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-:- Prologue -:-

The leaves rustled through the trees outside the Harper Lofts complex, wind whistling as it swirled close to the ground. The air was unusually warmer for the early September night in Rosewood, though no storm was brewing at all. Except for one.

The cramped loft kitchen smelled deliciously of the pork belly which was currently searing in the skillet along with fragrant herbs and shredded ginger. But this was not the source of the steam in the room.

"Caleb," squealed Hanna Marin.

Suckling on the tip of his girlfriend's earlobe, Caleb Rivers smiled before pulling away. "Say it again."

She squirmed and shrugged his hands off her shoulder before his hot breath could taunt her her once more. "I've said it at least four or five times since I've even been here, I think it's enough." She continued chopping the carrots in front of her.

"Once more won't kill you,"

Hanna sighed. "Dong Po. You happy?"

"Not quite. Say it like you know I want to hear it." he purred.

At this, Hanna spun around. Sighing, she took his face in her hands, humoring him once more. "Dong...Po." she whispered in a low, sexy voice, popping the 'p' for exaggeration.

"Much better." he replied quickly, trying to mask the arousal in his voice.

The couple, well Hanna at least, was attempting to finish preparing their dinner, a little recipe they'd learned in cooking class two months prior. However, Caleb's insistence to cook up something a little different was beginning to hold them back.

School had started that morning, meaning there was no homework yet assigned. They wanted to spend one last, romantic night together before they were unwillingly immersed in academics, friends, college prep, and any other priorities the year would toss out at them.

Returning to her perfectly seasoned pork, Hanna proceeded to flip the pieces over to ensure both sides were being cooked properly and evenly. It was slowly becoming harder for her to focus on the meal preparation, for the sound of sultry music loomed into her ears, the source being the vintage record player residing in the corner of the other side of the loft.

"I... I snatched some of my mom's pinot before I left," she looked up at Caleb who was lounging on his futon by the record player. "I read that it goes really well with pork..."

Try as she may, Hanna couldn't shake the feeling over her overwhelming desire which continued growing inside her. This was supposed to be a special night. They were going to enjoy this meal, maybe get a little tipsy, and just enjoy each other. Or so she thought. Caleb had other plans, however.

This is like, the fourth time we've made this, thought Hanna. Maybe just for tonight, we can skip dinner. The pork's a little overcooked as it is.

"What if we just...skipped to dessert?" Caleb looked up from his technology textbook to see Hanna standing over him, bottle of wine in her hand. Floored and wide-eyed, he sat up and gulped. "I'll take that as a yes," she purred.

They shared the wine, each taking long sip after even longer gulps. The space between them was growing smaller and smaller. And soon, the bottle was dry.

Caleb leaned over and laid his lips on top of the blonde's, giggling a bit from the effects of the alcohol. His hand rested gently on her flushed cheek while his other hand moved up and down her bare thigh, tickling it softly. Hanna smiled into the kiss, allowing his tongue to meet her own, her hands around his waist and tugging at his t-shirt. She pulled away suddenly "Off, clothes off." she breathed. As he too caught his breath, Caleb ripped his shirt off and undid the belt on his jeans.

"You too, missy." he gave her a look. She obeyed and reached behind her to unzip her dress, shimmying it down her body and kicking it to the floor. Gasping, she remember that she had not been wearing a bra that day, since the dress had padding. Neither had she been wearing underwear, but that was supposed to be a surprise as well. Caleb glanced at her topless upper half and licked his lips. "I like how prepared you are tonight," he whispered.

Stripped down to his boxers, he laid back down next to Hanna, kissing her tenderly. Feeling her shudder against him, he felt himself grow rock hard. "Do you want me, Han?" he purred. She nodded rapidly in response. "That's good, cause I sort of want you just as badly." he said as he propped himself above her, leaning down and giving her one last kiss before they went further.


"Hanna, if you cut school one more time, I'm going to turn off the power, deactivate your cellphone and lock the garage door." Ashley Marin's voiced bellowed through her daughter's bedroom door. "I know it's been a hard week for you, what with...him and all, but this is not the way you deal with things. I think you're healed." She continued to bang after getting no answer.

On the other side of the door, Hanna sat on the foot of her bed, attempting to pull her skinny jeans over her ass. "Mom, I'm coming, just give me a minute to get ready." she replied, becoming flustered. She was obviously going to school, it had just taken her longer to pull herself out of bed. She went to bed at 8:30 the night before because she had been exhausted, but she felt just as tired when her alarm went off at 7:45 earlier that morning.

She waited until she could no longer hear the fading click of Ashley's heels on the wood floors to stand up and tug harder on the waistband. The skinny jeans she had bought for the start of the school year were not cooperating with her for the second time that week. What the hell? These are brand new. She thought to herself, They were too big when I bought them, too! This is impossible!

She padded across her room to her closet, throwing the jeans in the clothes basket and reaching for a maxi dress instead. Much to her dismay, the instant she pulled the dress straps over her shoulders Hanna noticed a pressured feeling on her boobs, something she wasn't exactly used to, and also something that she hadn't felt the day before, either.

After putting on a light layer of make up, she was down the stair and out the door before her mother could say goodbye.


The hallways of Rosewood Day smelled annoyingly of bleach and cafeteria food. What was once a tolerable scent to Hanna was now irritating her so extremely she had to breathe through her sweater sleeve as she stood at her locker.

"Morning, Hanna!" a cheerful voice chirped from the locker just right of her own. This cheerful voice belonged to none other than the morning glory herself, Emily Fields. Someone's in a good mood.

Hanna closed her locker to meet her friend's face. "Hey,"

Emily saw the look on her face and frowned "What's up with you?" she asked.

Hanna sighed, bringing her palm up to rest on her forehead "Nothing," she murmured. "Just not feeling quite myself this morning."

"Aw, sorry, kiddo." said Emily who turned back to her locker.

Hanna brought her messenger bag, filled with books, over her shoulder. The pressure from all the books weighed down the sack, which caused the strap to bear down on her chest. "Fuck." she breathed, causing her friend to look back at her.

"What the hell" Emily looked taken aback. "What happened?"

She sighed "I don't know, my bag's strap pulled on my boob and it hurt like hell for some reason." Hanna rubbed casually at her breasts, not caring about how it must have looked to students passing by. "Can we just get to class?" she asked impatiently.

"Yeah, sure. Just come with me to the restroom a minute, I need to buy a tampon. Do you have any quarters?"

"Here," said Hanna, reaching into her bag and taking one out for her "Use mine, I haven't needed it yet."

Emily took it from her hands quickly before stashing it in her purse. "What do you mean you haven't needed it? You're always, like, right in the middle of your crimson wave when I'm just starting mine."

Hanna brushed the comment off casually, following her friend into the ladies room. On the walls of the bathroom were posters the Rosewood health department had donated. On the posters were pictures of different rashes and such. While she waited, she skimmed the wall, stopping on the third poster. Her heart dropped with realization. This particular poster consisted of the importance of safe sex and STD's. At the bottom was a diagram of the inside of a womb and a public service type message on teen pregnancy. Beside the diagram was a list of symptoms including irritability, bloating and weight gain, chest tenderness and a late menstrual cycle.

Hanna gasped, "Oh, shit."

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