Sonic the Hedgehog: Fallen from Grace.

Written by Chi-Cop1.

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-This story is mine, based off of my following of Sonic since 1991. Hardcore fan all 23 years ba…. DAMMIT, I'm getting old!

-I am also on DeviantArt. "CHICAGO-PD-STARS"

-The setting for this story is in the SatAM / Archie Comics universe. It picks up about 6 1/2 years later from Sonic the Hedgehog issue #241 and Sonic Universe issue #44. So obviously everyone is six years older and things have changed a bit based on my envisioned events filling those years. The places, timelines, dates, and birthdays in this universe are generated from information in the Archie Sonic Encyclopedia and Sonic wiki online. You can see and verify them yourself if you are curious.

ALERT: I do not count the post Ken Penders lawsuit character removals, or the Genisis Wave reboot!

NOTE: For the sake of this story, please just pretend that all characters always had at least some sort of clothing on; even though some don't in the comics, TV shows, or games. I have no interest in getting wrapped up into the clothing controversy that has plastered itself all over DeviantArt and elsewhere. And yes, I failed on that myself with this story's commissioned front cover on DA, and the icon picture you see here on FF. It was two years ago, so I didn't know it would become an issue when I started this.

-Now with over 30,000 other Sonic stories on Fanfictiondotnet alone, I have no way of knowing if parts of my story have already been told in similar ways unless I read them all; which I will not. Please know that if that does happen, it is completely unintentional. Also if my story has inspired you to write your own similar story, please credit me instead of just plain plagiarizing my creativity. Thank you.

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Mobius Badlands.

Year 3244, Day 167.

As dusk hit the rolling desert slopes of the eastern badlands, all was quiet except for the high pitched "whooshing" sounds caused by three streaks of kicked up dust moving south at a high rate of speed.

Jet the Hawk lead the pack as usual with Storm the Albatross in trail to his right, and Wave the Swallow to his left. All were on their Extreme Gear hoverboards with afterburners blaring loudly.

"Easy money", Jet thought as the dim glow of the Casino Night Zone came into view. "There it is!"

Wave rolled her eyes and sighed "Casino Night, are you kidding me" she thought as the first buildings started coming into view off the horizon. "And…what are we doing here again?"

Jet didn't answer and instead rocketed forward and headed into town. Upon reaching the central Casino Night Club, he slowed to a stop and hopped off his board. The other two did the same.

"So..uh, I go in there, I beat up someone, and we make lots of money" Storm asked as he picked up his board.

"(Sigh) that's right, Storm; but shut your mouth about it until we get inside the arena."

"Wait, what?" Wave ran ahead and stopped in front of Jet. "What are we doing here, Jet?"

"Oh Wave, just relax already! I promise I'll explain inside, now let's go, we're expected" Jet then walked around her and headed inside with Storm following.

Wave groaned with annoyance and she followed after Storm. As soon as they the approached the main entrance the doors slid open automatically and they were hit with a breeze of clean smelling air-conditioned air. The main atrium was fairly expansive and sounds off hundreds of slot machines could heard in coming from down the main hallway. In the center of the atrium was a circular booth with two Echidna's in security uniforms.

"Welcome to Casino Night Club, Mobius's largest gambling establishment, how can we help you" one of the Guard's asked.

"Were here to have a good time and…" He pulled out a slip of paper he had tucked in his left glove, "play the …Dust Up table" he said with uncertainty.

"Hmm, I see. Well first you all have to check in those Hoverboards; Casino Policy. And it'll be one hundred fifty Mobian's each for entry."

Wave rolled her eyes, "Great plan, Jet. Not only do we have to hand over our Boards, we're immediately in the hole a few hundred bucks."

Jet smiled, "Not for long."

They all handed over their boards, followed the directions given by the guard and headed in. The Casino area itself was packed with every kind of Gambling game imaginable. They were all spread around eight floor levels that were accessible by the many elevators throughout the building.

As they continued further in, Wave noticed that there weren't too many people in the casino "There's hardly anyone here, how does a place like this stay in business?"

