Sonic the Hedgehog: Fallen from Grace.

Chapter 11.

Written by Chi-Cop1.

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The United Federation.

Military Operations Airspace Sector B7R.

Year 3241, Day 181.

1423 hours

"DAMMIT to hell!" Miles thought as he once again was radar locked by Wardog 7. This training exercise was probably one of the most grueling air exercises he experienced in his life, but at the same time it was also one of the most thrilling. He had to kick himself; why the heck didn't he get a hold of one of these G.U.N. fighters earlier? The Overlander built GF-18C was amazing! It was incredibly fast, very agile, and had an excellent offensive standoff capability. This was good, because Miles had been pushing the plane very hard in this dogfight. He had never pulled a nine "G" turn before today, and nearly blacked out doing it; all trying to get Mobius 1 into the crosshairs of his gun sight.

He had been bogged down in a brutal turning fight stalemate with the G.U.N. ace for nearly ten minutes, but had failed to get an edge on him. To make matters worse, all three of his fellow Mobian trainee pilots had been confirmed shot down, which meant he was now alone tangoing with Mobius 1 and the other two remaining G.U.N. pilots. He had to figure out a way to even the odds.

Miles slammed the airbrakes and jammed the stick to the left and pulled taking the plane out of Wardog's radar lock. He was pulling at least seven G's in the turn when he saw a glint of metal in his right peripheral. It was Razgriz 6, and he wasn't in a good defensive position to evade an engagement. Miles immediately shifted his hard turn to the right and hit the throttle to afterburner to pursue the vulnerable target. The black GF-15 took evasive action, but was unable to escape the more agile GF-18's turn envelope. "I got you Razgriz!"

Suddenly the beeping tone warning of radar lock screamed again, and Miles cursed aloud in frustration as he once again was being locked by Wardog 7. He quickly thought about what to do. He didn't know where Mobius 1 was, and Wardog 7 was too far behind to sharp turn out of the lock, so he had to get creative to avoid being easy prey. He hit the air bake again, then shoved the stick forward and applied full bottom rudder. Then he pulled back hard on the stick while slamming top rudder.

The move sent the GF-18 into a spiraling back-flip spin, dramatically killing airspeed and sending the plane darting off to the left at a sharp angle. This forced Wardog to overshoot and blow by him. Miles then hit the throttle and regained control. He lined up on the grey colored GF-15's rear, got a heat signature lock, and fired computer simulated Aim-9 Sidewinder missile. A second later, the onboard computer confirmed the kill.

Miles had no time to waist celebrating his first kill, as the computer screamed "Bingo Fuel". He dumped the nose over and headed for the deck as he hit full throttle. Not surprisingly, the radar lock beeping alarm started going off again, and Miles could feel the GF-15 closing on him. He took the plane straight down, breaking the sound barrier as he went, and pulled up at the last minute to level the plane off 500 feet above the desert plains. Miles turned his head and saw that Razgriz 6 was the one on his tail, and was closing in. Miles hit the airbrake and buried the stick in his gut and shot straight up. Razgriz followed but the more powerful GF-15 had gained on him too quickly and suddenly they were nearly side by side in their rapidly decelerating climb. Miles knew the GF-15 would stall out first, and after a few moments, the bigger jet nosed forward and Miles dumped the nose and went in trail.

The now disadvantaged GF-15 countered by going max throttle and rocketed away. Miles also went max throttle and switched to a radar guided AIM 7 Sparrow medium range missile as he locked on with his radar. The much faster GF-15 was slipping away, and Miles maneuvered the GF-18 into position, got tone, and fired the simulated missile. At that exact moment, his computer screamed "RADAR LOCKED, MISSILE INCOMING" and Miles turned hard right and cut throttle to sharpen the turn.

It was to no avail, as the computer then screamed "Missile hit. You are eliminated". Miles leveled the plane off and reduced throttle. He looked around and saw Mobius 1 to his rear, elevated about 800 feet above. Miles was highly aggravated; he fought his ass off for almost fifteen minutes for nothing. To make it worse, the computer signaled that the Sparrow he fired was successfully evaded by Razgriz 6. "SON-OF-A-BITCH!" One kill was all he got for the day.

The radio cracked to life. "All units this is Sky-Eye, "Index" training exercise at this time. Return to base for de-briefing."

Miles keyed the Mic, "Firefox one, roger that." Miles flew the GF-18 up to three thousand feet A.G.L. and headed east. A few moments later, Mobius 1's blue and grey colored GF-15C pulled alongside him. Miles saw the Overlander in the cockpit signal him by hand gesture to switch to channel three. "Probably going to mock me or something" he thought.Miles changed the radio, "This is Firefox one, go ahead, Sir."

"Lieutenant, I have to compliment you, that was some of the best combat flying I have ever seen, and I've been doing this for eight years."

Miles was surprised by the high compliment. "Umm….thank you sir."

"I can tell already, you have a natural flying instinct and I'm sure your years of previous experience have forged that well. What we're going to have to iron out in this training is your aerial teamwork strategy. You're one mistake was taking your wingmen out of your engagement process and going solo. All flights in your wing have to be on the same page and communicate everything like a well oiled machine."

"Yes sir. I guess I'm just not used to having wingmen. I've almost always flown my planes solo when fighting Eggman."

Mobius 1 nodded, "That's why you're all here; we'll get you squared away. Go ahead and switch back to channel one."

Miles complied.

"All units, this is Mobius One; fall in formation on me and well head home together."

At that the other six planes joined the two and they flew back to base in a double "V" formation.


The United Federation

Central City

S.F.F. used abandoned warehouse

Year 3244 Day 170

0926 hours.

Silver sighed in frustration. "We lost all four?!"

The Overlander agent known as "Dragon" nodded. "Unfortunately, yes. We lost all four signals once they entered the badlands. They must have an active jammer out there somewhere."

Silver looked at Lyco, who shook her head.

"All that hard work for nothing" Lyco said in frustration.

"What about our new satellite, can we track them that way" Larry asked.

Dragon shook his head. "It's not in the right orbit. We've already adjusted one of ours to a new orbit, but it'll be another two hours before we can get eyes on over that section of the badlands."

"What about a reconnaissance drone or spy plane flyover" Lyco asked.

"It's too risky?"

Silver nodded "He's right, if anything like that is spotted, they'll know we're on to them and go even deeper into hiding their movements."

Breep Breep.

The beeping tone sounded through all their headsets, alerting of an incoming transmission. Silver keyed his mic, "This is Ace, go ahead?"

"Ace, this is Queen of Diamonds, we have a bit of a situation here, so we need you to report back to New Mobotropolis immediately" came Leeta through the radio.

This caught everyone by surprise and they all looked at each other worried.

Silver keyed the mic, "Umm…..ten four….what…..exactly is going on?"

"You'll be briefed in route. Right now just get to the hovercraft and head back. Joker and Queen of Hearts, you two will fall under Dragon's command until Ace returns. Keep after the objective."

The brown haired Overlander keyed his mic, "This is Dragon, ten four. Be advised, we'll be feeding you a live satellite feed from the badlands in two hours, we will need support on that."

"Ten four, Queen of Diamonds out."

Silver looked at the other three, "Ok, you heard her. I'll be back here as soon as I can." Then he started walking out, but stopped at the door and looked at the pink wolf, "Lyco….no more unnecessary risks. Is that clear?"

Lyco nodded.

Then Silver left.

Dragon stood up. "Okay, let's get over to Marcus Avenue, and see if Angelo's next business deal involves the Legion."

With that all three left the warehouse.


New Mobotropolis

Amy Rose's home.

At the same time.

Amy and Cream had both passed out in Amy's living room watching a late airing movie the night before. Amy was sleeping on the couch and Cream was laid back on the recliner. The window shades were down, so they both slept peacefully, undisturbed by the daylight sun outside.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

A banging started on the front door. "Uggghhhh. Go away" Amy mumbled, rolling over to face away from the direction of the door.

BANG, BANG, BANG, "Military Police! Ms. Rose, open the door please" a voice said through the door.

"Ugh….Cream…can you get that?"

"(Groan) Really? This is your house, you get it." Cream mumbled out, now half awake.

"(GROAN)" Amy slowly rolled off the couch and stumbled to the front door. She looked through the peephole and saw two Army Military Police soldiers in uniform standing outside. "What the heck?" She opened the door, "Umm…yes?"

The Elk MP on the right spoke up, "Ms Rose, you're needed immediately at Tommy Turtle hospital; Kings order's. We were sent here to bring you."

Amy woke up pretty fast upon hearing that. "Umm, what is this about?"

The Armadillo on the left spoke up, "You are a friend of Princess Blaze the Cat, right?"

Upon hearing that, Cream shot up from the recliner and stumbled next to Amy.

Amy's eyes went wide, "Umm, y…yes, I am….I mean we both are. What's going on? Is Blaze here? Is she hurt?"

"Ma'am, you just need to come with us to the hospital" the Elk ordered.

"Okay, okay, just give us a second."

Amy and Cream both ran to the bedroom and quickly changed out of their conservative night clothing into casual daily dresses and shoes. Then they hurried out and drove off with the MP's to the hospital.


Southern Mobotropolis Plains

At the same time

The southern Plains outside the city had descended into mild chaos as many of Blaze's people began scrambling all over, fearful about the intentions of the Mobian military forces that had corralled them into an area next to the city wall perimeter. General Amadeus Prower had just arrived with over a hundred additional military and emergency service personnel to assist the ones already on the scene to try to calm things down. Amadeus felt badly for Blaze's people. Of the roughly 3000 survivors, over 2000 of them needed some kind of medical attention for either injuries, or borderline starvation levels of malnutrition. Amadeus worked with his men to prioritize the most critical to get medivac'd first; while simultaneously looking for his son amongst the crowd.

Amadeus noticed a young male cat in the arms of a woman feline having a prominent ribcage showing, indicating starvation. "Medic! Get this boy to "TT" on the next airlift!"

The Labrador Soldier behind him said "Yes Sir" then ran to the boy and his mother.

Amadeus was getting frustrated; Miles was nowhere to be found. However, his search was limited, due to the constant pleas of the people he passed begging for his help. Finally he noticed his wife Rosemary running to him with fellow councilwoman Isabella Mongoose in tow.

"Did you find him" Rosemary asked as she approached.

