army. After dinner I'm free to do whatever I want until 10:00, when I have to go to bed.

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