"You'll see" Jet said as they rounded a corner and walked down a long hall to a set of Restrooms. Jet walked up to the first door on the left of the Women's restroom that had a sign saying "Janitor's Closet" and knocked 4 times. Reading from his slip of paper, "Three, to get busy, one bleeding knuckles in the pack, two to enjoy the show."

Suddenly the door opened and out popped the head of an Alligator in black athletic clothing. "Come in, quickly" he said, to which they complied. After the door closed he asked "Which one of you is fighting?"

Jet slapped Storm on the back, "My boy, Storm, right here, he's ready to kick some ass."

The Alligator looked Storm up and down. "Hmph, should make for an interesting bout if he can hold up. Alright big guy, follow me; you two head down the hall, take the stairs to right, go down 3 levels, and head to the left; that will take you to the Arena." Then he walked off with Storm in tow.

Wave looked around the room. It had nothing but empty brick walls and the Casino employee's desk with a computer on it. Behind that was a long dark hallway. "Nice so-called Janitor's closet." She leaned against the left wall and glared at Jet, "So let me get this straight, you dragged us halfway across the continent to come the Casino Night Club and enrolled Storm in a Black-Market fight?!"

Jet Nodded.

"How much does he get if he wins?"

Jet gave a cocky smile "His odds are 5 to 1."

"Wha..urrah..are you kidding me? No reward, just betting? How much did you put down?"

"Thirty Grand."

"WHAT? That means you put my money in there too! You didn't even ask me?!"

Jet rolled his eyes "Oh come on, Wave! Storm is a beast, he'll take the competition and we'll be up one hundred fifty grand. That's FIFTY each!" He held his hand out to her. "Come on; let's go watch Storm win us big."

Wave sighed and reluctantly took his hand as they both walked down to the arena. As soon as they arrived they were hit by the smell of cigarettes and loud cheers from hundreds of people. Wave looked around, most off the crowd consisted of formerly Legionized Mobians and Overlanders; their cybernetic limbs reflecting sharply in the dim light. The underground arena itself was circular in shape and had dozens of rows of seats. In the center was a round sand pit that currently had two fighters in the middle of a brawl.

Jet pulled Wave to a pair of open seats 3 rows back from the front. "This is perfect; we can see the action up close, while still avoiding the blood splatter."

Wave looked at him curiously, "Blood splatter?" But at that moment the crowd started roaring. Wave looked at the fighters in the ring. An brown Armadillo had grabbed a hold of a yellow squirrel and was crushing the air out of him. The squirrel tried to fight back but was unable to break the hold. Moments later, blood started coming out of his mouth. "Geez, he's killing him!"

"Yeah, they do have death matches here once in a while. I doubt this is one of them though" Jet said as the Armadillo let the squirrel fall unconscious to the ground.

"TEN, NINE, EIGHT…" the crowd and the announcer counted till they hit zero.

"AND YOUR WINNER, BAAAAAARRRRRRYYYYY THE ARMADILLO" came the announcer over the speaker system. The Armadillo started flexing his muscles and making poses for the crowd.

"Heh, good. I was hoping that we wouldn't have to wait long till Storm's bout. Hey you, I'll take a regular beer" Jet shouted to the female Casino server walking through the aisles.

Wave stared at the squirrel on the ground, and internally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him start to cough. Moments later, two men in black outfits came and carried the squirrel out with a stretcher. Suddenly the lights over the pit went dark and the arena lights went bright. People started to get up and move around, most heading to the restrooms. An overhead screen display had a countdown till the next match, seven minutes and change left to go.

"Want a beer, Wave" Jet asked as the server poured his drink.

"I'm good." Wave said as she watched a small crew of people in black clothing clean and rake out the sand pit. Once they were done a figure appeared standing near the pit's entryway, but it was too dark for her to make him or her out. Suddenly all the lights went dim again.


Jet spit out his beer, "WHAT?"

A chorus of boos with a select few cheers sounded. In the ring, the two tailed fox slowly walked out from the entryway and began taping up his hands, completely disregarding the crowd.

Now that he was in the light, Wave looked over her former Grand Prix rival. She hadn't seen him in over three years and it showed. He grew at least 5 inches and his body was more muscularly toned. His face on the other hand reeked of a different person. His features were rough, his fur was un-groomed, and he appeared to have dried blood marks on his lips and forehead. There was also a noticeable partial cast on his right tail. "Probably from his previous fights" she thought.