Amadeus shook his head, "Not yet." He keyed the mic on his wristwatch, "Nicole, do you read me?"

"Loud and clear, General" the A.I.'s voiced sounded through the watch's speaker.

"Go through your visual sensor logs, see if you can track any sign of my son's movement and where he might be at the present time."

"Will do, standby."

Amadeus looked at Rosemary and saw the worry in her features. "He's okay, I spoke to the Soldier that saw him earlier; he was in his Chaos Emerald "Turbo" form."

Rosemary nodded, "I was told he left us a written report?"

"Yes, the Sergeant of the Guard already turned it in, so the king has it. I'll go get it once we get this mess out here under control."

"Well your son must still be out here somewhere, right" came Isabella. "I mean, why would he leave?"

Rosemary turned to the Mongoose, "Isabella, would you mind checking with the troops on the east side of the perimeter for me? Maybe he went there."

"Of course, I'll be back in a minute." With that, the Mongoose turned and ran to the east.

Rosemary turned back to Amadeus with a look, "What are we going to do?"

Amadeus looked at Rosemary with regretful aggravation. They had managed to keep their son's disappearance under wraps from those not close to him or the family thus far, but this "event" would clearly bring what happened out of the box for all to see. With their high profiles in the Royal government, it would turn this already difficult situation into a full blown public fiasco. Then his watch started beeping. He pressed the button.

"General Sir, I reviewed the security data. I captured video of your Son departing in a Warp Ring with Fiona Fox less than five minutes after he arrived. There is nothing to indicate that he returned, or is anywhere close to the city at this time" Nicole said through the speaker.

Rosemary's head dropped in disappointment.

Amadeus was furious, but held it in. "Thank you Nicole. Please pull that data and send it to my personal computer. I want to examine it later."

"Yes sir."

"Amadeus out." He went close to Rosemary and pulled her to him.

"Why is he doing this to us" Rosemary muttered out softly.

"I'm not sure, but I promise you, I'm going to find out."

At that moment a teenage female Koala approached the trio, "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear, are you two Tails's real parents?"

The General was cautious, not knowing the Koala's intentions, but Rosemary eager nodded in reply and said "Yes, do you know him?"

The Koala then lunged out and wrapped Rosemary in tight hug, "(Crying) Thank you. Your son saved us all. (Sob) My father would have been killed if it wasn't for him."

Rosemary was startled at first by the act, but after hearing her words she awkwardly returned the embrace and let the Koala female cry on her shoulder. She shot a concerned look at her Husband.

Amadeus sighed "I better go and get a look at that report."


The Western Badlands

Sunset Medical Clinic

1205 hours

"Mmmhmm,Unnnnnnn" Wave moaned as she let the Fox lick his way down her breasts to her panties. As he did so, she ran her hands through his head fur, gently squeezing and tugging on his ears. The Fox then slid her undergarment down some and started exploring her clit with his tongue, which brought another moan from her.

"Unnngh, yes Tails. Do it like that" she pleaded out. As the heat of her arousal continued to increase, the sudden pain of a headache kept growing ever worse.

Tails then lifted his head up and looked at her in horror, "Wave, your head is bleeding?!"

She reached up and rubbed her forehead and looked to see a large amount of blood and some feathers on her hand. She looked back at Tails only to see that is wasn't him, but Jet.

"I told you being with the Fox would get you hurt" Jet said with an angry look.

"Arrgh, ouuuch!" Wave awoke from the rather erotic dream to an intense headache like no other. She took a moment to recollect, then looked around and saw that she was in a rather shabby looking medical bay with the walls consisting of pulled curtains. She recognized where she was at right away. The Sunset clinic was a rag-tag hospital for outlaws in the middle of the badlands. She and the Rogues had frequented them a few times over the years for treatment of injuries. The staff usually consisted of medical school rejects or doctors who lost their licenses for some reason or another. They took cash only and care quality was governed by the amount of pay they received up front.

Wave sat up from the bed which made her headache hurt worse, but she toughed through it and rubbed at the bandages on her head. She then noticed her clothing was gone in place of a hospital patient gown.

Suddenly the curtain to the right opened up and in came a female Overlander doctor. "Hello again, Wave."

Wave knew the doctor from her last visit here. "Hey, Doctor Fay, long time, no see."

The doctor approached Wave, pulled out a light and shinned it into her eyes, "How's your head feeling?"

"Like it was hit with a hammer" Wave replied trying not close her eyes from the bright light.

"Well, I would suspect a rock, but a hit to the head is a hit to the head. The good news is you're going to be okay. No fractures, just a few bruises, minor burns, and a mild concussion." She then tossed a bottle of pills onto the bed. "800 milligrams Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. Take it easy for a week, and you'll be good to go." At that, the doctor turned and left, closing the curtain.

Wave sighed; this was so typical of the doctors here; effective, yet cold and uncaring. Nonetheless, this meant she was free to go. She saw that all her personal clothing was neatly folded and laying on the chair next to the bed. She slowly stood up from the bed and started by putting on her pendant necklace. A pile of thoughts were going through her head as she dropped the gown for her clothes. She remembered Storm flying her and Jet out of the Mystic Ruins before everything went black. "Is Jet still alive? What happened to Tails and the others? What does she do now? Where does she go?"All questions she fully intended to get answered.

When finished, she grabbed the bottle of painkiller off the bed, walked out of the bay and headed to the waiting room. Once there, she saw Storm by himself, racked out sleeping on a chair in the right corner. Seeing a water fountain to the left she went there and downed a pill of painkiller with some water before walking up to Storm. "Hey, wake up?"

"Hhhhuh? Oh….!" Storm was surprised and jumped up to a clumsy stand. "Wave…..thank goodness you're okay!"

"(Sigh) Yeah, I'm fine. What about Jet?"

"Ugh, I don't know yet. He went into surgery hours ago."

Wave nodded then sat down in the chair next to where Storm was sleeping a moment earlier. "Storm, do you know what happened to Tails?"

"Uh….no. He was nowhere to be found when I came to."

Wave leaned her head back, looking up at the ceiling, hoping the painkiller would take effect soon. "Storm, why did you leave him and the others behind?"

Storm sat down on the chair to her left, "Well, I wouldn't have, but the Boss was….I couldn't risk waiting too long to get him here. I thought he was gonna die."

Wave wanted to argue that a minute difference wouldn't have mattered, but figured it was pointless now. Tails was either still alive, or dead. Regardless of which, there was nothing she could do at this point.

They sat there together in silence for a few minutes, before Storm spoke up. "Umm…Wave?"


"Are you gonna leave us again?"

Wave was still staring up at the ceiling, "More than likely."

Storm looked down, disappointed with her answer.

Wave saw this, and sighed. "Storm, it's no secret that you and I have butted heads a lot over the years, but I'm not mad at you at all, okay? (Sigh) I'm leaving not just because Jet is an asshole, but because I'm not happy living with you two anymore. I want more in my life than this "outlaw" lifestyle, and I opened myself to Jet hoping he would want the same; but he doesn't, and nothing has changed."

Storm nodded.

She put her left hand on his right shoulder, "We had fun, Storm. Just remember that, okay."

Storm nodded.

She leaned her head back again, "But an F.Y.I. you do still suck."

He turned to look at her, and saw the razzing smile on her beak. He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm gonna miss you."

"Don't worry, Storm. Jet will find another mechanic for you to complain to soon enough."

Storm smiled, "So where are you going to go to, back to the Fox?"

She frowned, "Tails was dying the time last I saw him. So unless Fiona and Blaze somehow got him out of there in time, he's probably dead." She paused with a sad look on her face. "So….I don't know yet. I'll find somewhere to go. It's a big world."

"You liked the "Shorty" guy, didn't you?"

She smiled a bit, "Heh…well…he really surprised me…..and he was also very kind. It was nice to know someone like him." Suddenly her face fell into sadness. "And now I'm going to have find his body, and then go to Mobotropolis to tell Sonic and his family how he died."

Storm could see how upset she became, but was concerned with the consequences of her intentions, "But if you do that, they'll arrest you on sight."

Wave kept looking forward and made an exhaling gesture, "Probably, but "he" saved my life, so…(sigh)…..whatever!" She stood up and walked to the drinking fountain to have more water.

Another fifteen minutes passed, then in walked a male Dingo doctor, pushing Jet into the room on a wheelchair. He looked absolutely terrible. He was still in a hospital gown, had bandages on his face and arms, and dried blood was stained on some of the lips of his lower beak.

Wave and Storm both got up and went over to them.

"Boss?" Storm said.

Jet was barely conscious and still doped up from the surgery. He looked around incoherently as red drool dripped from his beaked mouth.

"Okay, he is ready to go now" said the Dingo.

"Oh yeah, sure he is; fucking shitty mercenary hospital! What he really needs is to stay in intensive care for weeks to recover, but of course you assholes would charge a million bucks for that." Wave thought angrily. "What exactly is his condition at this point" Wave asked in a terse tone.

The Doctor pulled out a clipboard. "Okay; he has a concussion, his left eye socket was fractured in three places, and he has a broken jaw. We set the fractured socket bone fragments in place with pins, and wired his jaw shut. I made regiment listed here he has to follow in his recovery. Obviously he'll have to ingest only liquid food supplements while he heals, so be sure to pick up what I listed for him. He'll have be like this for at least two months, then once the bones heal, he'll have to come back to get the wire and pins taken out." The Dingo then handed Wave a packet of papers and a bag of pill bottles. "He's lucky, had that ground not been soft mud…Well anyway, follow all the directions I gave you, but immediately bring him back here or to another hospital if he shows any signs of an infection. The symptoms list is on the back."

Wave nodded and looked the papers.

The Dingo turned and left as Storm took a hold of the wheelchair. "It's okay, Boss. We're going home now."

The trio then left the hospital. Storm pushed Jet as Wave followed them out to the hover pod that was parked in a spot outside. Once they got to it, Storm clicked a remote control button and the Pod's metal canopy and door slid open. They both eased Jet off the wheelchair and into a seat and strapped him in.

