Princess Luna and Princess Celestia stood side by side as sun lowered and the moon came up. Princess Luna bit her lip as the noise in Canterlot died down.

Ironic she thought It has been a thousand years, and yet the ponies never change.

Princess Luna turned to her sister. "Go rest now sister. As always, I will guard the night," she smiled "And I know you are tired,"

Princess Celestia smiled weakly and walked to her chambers. Luna was right. She was tired. But it was a good day. Scouts in the Outer Regions discovered a diamond mine still rich in gems, a flood had been successfully averted in Las Pegasus, Seaddle found two renegade Changelings, Canterlot was making a fast recovery from the Changeling invasion, and Princess Cadence with Zecora's help convinced a dignitary from the desert regions to form an alliance with Equestria.

Equestria was entering a period of prosperity and harmony because of the rediscovery of the Elements.

As happy as Celestia was for her people, the work was draining. Much of her life essence was used to keep Equestria safe. And since Luna was banished, she had to use more and more of it. Even though Luna returned, Luna's life essence would be permanently weakened to the state of a regular pony. Using Luna's life essence would be fatal.

And it was all a secret to the rest of Equestria.

Celestia painfully remembered the bitter argument she and her sister had long ago. The argument contributed to Luna's corruption. And now, just remembering the bitter words they exchanged was painful.

Celestia put it out of her head as she arrived in her bed chambers. She used her unicorn magic to lock the door and collapsed on her bed. She had more pressing matters to think about than the past.

During the the Changeling invasion, Discord's stone statue was destroyed. When Celestia came upon it, the head vanished and the body was missing several limbs.

"But it's gone now. And Discord can never come back. The Elements of Harmony are not corrupted like they were before," Luna had reasoned.

"I-I guess you're right. Twilight and the others are young, innocent mares," Celestia said, still unconvinced.

Celestia tried to push the poisonous thoughts away while she slept, unsuccessfully. And as Celestia slept uncomfortably, a sinister laugh haunted her dreams, waiting and watching for the right moment to pounce.

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