"Oooh ho ho! This is too perfect! We're gonna win it big, and get to watch that snot get the piss beat out of him" Jet said joyfully.

Wave was a bit disturbed by Jet's comment. Tails was always a pain in the ass, having repeatedly besting her in the numerous races they competed in; which included the Grand Prix Championship he won four years ago. However, he was also smart, technically savvy, and strangely enough, always very kind to her. He repeatedly complimented her racing and mechanical skills despite her always returning insults.

He even tried to kindly shake her hand when she took second to him in the Championship; to which she just walked away, cursing him as she went. It was her highest finish in the Grand Prix standings up to that point, but she only lost first place by a half a second. She was so damn close, and the Fox denied her the win. So seeing him getting knocked around and maybe losing a race or two? Sure, that would make her feel better. Beating him to a bloody pulp on the other hand, just didn't feel right at all. She wondered if she would be able to handle watching it happen and debated whether she should just leave and wait outside for them.


A large chorus of cheering and clapping followed as Storm stumbled out into the ring and began flexing for the crowd.

"STOP SHOWING OFF, STORM! Just get to it and beat his ass" Jet yelled.

"I wouldn't be too confident if I were you" came the voice of the male Overlander behind them.

"And why is that" Jet replied, annoyed by the comment.

"That Fox has won his last five matches, pretty convincingly too. I lost a huge bet to him last week."

Jet gave him an unconvinced look. "Our Storm will easily crush him; he has twice the muscle."

"Heh, so did the last guy I bet on. Good luck."

Jet shrugged it off only to see Wave glaring at him in his peripheral. "He'll be fine, Wave!"

"(Sigh) I guess we'll see wont we" she said, propping her elbow up and resting her head in her hand. Moments later, the bell sounded and the match began.


Miles finished taping his hands and threw the tape roll off to the side just as the bell rang.

"Long time no see, kid. You look tough now, but you're still no match for me. I'd stay down after the first hit. I don't want to have to really hurt you" Storm said to Miles as he hit his knuckles together.

Miles didn't reply and took a fighting stance.

"Have it your way then!" Storm charged him.

Miles waited, then at the right moment he dove through Storm's legs and landed in the sand; causing the big Albatross to stumble forward. Then just as quickly, Miles shot back up and threw a sidekick to Storm's back; sending the large Albatross to the sand.

"Ahhhhk" Storm sounded as he hit the ground face first. As he tried to quickly recover, he took a sudden shot to the right side as Miles kicked him. Then the Fox jumped onto his back and put him in a choke hold. "Ghhhhk….let..ghh …gooo!" The Fox's grip was considerably strong and he was unable to pry him off, so he chose the option that would make it briefly worse for his neck and released his right arm from fighting to free it. Then he snapped it back up and connected a closed fist punch to the exposed side of the Fox's face.

Miles cursed himself for not keeping his head in tighter as he flew off and hit the ground. He could feel his face throbbing with every heartbeat. His still healing lip started to bleed yet again, pissing him off even more.

Storm coughed a bit and turned to see his foe spit out some blood and return to a fighting stance. "Nice try, kid, but now it's time to….."

Miles spit some of blood out of his mouth and then charged his opponent. Seeing the surprise on his foes face, he knew he had to hit him hard now. First was a running straight punch to Storms beak. Storm swung retaliation punch, but Miles easily evaded it. Then he went to town with three more jab shots to his face.

Storm backed away and covered his face as the Fox kept hitting him, moving his shots to wherever he wasn't blocking. DAMN! I'm completely defensive!

Once Storm hit the wall of the ring Miles went to the right, jumped on the wall going left, and in one fast motion grabbed Storm's head and kicked off. This sent Storm face first into the ground with all of the Fox's weight behind it. Miles then rolled over and grappled Storm's neck again, this time completely securing the choke hold on his neck.

"CRAP!" Storm fought up to his feet and in a panic started throwing awkward swinging hits to the top of Miles's head and shoulders. Still, the strong Fox refused to release his grasp and he was nearing the point of blackout. As a last ditch effort, he awkwardly ran forward and threw himself back first into the wall, having Miles take the brunt of the impact.