Wave sat down next to him as Storm shoved the wheelchair toward the hospital doors, took the controls and activated the Pod. Moments later they were off flying through the air back to the Mystic Ruins


New Mobotropolis

Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital

1235 hours

Blaze could feel him undressing her. She begged for him to stop, but no words came out of her mouth. She stood there motionless and helpless, unable to resist him. The green Hedgehog started grabbing at her buttocks, his fondling showing no hesitation in its cruelty and lack of respect for her. Then she felt his hand reach around to her crotch. "No, stop it. Please stop" she screamed in her mind. Then it happened, a sharp pain. He was violating her. She then nova flamed in her mind, but still, she could do nothing. "STOP IT!"


Blaze awoke screaming aloud. Throwing a flame burst at the wall on her right as she thrashed around wildly on the bed, nearly tearing out the I.V. catheter in her right arm. "STOP IT! I WON'T LET YOU VIOLATE ME!" The movements sent searing pain from her now casted broken limbs, which made her scream louder.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed both her arms, pushing her down to the bed, "Blaze, calm down; your safe now" a familiar voice yelled.

Blaze looked around in panic-ridden fear, struggling to take in her surroundings and breathing rapidly.

"Blaze, it's me Amy. Stop moving around, you're going to hurt yourself!"

After a few more moments of struggling, she finally took the words in and saw the pink Hedgehog trying to hold her down. Blaze closed her eyes and took in several deep breaths before finally relaxing. Then she opened her eyes again to see her old friend staring at her with concern. "Amy?"

Amy let go of her arms "Yes Blaze, it's me" she said with a smile. "It's okay now, you're in the hospital. They had had to operate on your broken leg and arm. Do you remember?"

Blaze took a moment to look around, and saw the two casts, as well as bandages over the injuries she received from Scourge. It took a minute, but she finally regained her bearings and remembered what had happened, all the horrible things done to her and her people. Suddenly Amy's hand gently touched the side of her face.


Blaze looked at the Hedgehog, her caring concern clearly visible in her expression. "Amy?"

"Yes Blaze, it's me. You're on Mobius, my world."

Blaze leaned up on the bed, "How many of my people made it?"

Amy was afraid to answer the question, but felt she had to. "Well I don't know the details, but from what I've heard, there's about three thousand total."

Blaze looked at her with shock. It didn't occur to her earlier when they gathered everyone up for the escape of how few were actually left. She fell back down on the bed as tears fell from her eyes, "My kingdom alone had over eight hundred thousand."

Amy took Blaze's un-casted left hand, "Blaze…"

"There dead…..I failed them all."

Amy had only very sparse information about what had happened to her, so she had no idea if what Blaze just said was true or not. Nevertheless, she comforted her friend as beast as she could. "It wasn't your fault."

Blaze never cried, at least not since she was a child. She quickly tried to recompose herself but failed and collapsed into grief. "Father, I'm so sorry, I failed you" she said aloud.

Amy heard what she said and intern gently pulled Blaze to her and into a hug, "I'm sorry Blaze."

Blaze hugged her back with one arm tightly and cried loudly.


Cream sat patiently in the waiting room, standing by to hear from the doctors about Marine. The Raccoon's broken arm had to be surgically set back into place, and thus had been in the operating area for over an hour. Cream wondered how the heck the Raccoon was able to carry on almost like normal when she first arrived, despite the injury. She was truly one tough woman. The only thing that bothered the rabbit was Marine's quietness. Although she hugged her and carried on physically like she always known her to, in the few minutes they had before the doctor took her in, she didn't say one word. Definitely not like the Marine she always knew.

Cream looked around and saw a room full of people from the Sol world, waiting on word about their loved ones who were also in surgery or care. Royal soldiers stood guard at the doorway, keeping an eye on the newcomers. This whole thing frustrated Cream. No one seemed to know what the story was. How did Blaze and these people get here and what happened to them in the first place? She was tempted to ask the people around her, but the sadness and worry plastered on their faces killed that quickly. Whatever happened, it was obviously traumatic. Blaze herself was very badly injured and upstairs with Amy. She eagerly wanted to get up there to see her too.

Finally a doctor came in, and went to the Koala couple on Cream's left.

"I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do him. The infection has spread to his brain."

The couple broke down and cried in each other's arms. The doctor then escorted them back into the room they kept their loved one in.

Cream felt terrible. She then looked to her right a saw a lone Moose shaking his head in disgust. "Do you know what happened?"

"Yeah, their son got rabies. He's dying."

"Rabies? But I thought that was easily treatable?"

The Moose gave her a hard stare, "You're friends with the Queen, right?"

"Umm, if you mean Blaze, then yes."

"I thought I recognized you, you've grown a lot since your last visit" he said with a minimal smile. "Anyway, yeah, it's treatable; but not when you're starved and beaten with no medical care available. Rabies is fatal if untreated."

Cream jaw dropped, "Look, I'm sorry, but….what happened to you all exactly? No one has told us yet."

The Moose had a distant stare, "Hell, is what happened."

Cream was nervous by his look and didn't ask anymore of him. She went back to waiting patiently. Several more minutes passed before Dr. Quack came in and waved for Cream. She walked over to him by the receptionist desk, "What's the word, Doctor?"

"Well your friend is lucky she's here. We set her broken arm successfully, but she has a bad infection in her mouth. She's going to have to remain here for a while so we can monitor her progress with the Gentamicin antibiotic treatment."

"A mouth infection; is that why she couldn't talk earlier?"

The doctor looked at her sadly, "You didn't know, did you?"

"Know what?"

He waved for her to follow him, which she did. Once they were out of the waiting area and inside the hallway of the patient rooms, he stopped her. "Cream, her tongue was violently cut out. She'll never speak verbally again."

Cream was horrified, "Oh my God, what monster could something like that?"

"The same monster's who starved and tortured all these people" he said darkly. "She's in room 224 down that hall" he said pointing. "She'll have to stay here, because if that infection spreads, we may have to remove her lower jaw to save her life."

The thought of that made Cream feel sick. "Poor Marine." Cream nodded and walked the rest of the way there by herself. When she got to the room's doorway she saw her friend laying there with her right arm suspended in a thick cast. There were two IV's hooked up to her, one in her left leg, the other in her left arm. There also appeared to be some kind of ointment smeared all around her lips and cheeks. She pulled up a chair and sat down next to the bed on her left, "Marine?"

Marine's eyes cracked open a little. Clearly she was still very groggy from the surgery. She turned slightly and managed to crack a small smile.

Cream smiled back. "Hey, you're going to make it. Although the doctors say you have to stay here for a little while as they treat you."

Marine slightly nodded, then tried to mouth out "What about Blaze."

Cream tried to interpret her, "Are you asking about Blaze?"

Marine nodded suddenly looking very sleepy.

"She's upstairs with Amy. I'll go check on her soon."

Marine pointed to herself with her left hand, then gave a "thumbs up," then pointed at Cream, then pointed to the ceiling.

"Okay, I'll go check on her now. I'll be back soon, okay?"

Marine started making a snoring noise, having passed out.

Cream grabbed and squeezed Marine's hand a little, then left to go upstairs.


Amy sat and listened to Blaze for nearly a half hour; trying to contain her anger as Blaze explained everything that happened since the last time they saw her four years earlier.

"…So then he ordered me to pursue the bounty hunters to guarantee Fiona's recovery."

Amy shook her head, "Grrr! Fiona's so damn useless! Anyway, so then what?"

"They traced her warp ring to a building, where Tails and those three Birds..…You know, the ones we fought years ago for my Sol emerald….they were fighting together to protect her. When I arrived, they had already…."

Amy suddenly jumped up from her chair, "Wait! You saw Tails?!"

Blaze was bit surprised by her reaction. "Umm…yes. I was forced to fight him, and it was he who later would defeat Scourge and rescue us."

Amy jerked her head around like she was looking for something in a panic, then saw a phone on the wall. She grabbed it and dialed "0".

Nicole's voice answered, "Hospital Operator?"

"Nicole, get a message to Sonic. Tell him Blaze is here, and that she saw Tails. Please hurry!"

Nicole answered, "We are already attempting to reach him in Downunda, so far with no success."

"(Sigh) Okay, but please keep trying."

"I will."

"Thanks Nicole." Then she hung up the phone. She turned to see Blaze staring at her curiously. "Umm….sorry. It's just that Tails has been missing for several months, and we've been desperately trying to find him."

Blaze looked surprised. "I wouldn't have known that by his actions, but I guess now it makes some sense. It puzzled me that he was with those….three troublesome Bird's."

"You mean, the Babylon Rogues?"

"Yes, those three" Blaze said, now remembering their group name.

Amy looked down, trying to hide her aggravation. As if things weren't bad enough, now she finds out that Tails is hanging out with thieves. But she soon softened as she remembered that Blaze just a moment ago said that it was he who rescued them all.

Cream came to the doorway and knocked, "Hey, can an old friend come in?"

"Cream!" Blaze said, smiling ear to ear. She wrapped the rabbit in a one-armed hug when she approached. Then released and looked her over. "My…you have grown much since we last met."

Cream deflected the compliment by shaking her head a bit, "Yeah yeah, I get that a lot now. It's good to see you again, Blaze." After Blaze nodded, she said "I just came from Marine's room. She's okay, but needs to be treated for an infection in her mouth.

Blaze became sad again. "Damn that Coyote!"

Cream and Amy looked at her curiously.

"The Coyote with the eye scar, he cut her tongue out because Marine verbally fought and argued with him all the time."

Amy was stunned and clenched her fists, "What?! Patch did that?!"

It was then some screaming and loud crashing noises came from down the hall.

Amy dashed to the doorway, "Cream, stay with Blaze." Then she turned to see a Sloth nurse flee out from a room at the end of the right side of the hall.

A mere second later, a middle-aged male Boxer emerged from the room in a hospital gown with a pair of bloody scissors in his hand. He saw Amy and turned to her. "You're all trying to kill us, aren't you?"

Amy held her hand up. "Calm down, you're in a hospital, we're here to help you."

"LIARS! YOU WANT TO KILL US ALL! ARRRGH" the Dog roared as he charged Amy.

Amy had almost no reaction time to move and was slashed across her right shoulder by his downward strike. She fell onto her back and tried to back away by pushing with her feet to get some spacing. She could hear Cream in the room screaming for the Dog to stop.

Just then the Boxer was struck by a flame burst that shot out from the room, slamming him to the wall. He slapped at his burnt fur and looked over to see Queen Blaze leaning over to hold out her flaming right hand at him from the bed. "YOU!? YOU ARE THE ONE WHO BETRAYED US! AAAAAAARGH!" the Dog charged into the room with the scissors ready to stab the Cat. Suddenly he was lifted off the ground into the air, and then thrown through the air back into the hallway wall so hard that he was embedded into the drywall. The Boxer then fell to the ground unconscious, sending the scissors sliding on the floor away from him.

