Author: Nitrowugs

Rating: G

Pairings: B/A implied

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Written: 07/06/2012

Summary: A poem from Buffy's perspective. Companion to 'End Of Darkness', A Poem From Angel's Perspective.


A burning candle is all I see

Lighting the way for you and me

As we each travel our way alone

I pray that we can get back home

To the one we love so dear

Ever far yet ever near

In our hearts we'll always be

Always together you and me

None of my friends can understand

Why no other man can win my hand

Or why my heart is never on the line

I cannot give what is not mine

They wonder why I sometimes stare

At empty space when nothing's there

Or why at times I seem so blue

It's because my soul cries out for you

I'd walk alone this earth world wide

Than have another by my side

I'll endure the sadness, endure the pain

Until you're in my life again

I hope you are happy wherever you are

And as I wish on this bright star

I pray it's the candle that I see

That will guide you safely home to me