Miles was pretty sure he felt something crack as he slammed against the wall, but kept his grip locked as hard as he could. He forced the Albatross over onto his chest again and choked him with all his might. After a few more gurgling gasps, he felt the Albatross go limp. Moments later he pulled the bird up in the hold as he went to a stand. Then he released his hold and Storm fell motionless to the sand.

"TEN, NINE, EIGHT…" the crowd started counting.

Miles backed away a few steps and took a knee, trying to catch his breath.




A chorus of cheers and boos sounded as Miles slowly stood up. He spit out some more blood and then quickly stumbled out of the ring into the entryway. Moments later the Casino crew came out and retrieved Storm via a stretcher.


Jet sat in shock, mouth gaped open. "How the… how?!"

Wave glared at him with looks to kill. She stood up and went close to his ear, "You owe me fifteen grand" she said, then stormed off to the exit. "I'll be outside!"

Jet sat there and watched as they carried Storm out of the ring. He balled his fist up, slapped his drink away and stormed off to the exit.


Elsewhere in the Casino

1/2 hour later.

Miles groaned in pain as the doctor felt along his ribs.

"Yep, there we are. You got an eleventh ventral rib fracture. You'll have to take a few weeks off, before you fight again."

"Just tape it up, Doc" Miles said wincing in pain.

"Whatever you say" the male Overlander doctor replied as he began to tape the injured section.

Suddenly the door to the office opened and in came none other than the Casino owner himself, Mammoth Mogul. "Well, well, how is the "Chosen One" feeling after his sixth straight victory?"

Miles ignored him and groaned as the doctor finished taping his side.

"He needs time off, he has a bad rib fracture" came the doctor as he took his gloves.

Miles pushed himself up to a sitting position and hopped off the table. "Put me in next week's bout, I'll be ready."

The doctor went wide eyed. "No, he's not ready, he needs at least…"

"ENOUGH, it's done! See you next week, "Chosen One" Mogul said amusingly as he held out a wad of cash.

Miles glared at Mogul as he swiped the cash from his hand and began to count the money.

"Fifty Grand, it's all there" Mogul said.

Miles shot Mogul another glare, finished counting, and then shoved the money in his shorts pocket. Suddenly blood started to trickle down from his lip again.

"Can you at least let me stitch up your lip, please" the doctor pleaded.

Miles ignored him and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut as he went.

Mogul shot a disappointed look at his Physician.

The doctor glared back, "If he takes a hard hit in that same spot, that rib is going into his lung. He'll die in the pit before we can get to him."

"I understand your concerns, Doctor, but you heard him. He wants to fight, and I won't deny him that."

"Even if it kills him?"

"Doctor!" Mogul put his hands on the Overlander's shoulders, "I know you have a good heart and that's why I wanted you on my staff, but sometimes you have to accept what is, even if it isn't rational. For whatever the reason, the Fox wants to die. His mind is made up and neither of us are going to change that. Give him what he needs and let him go." Mogul then turned and started to walk out. "Now go take care of the Albatross."

"You would let that child kill himself!"

Mogul stopped, "He's Eighteen now. He's not a child anymore, and he chooses to go out swinging; so let him." Then Mogul walked out.


Casino Night Club Parking Garage

Miles could feel the pain coming back full force. He quickly limped to his green two-seat Dune Buggy, unlocked it, and slowly climbed in. As soon as he sat back in the seat the pain shot through him like he had a knife in his side. Moaning in agony, he reached for the glove box and hastily pulled out a small plastic carton. He popped it open and pulled out one of the prefilled syringes. Uncapping the needle cover, he quickly slapped the underside of his wrist a few times till a vein started to show, then he stuck in the needle and injected the painkiller. Suddenly a wave of relief began to envelope the pain he felt, and soon after it was gone.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh, much better".

After a few minutes, he collected himself and started the Buggy's engine. He then rocketed out the garage and headed west out into the desert, leaving a large dust streak in his wake.

Moments later, two fast moving dust streaks followed him in pursuit.

To be continued….

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