Amy held her bleeding shoulder and looked behind to see Silver standing there, lowering his hand. Two MP's were behind him, and they looked on with amazement at what just happened.

Silver walked to Amy and helped her up with his telekinesis. "Are you okay?"

Amy was shocked to see him there and looked him over. He was dressed in a black long sleeve shirt, tan pants and brown military style boots. She brought her right hand back to her shoulder and felt the blood soaking her glove. "I…I think so."

Silver removed her hand and looked the wound over, "No, you're going to need stitches. "Sergeant! Get her downstairs to the ER."

"The Anteater MP came up from behind and led the shocked pink Hedgehog away.

Finally Amy snapped out of it, "Wait, there was a nurse hurt….."

Silver stopped her, "Relax, we already got her. Go Amy, get taken care of. I'll wait here with your friends."

The MP led her away.

Then from the opposite side of the hall came two security guards and three medical technicians. They combined to lift the unconscious Boxer off the ground and drag him away. The second MP picked the Scissors up off the floor and followed after them.

Silver turned and walked into the room. He saw that both the Cat and the Rabbit were rather shocked by what just happened. He turned to the Rabbit, "You're Cream, right?"

The teenage Rabbit nodded.

"Why don't you go after Amy, make sure she allows the doctor to stitch her wound up. I'll stay here and watch your friend."

Cream looked at Blaze, who nodded in approval. "Okay, I'll be right back." Then she left the room.

Silver used his power to bring a chair over to him and sat next to Blaze. "Are you okay?"

"Ummm, physically yes."

Silver nodded, "That was a good shot, but you should have hit him with a more powerful flame burst."

Blaze shook her head with a very sad expression. "I know him. His name is Banner. He (sniff)…he worked at a restaurant I once frequented on my world." Then she started to cry.

Silver nodded, then used his power to bring a box of Kleenex from the room's table to him, then pulled out a sheet and held it out to her.

Blaze saw the gesture and accepted it, dabbing her eyes with the cloth.

Silver sighed, "I know this is an extremely difficult time for you and your surviving people."

"(Sniff) We lost everything."

"Well, at least you still have each other; and now us."

Blaze looked at him curiously.

He held his hand out to her, "My name is Silver."

She hesitated, then shook his hand. "Blaze. I was the Queen of the Sol world."

"Pleasure to meet you, your Highness. I'm here on behalf of King Elias Acorn and the Royal Council. They are the leaders of this nation state you're in right now on the planet Mobius."

Blaze nodded.

"As we speak, they are in a special session going over plans to quickly find homes and refuge for your people."

Blaze looked at him surprised, "You mean, you'll welcome us to stay her on your land?"

"Of course. They are a good people, and Sonic has told the Council all about his encounters and adventures on your world. They went over the report left by Miles Prower about what transpired on Moebius. Helping your people find new homes is the least we can do after what you all went through."

Blaze nodded, "Thank you."

Silver smiled, then used his power to throw her saturated Kleenex sheet into the nearby garbage can.

"You're a telekinetic" Blaze asked.

"I am. And like you, I'm also a stranger to this ti…..I mean world. I know what it's like to be surrounded by strangers in a strange land. But I can tell you from my own experience that you can trust these people. They have been great to me, and I promise that they're going to help you all as much as they can." He turned to look at the damaged to the wall he made, "Even the ones who may not trust them at first."

Blaze took a breath, "Yes, this transition will be extremely difficult for most of them."

"Clearly, which is why they are asking you to take lead and represent your people. You're their leader and most of them clearly look up to you. We know this from the massive amount of inquiries we keep getting from them about your condition."

"That's, good to know. I'll do what I must for them."

Silver smiled. "I'll inform them of that."

Blaze liked his warm smile, "Thank you, Mr. Silver."

"Heh heh, Just call me Silver. Well…with that said, if it's okay, I was wondering if I could go over some of the details about happened with you."

Blaze smile faded, "(Sigh) if we must. I suppose it's best to get these painful details out of the way early, right?"

Silver nodded. "I know it's difficult, but once we're done, I'll make sure others won't ask the same questions of you over again. I promise" he said with a wink and smile.

Blaze smiled a little. "Thank you for that."

Silver then pulled out a small electronic pad, looked down at the notes and typed on it with his fingers, "So…..mind if I start with…ummm…..Tails…if that's okay?

Blaze nodded rather approvingly. "Absolutely! He's the reason we're here. He saved us all."

Silver smiled, "Cool. So let's start at the beginning of his involvement. When, where, and how exactly did you first encounter him after the Scourge "nightmare" began?"



1303 hours

"Surrender Hedgehog! You're surrounded!"

Sonic gave them a confident smile, "Dark Legion. Really? What hole did you guys crawl out of? I thought you all would have retired from this terror and conquest stuff after 'Buttnick bit the dust?"

One of the cybernetic Echidna's stepped forward, "On the ground, Hedgehog."

Sonic made mocking smile, then instantly burst to a high speed run, dragging Guru with him as they went to the left.

The Echidna's fired away with their laser pistols, but missed the fast Hedgehog. "Dammit! Get him" the leader yelled.

Sonic took Guru past several houses and dropped him off behind one, then zoomed back to the fray. He dove into a spindash and plowed into the first Echidna. Then bounced airborne and combo'd three others like pinball bumpers; each one flying to the ground from the hits. Sonic chuckled and rolled out to a stand by the spot he first found Guru.

There were three Legioneers left, they all pointed there lasers at him. The leader said "Kill him!" They all fired. Suddenly Sonic disappeared and hey hit nothing. "What the.."


Sonic did a running punch and clobbered the leader taking him out. The other two lost sight of him immediately due to his speed and the smoke fog. They started firing all directions randomly. One of them even radioed for air support.

Sonic zipped back around again and did another double hit spindash attack, taking the last two down. He stood triumphant over them. "Heh heh heh, I still got it" he said to himself

About 20 feet away, a legionized Goat targeted Sonic's silhouette with his laser rifle's scope. "You got dead, that's what, Hedgehog." Suddenly his scope was smashed back into his eye by something, and then he was pistol whipped to the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

Bunnie grabbed the laser rifle and looked over at Sonic, who looked at her surprised. "Got ya covered, sexa man of mine."

Sonic smiled, only to then be thrown to the ground by an explosion behind him. He turned and saw nothing from that direction, but then saw some kind of saucer shaped hovercraft approaching from above. He saw the light of its charging laser canon getting ready to fire again. He stood there, made a whistle with his right hand, then looked up and waved to the pilot of the craft.

The pilot was nervous about the Hedgehogs confidence, but locked on and readied to fire.


Dulcy came from above and dropped straight down onto the hovercraft, taking it to the growd hard.

Sonic stood there the whole time and threw a thankful salute to Dulcy with a smile.

Dulcy threw one right back at him, then tore off the cockpit glass and growled at the pilot.

The Legioneer pilot panicked in terror, "Ahhhhhhh, OH NOO! AAHHH! AAAAAAAAHH!"

Sonic was joined by Bunnie as they walked to the pod. Dulcy was trying hard to stay serious, but was forced to smoother her laughter at the cowardice of the pilot, who was still screaming in horror.

"Heh, ok, ok, enough already" Sonic said as he grabbed and dragged the pilot out of the cockpit to the ground.

"Uhhh…Sonic…is everything safe now" Guru yelled out from the smoky backdrop.

"Yeah dude, its fine. Head on back, and we'll sort this mess out." Sonic started tapping the head of the pilot with his hand, "Hey, stop freaking out, dumbass! If she wanted to eat you, she'd have done it by now, right Dulce?"

Dulcy made a disgusted face, "Bleach! Eat a person, especially one who's been Legionized, who do you think I am?"

Bunnie laughed, then went in front of the Echidna pilot, "Hey nah, enough crying. Just tell us where yall took tha people that lived here?"

" no no! If I talk, she'll kill me! You don't understand, we have to obey her!"

Guru joined them and went next to Sonic, "He's seems really freaked out, Man?"

Sonic rubbed his chin, "Mmmmhmm. Well, we'll just have to take them into custody and figure out where they took everyone. Guru, how long has it been since they left with the others?"

The Emu responded, "About two hours. I've been running around like a fool trying to find someone, but had no luck. I wonder why they didn't take me too. They obviously could have."

"I suspect they used you as bait for any potential stragglers they missed. I bet they were following you around the whole time. Isn't that right" Sonic directed to the Pilot, but got no response from him.

All of the sudden the group heard a muffled voice pleading some feet away. It was the Echidna leader. He was prone on the ground muttering words to himself.

Bunnie saw him and ran over, "Heya! Who ya talken to?" She grabbed him and flipped him over.

"No, Grandmaster, no please! We just need back-up! WE JUST NEED BACK UP! NOOOO…..ugh….."

Suddenly the Echidna started convulsing, which made Bunnie back off a few steps. "What is hap…"


The Leader's head exploded into a bloody mess. Suddenly they heard similar "POW" noises from the others still laid out.

"Oh…no" the pilot said with dread. Then his head exploded on the right side, sending bloody gore shrapnel onto Sonic's body and Guru's face.

"Ahhhh, my eye! AHHH!" Guru dropped to the ground and yelled out in pain as he clamped both hands on his left eye.

Sonic went over to help him, and realized that he himself was covered in bloody gore. He looked over at Bunnie with shock on his face.

Dulcy gasped at the horrific sight. "My God….what the heck just happened?"


The Mystic Ruins

1317 hours

"Damn…it" Wave said aloud as they approached their zeppelin, which was still on autopilot orbiting what was once was Tails workshop. Wave looked over the smoking debris pile, and she was consumed by sadness. "He didn't make it." She stood up and went next to Storm at the controls. "Mind doing a quick pass?"

Storm nodded and brought the pod down to the workshop and circled the property slowly.

Wave looked and noticed a few construction robots where cutting sections of the once metal walls into small parts and loading them onto another robot that had a flatbed section on its back. "Heh, Shorty even recycles after he blows shit it up. That is so him." The robots appeared to have already cleaned up the wreckage of the Tornado Five, as it was no longer lying wrecked on the runway. After a full circle, nothing but the runway was left intact. It wasn't until the second pass she noticed what appeared to be two freshly dug grave sites. They were side by side just several feet in front of where the front entrance used to be.

