It was the last shooting day for Glee. Ryan Murphy was busily blabbering about whatnots and everything. A few more takes…it would be all but a history.

"Cut!" Ryan yelled. "Congratulations!"

He went to the cast who just performed their last song together. All the actors and actresses hugged him. Champagne was handed from everywhere and it seemed to be the best time.

To Naya Rivera, it definitely is the best day ever. She's going to tell Heather, and then she's going to tell them all. She was sitting on one of the folding chairs when Lea Michele stood beside her.

"Are you going to tell her, all about your feelings for her?" she stared across the room where Heather was making her way to Ryan.

"Yes! Definitely, I will." Naya said with a determined smile.

To Heather Morris, yes, it is the best time ever. Today is it. Today is the day. She's going to tell them. She went up to Ryan and talked to him. He shed a few tears, and gave Heather a real big hug.

"Okay. Everyone, please calm your butts down!" Ryan said with a big voice. "Hemo here has something to say."

"No. I have something to say first!" Naya interceded. I've been thinking about this for so long."

"No. Let Heather speak, and then we'll get to you, later on," Ryan quipped.

"Alright, fine," Naya threw the smiling Heather a big smile.

Heather stood up in front of them and giggled. "I'm getting married! Taylor and I decided to keep it for a while but we really decided about this," she smiled at everyone. "And we want you all to know."

Naya's world seemed to crumble down. Her feet seemed to give way beneath her. Darren Criss, who saw her pale face, was instantly beside her.

"Nay? Are you okay?"

"Yes. Darre-" she fell back to her chair as she struggled to stand back up to her feet.

She made it to her trailer. She had run all the way from the set and across the parking lot, crying all the way. She slammed the trailer door as she got in and fell instantly to her couch.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she pounded her fists on the couch. She cursed something in Spanish before breaking down into big heavy sobs, which were muted by a couple of pillows.

"Nay!" Lea was banging on the trailer. "Naya! It's Lea, honey."

The trailer door opened, just enough for Lea Michele to come in.

"Nay…I'm so sorry." Lea rubbed her friend's back. Naya was still bawling, the pain in her chest seemed to drag her breathing slower than the usual.

"Lea! Open this goddamned door!" Dianna Agron's worried voice drifted through the air along with her banging on Naya's trailer. Lea got up and opened it for Dianna. Darren was behind her and got inside the trailer, locking the door safely behind him.

They all huddled around Naya, Darren was stroking her back and Lea was clutching her arms. Dianna was holding a glass of water and her other free hand was holding Naya's hand.

Life seemed to stop making sense. The pain was unbearable and excruciating. Naya's tears voluntarily fell without her knowing. Her heart forgot to beat for a moment.

"Oh God…" it was all that escaped Naya's lips. Her tears abundantly fell, as she cursed something in Spanish. Her shoulders violently shook, as if it was thrown aback by an earthquake. Suddenly Naya's vision blurred, her mind did not register anything, and it was as if a black lead blanket was thrown over her. Naya passed out.

"She needs it," Darren sighed deeply.

"I'm sorry for her. Well not as much as Naya is, but I really feel her pain." Dianna looked at the sleeping Naya, and then glanced towards Lea.

Two hours later, Ryan called them for the scene and Darren had to wake Naya up for make-up. Naya's eyes were puffy, her face seemed a few years older in just a span of two hours. Her chocolate-brown eyes were lifeless but on guard. It was as if the life in her eyes has just left her.

"Nay," the familiar voice called her as she was bolting out of the set after her scene. Naya did not pay attention and went straight ahead instead.

"Naya…please," Heather grabbed her arm. Heather was clearly running just to catch up with her. "Please, be my bridesmaid?"

Naya turned around, unable to put up with her best friend. Seeing Heather's face was a painful thing for Naya.

"Please, Nay?"

Naya hesitated. Her mind was wracking for something to say.

You are her best friend. Now act like one, Rivera.

A soft, hesitant answer escaped Naya's lips. "Okay, Hemo." With that, she left the set without a word.

Naya strutted across her hallway to her kitchen and looked at the bottles of liquor arrayed across the bar. She chose the bottle of brandy then she quickly took a glass. She then realized that she doesn't even need a glass. She walked back to the bar and took the bottle, twisted its cap open and dreadfully drank it, gulping hard.

She sat on the couch, dragging with her the bottle and drank it on continuously. Her phone had been ringing for the umpteenth time, but she did not care. She wasn't surprised when a fuming Dianna Agron and a sleepy Lea Michele trailing behind her pop on her front door at midnight.

The first thing Dianna had noticed was a broken glass on the floor across the hallway.

"My God! Rivera, don't you dare tell me…" she stared at the almost empty brandy bottle.

Naya just looked up, her eyes were puffy and swollen. She seemed to age a lot. Her hair was a mess and her shoulders sagged. "Look at me," Naya started to sob again.

"Shhhh… Nay…" Dianna ran t her side and Lea grabbed her hand. "Come on…we're here for you."

"I'm so stupid," Naya whimpered. "If I had just stopped loving her, this couldn't happen." She rolled her eyes on everything.

"No Nay… what you did was brave. We're very sorry you had to go through this, but I swear everything will be fine. I swear it on Mark's head," Lea said, wincing at Mark Salling's name.

"It just hurts," Naya cried out.

"We know. We might not be able to quantify how much it hurts but, we know how hard you are going through. It might be even harder for you, Naynay," Dianna rubbed Naya's back.

"I can't…take…it, Di…" Naya slurred, before putting her mouth back to her bottle of brandy. However, Dianna took it away from her.

"Now, now, don't do that Nay," she said. Naya, on the other hand, just let Dianna take it away from her. She was too tired to object. Her body felt immobile.

"This hurts. It fucking hurts."

"You loved her Nay, more than anything else and that was so brave to admit it. Nay, you are so brave and strong and beautiful. Only you could love her that way." Lea said, as if she was from another dimension.

"Come on, let's put you to bed,"

"I wil be going to Puerto Rico. I don't want to see them." Naya said, not recognizing the two girls' existence.

"But, you said yes to her."

"I know Dianna, after it, don't even bother barging into this place because I won't be here." It was the longest Naya had spoken.

Dianna just nodded. She just held onto Naya. She doesn't even have any idea what could happen after it. She just wished that Naya would be doing the right thing.