"Wave, do you see the graves" Storm asked.

"Yeah" she said quietly.

"Do you want to check out who's they are?"

Wave didn't say anything, but visibly shook her head.

Storm got the hint and pulled up. A minute later they were landing on the zeppelin.

Wave undid the buckled straps off Jet, who was now asleep. "Storm, bring your board, lets carry him on it so we don't risk hurting him."

Storm complied and they carefully eased the Hawk onto the Type S. Wave lifted from the front by his feet and Storm took the rear by his head. They went in and straight to his room. Once there, they carefully eased him onto the bed on his back. Wave then covered him in the blanket and then they both left the room.

"Should I watch him" Storm asked.

"Just keep checking on him every half hour. You better get up to the bridge controls and head far from here before G.U.N. comes after us." Wave said walking away.

Storm was about to say more, but didn't seeing the way she looked as she walked down the hall. He turned and headed for the bridge.


Wave walked to her "former" room, went inside, locked the door, and plopped down on the bed. She felt horrible about this whole thing. Tails was dead, Jet was a mess, God only knows what happened to Fiona and the others, and she lost ALL of her belongings in the workshop's destruction. She stared up at the ceiling and thought about what to do. She remembered Tails ordering his computer to email pre-recorded messages to people. They were probably his last will and testament. So there was probably no point in going to New Mobotropolis to tell his family what happened.

She sighed loudly. Minus five grand for her hospital cost, she got her money back, so could go anywhere and start over. At the same time, she could just stay here. "Maybe this the whole thing with change Jet for better. Maybe he'll finally grow up and be the man I wanted him to be." She knew that wouldn't happen though. In fact she expected to get a huge earful in type form as soon as he came to. Wave looked around her room and thought about other options. Her clothes were dirty, and she really needed to take a shower. She leaned up and was about to head for the restroom when she noticed that her duffle bag full of stuff was leaning against the back wall.

"What the hell!" She shot up and ran over to it. After opening it up, she her laptop and tools neatly placed on top of her now properly folded clothes. There was a folded piece of paper taped to an external hard drive of some kind on top of the laptop. She eager grabbed the paper and opened it up. It was a letter,

Hey Wave,

It's Miles (Tails). I'm alive and okay. So are Fiona and Blaze. We stopped Scourge and were able to rescue a lot of innocent people in the process. I'm sure the news broadcasts from the United Federation will be talking about it soon if you want more details. Anyway, I blew up my workshop because I can't and don't want to be found. I'm sorry if I scared you into thinking your stuff was gone (which I told you to take out! Duh!). Well, it's all here, I even folded the clothes for you….and no, I did nothing perverted to your underwear! So no worries! Anywho, I hope you and the other two are okay. Thank you again for all your help. You three saved our asses by coming after me like that. Be sure to tell Jet and Storm I said that.

Wave, I really liked seeing this "new" you in our short time together. I hope you find yourself happy in your new life. The external hard drive I left behind has some interesting information that I have a feeling you'll enjoy looking through. Have fun.

Good luck and thank you again.

-Miles Prower

After reading the letter, a sense of joy came to her. "He's alive!" But her feelings soon shifted to aggravation. "Wait, that prick thought I was more worried about my stuff than his life? I'm going to kick his stupid ass!" She tossed the letter back into the bag and grabbed the hard drive and her laptop. She turned the laptop on and after a few minutes of start-up, she connected the hard drive and started looking through its contents. It soon hit her what it was filled with. "Oh….my….God." The drive was loaded with information on their Babylon ancestors, ancient sites, archeological digs, even studies of Babylon Garden itself. There were tons details and pictures mixed in. "He had to have done some of this research himself. There's no way he could have gathered all this unless he was involved somehow."

Wave managed to unglue herself from the laptop to think for a moment. Somehow Tails was alive, and he didn't want to be found. She thought about how to go about looking for him. After a few minutes of thought, she settled on a course of action and left the room.


Mobotropolis Municipal Airport.

1520 hours.

The small airliner taxied to the designated spot, and several club cars pulled up along with the flight of stairs. A few moments after the stairs were in place, the door opened and out came Mina Mongoose and her band; the "New Era Rebels" formerly known as the "Forget Me Knots."

Mina had stepped down the stairs and looked around, surprised not to see her mother standing by waiting for her. "Huh" that's odd?" She didn't dwell on though, and worked with her band to unload all their equipment into the club cars. Then they all hopped on and were driven to the terminal exit.

Ash sat next to Mina and held her close, "Hey, where's your mom at? She never misses your arrivals home, especially after our biggest concert event ever?"

"Oh, I'm sure she's bogged down with the council on something political."

"Oh…well…(seductive voice) I guess that means we can have an hour or two alone once we get to your place?"

She kissed him, "Always wanting to disrobe me at every opportunity."


"Not complaining."

He chuckled and kissed her again.

They pulled into the terminal and with help of airport staff, brought all their equipment out to waiting wheeled vehicles.

Mina noticed a pair of airport Ambulances parked just down from their limo's and saw what looked like a group meeting between the EMT's and some military personnel. She found that peculiar and decided to walk over to them. Once she got closer, she overheard the Army officer giving the EMTs a brief.

"… least 1000 ambulatory patients. Tommy turtle is overloaded, so we're setting up a field hospital just outside the southern perimeter. That's where you all will go. Do what you can, but don't force anything, these people are suffering from post-traumatic stress."

All the medical personnel nodded then climbed into the Ambulances.

Mina walked up to the Army officer and asked "Hello, what's going on here?"

The Raccoon turned and recognized her. "Oh! Hi… Ms. Mongoose. Umm, we have a few thousand refugees outside of town needing medical care. The King asked us to round up any available medical persons we have to help out."

Mina was shocked. "Refugees?! From where?"

"I'm not sure, but it's a mess at the moment."

"Can we help out, somehow?"

He nodded, "Any volunteers would be helpful."

Ash walked up from behind, "What's going on, honey?"

"Get everyone together; we got a crisis to deal with."


Secret HQ

Located underground in New Mobotropolis.

1640 hours.

"Well this is an interesting twist" Harvey Who said, looking at the picture Charles retrieved from Shard's memory core.

Charles looked angry and didn't say a word.

Leeta sat at the control console and looked at them worried. The tension in the room was high, she could feel it.

"Thank you, Charles. I appreciate the hard work. Go ahead and turn in early tonight" Harvey said turning away from him.

"What are you going to do to him" Charles demanded loudly.

Harvey turned to look at him, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me!"

Harvey narrowed his eyes at the Hedgehog. He then turned to Leeta, who was looking at them very concerned. "Leeta, you're dismissed. Go home, take two days off. I'll see you back here on Thursday."

Leeta didn't want to go, but complied and quickly left the room.

Harvey then tossed the picture onto the nearby table and glared at Charles. "Don't make a scene in front of the younger agents like that."

"Don't change the subject; I know what you're planning to do!"

"And what would that be, Charles?"

Charles went over, grabbed the picture off the table and held it up to Harvey's face. "This vague picture is not a confirmation of treason."

Harvey kept glaring at him, "Obviously."

Charles lowered the picture, "So don't you dare do it!"

"Do what?"

"You're going send Silver to kill Tails!"

Harvey's face twisted a bit, "What?"

"Don't think I haven't figured it out. Silver is your new "Agent Exterminator."

Harvey was furious; he gave Charles a disgusted look. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh…really? You think us grunts didn't know about him? All those mysterious coincidental Overlander assassinations during the Great War. We heard you called him, "Agent Exterminator." He was your mysterious and most trusted confidant, and he carried out killings as you saw fit to aid in the war effort. Including so-called internal threats, like Sergeant McClement!"

Harvey slammed his fist on the desk and went face to face with Charles, "Sergeant McClement was a traitor! He sold information to the Overlanders that killed dozens of our men!"

"Bullshit! My brother and I knew him since he was a child. He would never betray us."

"Well he did! And you and brother were too stupid to see the clues right in front of you!"

"But yet you still let Kintobor live?"

Harvey almost lost control of his temper. "I would have had him removed, but I softened up and listened to fools like you; and we nearly lost everything because of it!"

Charles gritted his teeth. "Tails Prower is not a traitor!"


There was a minute long pause between them, as they both seethed with anger.

"Umm…is everything okay in here?"

Both men turned in surprise to see Silver standing at the doorway. They both stepped off from each other and turned to the white Hedgehog.

Harvey grabbed the picture, "We're fine; just discussing some old issues from previous operations." Then he took a breath, "So what do you have?"

Silver walked into the room, "Well I got testimony from sixteen different people, all giving their accounts on what happened with Tails and Scourge. I got it all detailed here."

Harvey nodded, "Well done. Go ahead and upload the data you've taken into the mainframe, I'll be right back to discuss your next mission." With that, Harvey quickly left the room.

Charles glared at Harvey, before turning to look at Silver as he approached.

"Umm…Mr. Hedgehog, is everything okay?"

Charles looked at him blankly for a second, then sighed and sat down at the computer console. "Sit down Silver, let's talk."

Silver nodded and sat next to him.

Charles thought for a minute about what to say, "Silver, what do you make of Miles Prower?"

"Umm…I never got to know him well, but he was always cool with me when we interacted; unlike your nephew I must note."

Charles nodded. "Well, I assume you learned some more about him today, right?"

"Yeah, he's apparently in the Mystic Ruins somewhere, hanging with the Babylon Rogues. He fought and killed Scourge… a rather brutal fashion in front of everyone. Then he brought all those people here with a promise that we'd help them out."

"And, what do you think about him now?"

Silver was confused, "Umm…I'm not sure what you mean?"

"Do you think he's a bad person and would hurt us?"

Silver thought about it then said, "No. I don't think he's a bad guy. Irrational, and acting out of character at the moment; yes, but not a bad guy."

Charles nodded. "I just want you to understand something. Tails, like you, grew up without his parents. All he had was his friends, they were his mentors and…he lost a few of them over the years."

Silver nodded.

"It's been a tough road for him. But just know that he does have a family and many friends who love and care for him deeply. They are desperate to have him back….alive and well…..not in a box. Okay?"

Silver was a bit confused, "O..kay."

"Look… saw those people out there, you saw how bad many of them were hurt and abused, right?"

"Yeah. It's all…pretty upsetting."

"Yes, it is. See…sometimes, when there is evil doing it's thing, us good people have to do…evil things… stop the evil. Does that make sense?"


"Now I heard the story myself earlier from one of the refugees. I know Tails….did an awful thing in the way he took Scourge's life….but do you think he did it because he was evil himself?"

Silver looked at him seriously, "No. I think he did it that way to show those people out there that they were now safe from Scourge. And what a better way…albeit disturbing."

Charles nodded. "Its…..(sigh)…a very grey world. It not easy to be black and white under those kind of circumstances, wouldn't you agree?"

Silver nodded in agreement.

"I just wanted to make sure you knew and understood that. So with that said, I personally think Tails did the wrong thing. Not because Scourge didn't deserve it, but because Tails should have been better than that. See, it's not our place as individuals to be judge, jury, and executioner when circumstances enable us the opportunity to do otherwise. Now I totally forgive him for what he did. Scourge was a true living devil, and he needed to be stopped at all costs, and Tails did that like the good Soldier that he is. But at the very end, he should have left Scourge alive to face justice by the law. See….as a society, we have established a system to do such things, and Tails swore an oath when he enlisted into the Military to uphold that… did you."

Silver raised an eyebrow.

"Always do the right thing. Let the system do its job, even if it fails us sometimes. Don't ever cross the line like he did with Scourge….even though we may "feel" it was justified.

Silver nodded, "I won't."

"Heh. You know….after all these years and countless fights….my nephew never crossed that line. I'm so damn proud of him for that. I know you and Sonic don't get along, but….try to be like him. Set a good example for soon to be born child."

Silver smiled at that, "You knew?"

Charles rolled his eyes, "Please….we ALL know, Silver." Charles then stood up and put his hand on Silver's shoulder, "Leeta was sent home on a two day leave. After you're done here, go be with her. She needs you." Then Charles walked away and left the room.


Harvey had listened and watched the whole conversation from a monitor in his office. "Very clever Charles, you misguided fool." He sat there after they were done and buried himself in deep thought, looking at the picture of Tails behind Mecha Sally. "(Sigh) Why did you lie to us, Mr. Prower? What are you hiding from?"


North New Mobotropolis,

Tails Primary Workshop

1948 hours.

Amadeus came up to the front door of his son's workshop with a set of large bolt cutters in hand. He always respected his son's privacy…..until today. The day Miles left, he locked up his workshop with a thick circular steel padlock, and Amadeus never attempted to open it to see what was inside. The shop itself was not built of Nicole's nanites, but of real wood and steel and he didn't know the lock's combination, so it had to be forced open. Amadeus didn't want to do this, but things had gone too far. The King was not too impressed by his Son's half-ass report with regard to Blaze's people, and frankly, he wasn't either. There were too many unanswered questions raised, and details given by Blaze herself about the event only added fuel to the fire.

The note Charles handed him earlier that day kept repeating itself over and over in his head. "Miles lied!" The thought that his son lied about what happened during that battle made him sick to his stomach. Miles never lied; never! So now Harvey Who was probably gunning for his son. This made him fill with fear. Harvey was remorseless, and Amadeus knew from the Great War that he would kill without a second thought if he thought someone was a threat. Minus the one person he should have killed of course. To this day, Amadeus never understood why Julian was allowed to live.

Shifting through his thoughts, Amadeus wondered how this could have happened. The final battle with Eggman was supposed to be a glorious victory for them all. Unfortunately Miles didn't enjoy the victory, even though he was the most pinnacle figure of it. His son was changed by that battle. Clearly he was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, not unlink many Soldiers under his command after the Great War. But in the case of Miles, he didn't understand the dynamic of it. What triggered it and why; it wasn't there before the battle to his knowledge? Amadeus wished he would have pushed his son harder to tell him what happened; he should have forced him to talk. Well now he was going to HAVE to find out, because his son's life more than likely depended on it.

Amadeus then dug at the padlock with the bolt cutters. It was a tough lock, and the cutters were only making slow progress. Frustrated and growing impatient, Amadeus pulled out his laser pistol and fired at it, only to see the beam deflected off the lock into the door. "GRRRAGH!" Amadeus then reared back with the bolt cutters and started smashing down on the lock over and over again until finally the padlock assembly on the door broke off instead of the lock itself. He tried the door, only to find it was also dead bolted. He then kicked at the door hard several times till the wood frame finally broke and the door swung open. He picked up the bolt cutters, entered, found the light switch, and started searching. The shop was mess, again, so unlike his son. Papers with technical schematics where thrown all over the floor. There were a few noticeable holes on the drywall that looked like fist imprints, and several broken metal and glass fragments laying all around.

Amadeus noticed that several of the papers on the floor were about the de-roboticizer he perfected. He carefully picked them up one by one and soon realized that not a few, but all the papers strewn about where related to the de-roboticizer in some way. Amadeus figured that maybe this was a clue. He walked around to the back of the shop to the machine itself…only to find that it had been smashed up pretty badly. In fact a hammer was still embedded into the chamber tube's transparent plexi-glass casing. Clearly, his son took out his anger at the machine. The question was why?

Amadues kept looking around and saw a locker near the workbench. The double doors had a padlock in place. He quickly rushed over to it, cut the lock off with the bolt cutters, and threw the door open. Inside were his Son's military equipment, rifle, flight suit, and uniforms. He saw something peculiar on his Dress Blue's. He pulled it out and saw a note hanging on the left side. On it, written in large font with black marker it said "I'm so sorry." It was pinned in place by the Acorn Army's "Distinguished Combat Service Medal", the second highest medal a soldier could receive, the award he earned from the Death Egg mission. Amadeus regretfully had seen this kind of act before. A subordinate and friend of his had done this after the Great War. The Deer named Michael Buck was also a PTSD case. One day without warning he dressed in his uniform, pinned a note on his chest with a medal, and then blew his own head off with a pistol at his home. Jessica, his wife, would find his body later. She openly blamed Amadeus for his death, something that he never forgot and painfully held on to all these years.

The past pain combined with his son's condition allowed horror to overtake him as he grabbed his son's firearm weapon out of the locker. There was no magazine inserted in the well, but when he charged the chamber, a single live .30 caliber round was ejected and fell to the floor. Amadeus went numb and dropped the rifle. He then started hugging his son's uniform, cringing in tearful remorse. "Oh God, what have I done? My Son…what have I done to you?"


Outside the workshop

10 minutes later

Rosemary Prower was walking with both Isabella and Mina Mongoose as they walked home together.

"…he said Tails was glowing a gold-like color when he fought Scourge. Does Tails have super powers like Sonic when touching the Chaos Emeralds" Isabella asked.

Rosemary responded, "Yes, he does."

"Yeah Mom, I thought I told you that? Sonic and Tails were super when they tried to save Tommy Turtle."

"Well, regardless. I got the same impression from all of the "Sol" people I interacted with today. Every one of them said your Son was the hero who saved them. Many are eager to see him again." Isabella then remembered what Nicole said to Amadeus earlier, "Speaking of which, any word on where he went off too with Fiona?"

Rosemary sighed. "Here it begins" she thought. Many people now wanted to know where her son was at, and his running away last year would now become public."

"Fiona? You mean Fiona Fox, the traitor? He left with her" Mina asked.

"(Sigh)" Rosemary stopped and looked around, making sure no one else was in ear shot. "Isabella…Mina…..Please understand…..Miles ran away from home and has been missing for almost a year. We haven't seen or heard anything from him at all until today.

Both looked at her stunned.

"How come you never mentioned this before" Isabella asked. "We could have put an APB out on him."

Rosemary stopped them by putting her hand up, "Listen….. things are hard enough for me and my husband as it is. We'd like to keep this as un-public as possible."

"What about Sonic? They're best friends, so I assume he knew about this" Mina asked.

"Yes. In fact he's been searching for him for some time, as have we. So far we've had no luck. And now he re-appears, only to disappear again."

Isabella spoke up, "You know the Press is going hound you about all this to no end, right?"

"Yes, I've already received two calls from them asking for Miles. Still, I'd like to keep his missing under wraps for as long as possible."

Mina put an arm around her mother. "You can depend on us Mrs. Prower. But…..I'm just confused. Why did Miles leave in the first place?"

Rosemary stared at her blankly. "Honestly…..I really don't know. No one does."

"Hmm. Oh! Did he runaway for Fiona? I remember Tails had a huge crush on her back in the day."

"No. Blaze confirmed Fiona was with Scourge, and had no contact with my son during that time. He ran…." Rosemary froze.

"Mrs. Prower, what's wrong" Mina asked.

Rosemary quickly walked around them, "My son's workshop is open." She ran down the street to the front of the workshop. Mina and Isabella followed.

"Miles" Rosemary called out as she entered the door. She looked around the shop in a furor, calling her son's name. Finally she made her way to the back and saw her Husband sitting at a workbench with his head in his hands. "Amadeus?" Slowly her husband raised his eyes up to her and she could see he had been crying. Seeing this made her upset and she walked over to him. "I thought he was here."

"I'm sorry, Rose. (Sniff) I'm sorry I led our son down this path."

"What? You did not lead him..….."

Amadeus cut her off by pulling her into a tight hug as he cried.

Isabella and Mina rounded the corner and saw this. Isabella then gestured for Mina to leave, so the Prowers could have their privacy. Before she left, Mina looked at the Fox couple one last time. Things just weren't adding up, and she was intrigued to pursue this further. But it would have to wait, for she then departed with her mother and went home for the night.


Northeast New Mobotropolis,

Leeta Wolf's Home

2200 hours.

Silver walked north along James Street with a backpack strapped on his back. He was approaching a small wooden house on the far right end of the street, which is where Leeta lived. Harvey had all the S.F.F. living spread out to all corners of the city, so this way if something happened they wouldn't all be it the same place at the same time. Silver's house was a mile away on the opposite side of town, but he eagerly made the late night trek on foot to see her.

Thoughts about the unusual conversation with Charles Hedgehog and Harvey's behavior prior to that still nipped at his brain; but the majority of his thoughts were focused on the beautiful Wolf that had captured his heart. Thoughts raced, and he smiled at the memory of the event that had kicked off their relationship.



2 years ago

The United Federation.

"I will not do it" Leeta screeched backing away from the edge.

Silver sighed in annoyance. During the last mission, Leeta had freaked out in midair when she had to wingsuit off the side of Mt. Kingston in order to escape a flock of Eggman badnicks closing on them. She nearly lost control and could have died when she made fearful jerking motions in mid-flight. This was not the first time for this either, and Silver had enough of these near misses due to her acrophobia. Now he was determined to help her conquer her fear of heights. "Come on, Leeta. Just do it. Jump!"

"No! Now stop pushing me to do this. I can't even believe I came here. You go and do it, I'm leaving." With that she went back to the staging area, unhooked the cord, and started undoing the harness around her waist.

Silver sighed again and looked over at the staff that were running the "Sky View Tower" here in Westopolis. "I guess we won't be jumping" he said to them, to which they all looked disappointed. The tower was an 820 foot tall bungee-jump platform near the edge of the city limits. It was a perfect place to help Leeta get over her fear. Not to be, at least not tonight anyway.

Leeta saw Silver's disappointment, "Silver, just go and have fun, I'll see you at the hotel later, ok?" Then she walked to the stairwell heading down.

Silver then undid his own harness and followed after her.

Once she exited the tower, Leeta leaned on a nearby light pole, closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She was then startled by a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, you okay?"

Leeta recovered from the startle quickly. "Silver, why didn't you go jumping, I told you to go?"

Silver gave her a look.

"(Sigh) I just can't do it, okay?"

"No, it's not okay. This fear you have nearly got you hurt at least twice. You need to let it go somehow.

She knew he was right, and she hated to admit it, but her fear only seemed to be getting worse as the years passed. "I try, I try, but….I….it's just I can't help but think about falling. It scares me to death for some reason."

Silver could see how much this bothered her, which only made him more determined. He decided to try something different. "Leeta, walk with me." She followed and they walked a few blocks to a large park. Once they were near its center, he turned to her and said, "Leeta, do you trust me?"

She was already feeling uneasy about his intentions, "Umm…yes….but why do you ask?"

He held his hands out to her, "Grab my hands."

Leeta gave him a look, "What are you going to do?"

"Leeta, if you really do trust me, you'll take my hands."

Silver had been her teammate for four years, and she did trust him. Still, she was shaking with fear at what he might be planning. Silver gave her a warm smile and kept his hands up, this finally convinced her to take a leap of faith and grab his hands.

Silver felt her hands. they were warm, yet shaky. "Just trust me, Leeta." Then he used his telekinesis to lift them both into the air.

"Silver, what are you doing?!" Leeta began to panic as they soon went above the treetops and continued gaining altitude. "SILVER! TAKE ME DOWN! PLEASE TAKE ME DOWN!" She began to hyperventilate.

Silver held her hands firmly, "Leeta! Breath! Stop looking down and look at me."

Leeta shook with fear and cringed as she slammed her eyes shut. "I'm not looking, I can't!"

"Leeta, relax. I have you. I'm not going to let you fall."

Leeta peeked one eye open and instantly regretted doing so. "Oh God, how high are you taking us?!"

Silver pulled her in closer so he was face to face with her, "Leeta, shhhhhhh. Just relax, I have you." They continued upward to about a thousand feet above the ground before Silver stopped. Then he allowed Leeta to float to his right side as he let go of her left hand. She still had her eyes closed. "Leeta, open your eyes."

Leeta complied and screeched. "GAAH!" And she grabbed onto his body tightly. "SILVER, WE'RE TOO HIGH!"

Silver then smiled and gently shoved her away.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Leeta screamed, but after a few seconds of panic she looked up to see him floating there some feet away with his arms crossed.

"See, it's not so bad." He gestured to his left. "Look at the view."

She looked back at him confused then looked around. She was floating very high and the view below was surreal. Then looking to where he gestured, she saw the cityscape of Westopolis with the lingering light of the sun disappearing into the west. She took in the sight for a couple minutes as her breathing finally slowed and she found herself relaxing a bit.

"Well, what do you think."

"It's….a beautiful view."

He flew himself closer to her, then took her hands into his, "Now don't be afraid."

"Wait, what are you…" Suddenly they both rotated upside-down and were looking straight down. "GAH!" She closed her eyes again.

Silver nuzzled the side of her face with his nose and spoke softly, "Hey? Look at me."

She opened her eyes and was taken back by his rather "warm" expression.

"I'll never let you fall."

"Leeta kept eye contact for a few seconds then looked up to the ground below, at first it scared her, but Silver was rubbing the top of her hands with his thumbs; which relaxed her. After a few minutes, she wasn't afraid anymore.

Silver then rotated them upright and slowly lowered them back to the ground. As they descended, Leeta looked at Silver in a way he'd never seen her do before, and it kind of made him nervous. Once they touched ground there was an awkward silence between them. It was then he realized that she was still holding onto his hands.

Leeta finally said, "Thank you, for doing that."

Silver smiled, "So, ready to go bungee jump now?"

Leeta laughed, and said, "Only if you go with me….at the same time."

Silver grinned, "Deal."

Then they both started walking back toward the tower, not even realizing till they got there that they had held hands the whole way back.


Back to present.

Silver really enjoyed that night with her. After that night they gradually grew closer to each other. Silver finally came up to the house and walked onto the porch. There was no lights on visible though the windows. "Damn, I wonder if she's sleeping?"

Suddenly things were somewhat reminiscent of a similar situation that occurred before. Only it was Leeta coming to his door.


Four months earlier.

Silver's house.

2310 hours

Silver was half asleep on his couch when he heard a knock at the door. He opened it to see Leeta standing there in a beautiful green dress that showed some cleavage on her chest. He had never seen her looking so "provocative" before. "H..hey?"

Leeta looked him up and down, seeing that he was wearing nothing but a pair of athletic shorts. "Silver, what are you doing here all by yourself? There's a huge celebration going on downtown right now, why don't you come out and join us?"

Silver shook his head, "Nah, no thanks. I don't feel up for it."

She gave him a disappointed look, "Silver….?"

Her look may as well have been a kick to the teeth. "I'm sorry. I just…"

"It's because we haven't found the traitor yet, right?"

Silver nodded. "Yeah, that's part of it. I just have a bad feeling in my gut that this victory over Eggman is misleading everyone into letting their guard down."

Leeta looked at him with an understanding. The she smiled, "Can I come in?"

Silver stepped aside and she walked in. He then saw that the back of her dress had nothing but the two strings that looped over her shoulders until just above her tail. "Damn, she looks good tonight."

Leeta walked into the living room and saw the television on, but only a blue screen, "Were you watching something?"

"Oh..umm, yeah. I a….fell asleep."

She looked at the DVD film box on top of the TV and snickered, "All about You and Me? Isn't that an Overlander romantic comedy?"

Silver scratched his head and looked embarrassed. "Uh…yeah?"

Leeta looked in the open box then turned and grinned at him.

Silver suddenly felt nervous, knowing what she had found, "Look, I was just curious, I never seen an event like that before."

Leeta ejected the movie DVD out of the player, then took the "other" DVD that was already in the box out and put the right one in. Then she held the "other" DVD up. "3241 Mobian Swimsuit Competition huh?"

Silver was red with embarrassment, he forgot to put that other DVD away into its proper case when he changed movies. "Ugggh, look Leeta I…"

"(Laughing) Silver...why are you looking so embarrassed? You just doing what thousands of other men do all the time."


"Yeah, watching films of beautiful women and…yknow."

"No! No, I mean, I wasn't doing that. I was just watching!"

Leeta smiled and set the disk down, "Silver, did you ever have a girlfriend in your home time?"

Silver shook his head, "No. I never really hung around with anyone but my two mentors since I was nine."

Leeta nodded, then walked up to him. She took his hands into hers, then frowned looking down, "You know, Silver, I was really expecting you to be at the celebration tonight."

Silver was a bit thrown off by her sudden mood change; he really didn't know what to say in response. "I don't understand?"

She looked up at him a bit disappointed. "Didn't you…(sigh)…..I'm sorry. I just thought you would have wanted to be out with me…..outside of a mission for a change."

Silver's eyes went wide, "Leeta…?! I…" Now Silver was speechless.

Leeta looked at his expression and laughed, "You're so cute when you're flabbergasted."

Silver was now just "derailed" by her and looked away to hide his confusion.

Leeta cupped the side of his face with he hand and pushed it back so that he was looking at her. "Silver, have you ever been with a girl before?"

"You know already that I haven't been."

Then she surprised him by kissing him on the lips and hugged him tightly.

Silver was now flooded with hormone induced reactions by her behavior. "I didn't know you wanted to be with me? I thought I was just pushing my feelings onto you somehow."

Leeta's closeness allowed her to feel his physical reaction bulging through his shorts. "Are you saying that you'd like to be more than just friends and teammates with me?"

Silvers heart raced, he was so nervous. "Well, you're beautiful and I like being with you. I've never felt the way I do about you before. But I just….don't know what to do about it. I was raised….…so different than you all have been in this time. I never thought about being with a girl. I was taught to focus on my mission to save the world from the traitor."

Leeta began nuzzling his chest fur with her muzzle and said, "You know Silver, I'm no ordinary girl either. My sister and I were also orphaned young, and had to fight our way through hardships to get by. Still, I found ways to be happy and live life to its fullest." She reached up and ran her hand through his spiky hair. "Now we're both elite warriors fighting for the same cause." She kissed him again. "Still, that doesn't mean we can't be allowed to "live" Silver." Then she looked up at him and smiled seductively.

Silver practically melted inside at her look, "You're right, of course." Then he nervously leaned forward and kissed her back. Afterward, his nervousness settled down some, even though he felt that his kisses were awkward. "So, why don't I just dressed and we'll go to the celebration together."

She let go of him and he turned to go to his bedroom. She paused there for a second before sliding off her sandals and walking after him.

Silver went into his closet looking for what shirt to wear when he felt her approach from behind him. He turned and saw her staring at him with a look that was lustful in nature.

"I got a better idea, Silver."

His heart raced, "Which….is?"

She then slid the strings of her dress off and let it fall to the floor revealing her gorgeous body in nothing but a shiny gold in color bra and panties. Then she gestured for him to come to her.

He did and she grabbed his arms and shoved him over to the bed. Once there she crawled on top of him and started licking his chest fur and growling lowly.

Silver was trying hard not to explode right then and there. He felt so awkward with his touching and kisses, but Leeta seemed to pay no care to his mistakes, assuming he was making any. Soon after she pushed his shorts off with her feet and then rolled him over so he was on top. Silver was high on instinct at that point and pulled her panties down before moving himself into position and slowly pushed himself inside her.


Back to Present.

Silver got aroused every time he thought about that night. His first go with her was embarrassingly short, but they would eventually go two more times that night, each time he showed improving performance. Then the morning heartbreak came, as he would wake up to find her gone. A note left behind saying she had hurry to catch a flight home with Lyco. At first he figured she would call him once she got there, but the call never came. He would spend the next four months wondering if he would even see her again. Now she was back….pregnant with his child.

"You should have put condom on. Then again, maybe it was I who made the mistake of sleeping with you that night."

That statement from Leeta really bothered him. He wondered if all the Wolf Pack's chastising that Lyco spoke of caused that. It fueled his need to see and talk to her. Finally he knocked on her front door. There was no response. He tried again a few more times, but got no answer. "Dammit to hell! Come on, Leeta! Don't do this crap!" Frustrated he used his telekinesis and opened the door from the inside. He stepped in and saw that the first floor of the house was totally dark. He locked the door behind him and called out, "Leeta, its Silver?" He got no response.

He did see a faint light coming from upstairs, so he carefully walked to the stairwell and quietly made his way up. As reached the top he heard the shower going in the bathroom. The single hallway light was the only illumination in the whole house outside the light coming from under the bathroom door itself. He walked to the door and then suddenly felt like a fool. Here he was thinking she was ignoring him, only to find that she was just in the shower and couldn't hear him.

He thought about going back outside and waiting a few minutes before knocking again, but in his mind, they were beyond that kind of stuff. They were now mates, and it was time they started acting like it. He elected to do something more "him" instead. He went close to the door and focused his mind.


Leeta was in the shower and was standing there looking down at her enlarged belly. She wondered if the baby would be a boy or a girl? What name would she and Silver pick? Which traits would dominate, wolf or hedgehog? Would this child inherit Silvers amazing powers?

She sighed to herself. She regretted not calling Silver and telling him about this. She could tell he was hurt by that. He deserved better. She planned to make it up to him somehow.

She reached up for the body wash soap only to see that it was gone. "What the..?" Suddenly she felt something thick pouring onto her back. At first she froze, wondering if a ghost was with her. She slowly turned her head and saw the bottle being held in the air by an invisible force, then it was set down along the tub's side lip. This was followed by a pair of invisible hands gently scrubbing the soap into her back fur. "Heh, heh, Silver what are you doing, silly?"

The invisible hands continued their work, making way around her whole body lathering the soap. Next the shampoo bottle was opened and squirting the liquid into her long hair, then it was worked through, lathering every strand.

Then as she rinsed off, the invisible hands started caressing her breasts in a sensual manner. "Ok Silver. Come on in already."

Silver tried the door, "It's locked" he said from outside.

"Like that's stopping you" Leeta replied.

Silver unlocked the door with his mind then stepped into the humid room and looked at her in the shower. "Hey."

"Hey back to you. Long day?"

Silver nodded, "Yeah." He kept looking at her intently.

Leeta nodded. "Did you shower yet?"

"Yeah, before I came."

"Well, join me for another one" she said with a smile.

Silver grinned and got undressed. He set his cloths and the backpack onto the sink. He stepped into the hot shower with her. Seeing her naked immediately gave him a hard on, which Leeta quickly took notice of.

Leeta wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him as the hot water sprayed on them both. After a few moments she stopped.

Silver looked at her and could see how upset she looked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry I left you like that. I should have called you and asked you to come out to me. Please forgive me for that, it was really stupid on my part."

He pulled into a tighter hug, "I already have." He loosened the hug and looked her in the eyes, "I want us to be together for this; I mean REALLY together. Let's be a couple and raise our child."

Leeta smiled, "I want the same."

"Will you take me in?"

Leeta gave him a look. "What's wrong with your place?"

Silver laughed, "My place is smaller and not as nice."

"But we have good memories there?"

Silver chuckled, "Like what, that I can orgasm in you in less than a minute?"

"It was your first time, Silver. The follow up was a lot longer. I enjoyed it, and…(Rubs her belly) it was very productive. I want you to know that I regret nothing. Okay?"

Silver started kissing her again. "You're so damn beautiful to me right now." The embraced passionately groping and kissing each other like rabid animals. Then Silver started kissing her breasts, sucking on her nipples in the process.

Leeta kissed his head and breathed heavily. She turned to shut the water off and positioned herself on the shower wall for him. "(Breath) Take me."

Silver was more than ready, but hesitated, "What about the baby?"

"(Breathing hard) We're fine till seven months, now take me!"

Silver moved himself to her, and started by caressing her behind and kissing her back. Then he gently pulled her hips to him, aligned himself with her entrance, and slowly slid himself into her. This elicited a loud moan from her. For him, the water made the initial feeling of being in her different than last time. But as he began to get into a good gyrating rhythm, that changed; and it felt so good.

Leeta moaned loudly with each of his thrusts, making her own gyrations match his. "Ugghhhh, Silver (breath) ughhh!

Silver brought his hands around and cupped her breast from behind. He was turned on more as he squeezed and felt them bouncing around with each thrust in. Eventually he increased his speed and grunted as he closed in on his climax.

Leeta could feel him getting closer and she held onto the shower caddy tightly and bent down further as he increased speed. She moaned faster and louder as he neared peak.

Silver gritted his teeth as she suddenly got tighter. "Oh God…Ugh…UUUUGGGH!" As it happened he pushed himself in as far as he could and ejaculated all he had into her.

Leeta screeched out as she felt the warmth of his cum inside her and then had her own orgasm. She clung onto the shower caddy as she panted loudly trying to support his added weight as he leaned onto her.

Silver was tingling all over from the powerful orgasm and nearly fell to the floor as his leg strength almost failed on him. He fell forward onto her back and breathed in and out deeply. "Oh God….that was good." Then he managed to stand back up and slowly pulled himself out of her.

Leeta was still leaning forward as she panted loudly to catch her breath. Then she reached down and turned the water to the shower head back on. She turned and grabbed Silver with a tight hug as the water soaked them both yet again.

Silver hugged his mate to him and let her head rest on his shoulder. For that moment in time, nothing else mattered to him but her and their child. It was the best he ever felt in his entire life so far.

They stayed like that for several minutes, before kissing and stopping the shower's water.


Unclaimed airspace over the Northwest section of the Continent

The Babylon Rogues Zeppelin

Year 3244 Day 171

1122 hours.

Wave was in her soon to be former workroom going over the final tests on Jet's Type J Hoverboard. Wave was tired; she had been up all night listening to audio notes on the Ancient Babylon sites Tails had given her, while she simultaneously worked on the Type S and J boards.

"Shorty, if you ever EMP my gear again, I'm going to break your neck!" she thought as she tried to get the Type J's, balancing settings correct. The Electro Magnetic Pulse had done a real number on the internal circuits and she ended up having to replace the whole internal assembly. She was happy that at least the fiberglass and carbon fiber external cast on the Type J was undamaged from being run over by Tails vehicle. So that made the whole job a little easier to accomplish. Finally after some adjustments, she finished tuning the Gear.

"(SIGH) Thank God!" She took the board off the gyrotron gear tester and set in on the wall rack next to Storm's Type S.

"….so we have to conclude that the Ancient Babylonians must have arrived on our planet approximately three thousand years ago." Then video came to an end on her laptop.

"Hmm, that sounds about right, Professor. Now if only we can determine what star or Galaxy they came from." Wave said aloud as she washed her hands at the sink.

Suddenly the door to the workroom flung open and in stumbled Jet. He was more swollen than before and he looked like he was in serious pain.

Wave walked from the sink and went by her laptop on the table. She noticed Jet was holding the note she left him explaining what Tails had said and done for them; as well as her intentions to leave them. "Jet, what are you doing up like this, you should be resting? You have broken jaw and face for crying out loud!"

Jet glared at her and pointed to the letter. Then he slammed it down on the table on its blank side and started writing his response in pencil. "Screw the Fox and his thanks. I don't want it or his research! We can find Babylonian relics on our own."

Wave just looked blankly at him. "Why am I not surprised by your reaction; so typical of you."

Jet wrote again, "Don't leave us for him, Wave. The Fox is bad news. LOOK AT ME!" He made a pleading look and gestured to the damage to his face.

Wave closed her laptop and gathered up her belongings. "You know, Jet…For a moment, a very, very brief moment, I watched you extend your hand to Tails and help him up when he was down. I was so proud of when I saw that. You finally did what I had always hoped you would do one day. You acted like a true Bird male, someone I would be happy to be mated to. Now, here you are yet again. The immature, temper tantrum throwing prick; tossing away the best damn research on our ancestors we've ever come across." She gathered everything up into a backpack and walked for the exit.

Jet watched her for a second then slammed his fist hard on the table to get her attention. He moaned in pain from the act as he wrote on the paper, "PLEASE, don't leave me. I'm sorry." Then he held it up for her to see.

Wave looked at the writing, and walked back to him. "Are you really sorry, Jet?"

He looked at her seriously and nodded.

Wave nodded. "I accept your apology, Jet. But I'm sorry that it's not enough for me now. I can't stay with you."

Jet face contorted into pain and sadness.

"I opened myself to you Jet. I let you into my heart, and I even took you to my bed. But you threw my trust away, treated me as just another whore to bang and broke my heart. That is something I can't deal with being near you; even if you are sorry. You and I are no more, and so I'm leaving." She went close to him, nipped his right shoulder with her beak, then turned and walked to the door. She stopped and looked at him one last time, "I fixed both boards and I opened up the passwords to all my files on the gears for the next mechanic to have when you find one." She turned, "Goodbye Jet." Then she exited the room.

Jet stood there motionless as he tried to hold back his emotions. Refusing to show the despair he now felt inside as the realization hit him. She was gone forever.


Wave said goodbye to Storm before heading out to the exterior deck. Once there she hooked her backpack onto her front and the duffle bag on her back. She then said aloud, "Ok Shorty, where the hell are you hiding at now?" Then she took off to the southeast, back toward the United Federation's territory.

To be continued….

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