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Like a river flows surely to the sea,

Darling so it goes, some things were meant to be.


"Babe, you'll never guess what came in the mail today!" Hanna Rivers called out.

"Mommy!" a toddler's voice sang from around the corner. Hanna crept towards it and entered the kitchen of her and Caleb's two-bedroom apartment. The couple lived in Greenwich Village in Claudia's old apartment from when she had first married Stephen. It was cramped, but cozy. Plenty of room for the little family. They enjoyed the atmosphere though it was quite a stretch from what they were used to in Rosewood, but nonetheless it was now home.

"Hey, Coop." she bent over and kissed the boy's dark wisps of hair. After arguing over it many times, Hanna had finally caved and let her son keep his long hair. Only because it reminded her of his father. Cooper giggled and shoved a spoonful of Spaghettios in his tiny mouth and did what he could to keep it all in his mouth.

"Whoa, buddy. Gotta take smaller bites." the mom laughed as she pulled his bib up to wipe his face. It then occurred to her that her husband still wasn't around, so she finished cleaning Cooper's hands and mouth before lifting him out of his high chair and making her way into the living room.

Caleb was on the phone, no doubt with one of his co-workers or a classmate. He looked up at her and smiled, pointing to the phone and turning around. She giggled and set Cooper on the floor with his toys. She walked down the hall to change out of her work clothes.

Fridays were always a busy day at the Rivers residence. Caleb had classes until eleven before heading to his internship, and Hanna worked until five, then she would snatch Cooper from nursery school and the three of them would spend the evening together. She was an assistant to the Editor at Glam Magazine. She did mostly little things like coffee runs and secretary work. It was much like Devil Wears Prada, except the fact that her boss, Calista, was an absolute angel. The hours weren't awful and the pay was spectacular, not to mention the amazing benefits.

After changing into one of Caleb's NYU sweatshirts and yoga pants, Hanna excitedly traipsed back into the main room. "Baby, guess what came in the mail!" she repeated eagerly.

"Okay, but first," He smiled and walked over to her, taking her face in his hands and pressing a gentle kiss on her mouth and cheek. After the exchange, he pulled away and smirked. "What came in the mail that's got you so excited?"

She scrambled to the kitchen counter and grabbed the metallic black envelope, running back and leaping onto the leather couch by the furnace. Clearing her throat dramatically, she read, "Dearly beloved, you are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of Aria Marie Montgomery and Ezra Michael Fitz on Saturday, the seventh of October, at six o'clock in the evening!"

"Awesome, finally they're tying the knot." he replied over his wife's pitchy squealing.

Soon the blonde calmed down and sat back on the couch with her husband. "Do you remember our wedding?" she sighed, resting her head on his chest.

"Considering it was just over a year ago, yes I do." he chuckled.


A wedding the week before Christmas had always been a dream of Hanna's. Big, festively dressed trees on either side of the altar, golds and pearls dancing from the ceiling. But now it wasn't just a dream anymore. No, this was real. Hanna Marin was about to marry the love of her life, Caleb Rivers, in the perfect, most romantic setting she could ever think possible. Of course, Tom was signing the checks so she could thank him for that later.

The December chill frosted over the peaceful evergreen trees that dressed the outside of the historic O'Malley Inn on the square. Yes, a winter wedding was not the most suitable idea the residents of Rosewood, Pennsylvania had ever concocted, but it was all she could picture on her wedding day and people would just have to accept the weather.

Luckily for their guests, the terrace where the ceremony was being set up was coated in a thick, tent-like canopy to shield guests from the light snowfall. The area around the rows of seating was lined with tall heating lamps to keep a reasonably warm room temperature.

Hanna sat idly in her dressing room, dressed in only her undergarments, as her four bridesmaids danced busily around the room helping Ashley sort out the pieces to the bride's attire. She blew a loose curl from her face and checked the clock on the wall. Thirty-four more minutes until she would become Mrs. Caleb Rivers.

As bored as she was watching her friends and family endure the hustle and bustle of getting everything together in the last minutes before showtime, she was okay. There was a sense of peace within her as she lounged on the quilted chaise lounge. Cooper had visited her earlier, with Toby, both dressed in their tuxes. She had gotten time to play with him and remind him where he was and what was happening today. Fifteen minutes ago, Spencer finally dug her claws out of her boyfriend long enough to let him escape back to finish getting ready with the rest of the groomsmen, Cooper in tow.

Quietly, Ashley walked over to where Hanna was. She smiled and quickly wiped a tear which slipped down her face. The dress she had carefully picked out was laid out at the foot of the lounger in front of her.

It was elegant, yet simple. Everything Hanna had hoped for. When she, Ashley, and the girls had gone shopping for it in September, Hanna thought she was looking for something completely different. She had picked out a sleek lace a-line dress with a sweetheart neck, perfect for her. She didn't want too much bling, or too much extra dress; or so she had thought.

Little did she know she would be leaving the bridal salon with the most gorgeous dress she could ever imagine. Upon arriving at the boutique, the sales woman brought out her first choice. When she tried it on, she loved it. She looked great in it, but something wasn't quite right. She couldn't put her finger on it at first, but later decided that it was too modern for her. Too plain, just not Hanna.

Absolutely devastated afterwards, the women were about to leave and start from scratch to find the perfect gown once again, but something stopped them. In the corner of the showroom, there stood a rack with just one dress hanging. Claudia had spotted it first, thinking it was so much like what she pictured her soon-to-be daughter in. Not wanting to spoil the bliss Hanna radiated when first arriving, she chose not to point it out. But when she saw the hurt in the girl's expressions, it was soon apparent that it was worth a try.

Hanna was unsure at first, she really had thought the last gown was the one, and being let down so soon was daunting. She tried it on, just to please Claudia. Yet when she stepped into it and the consultant fastened every last button on the bodice, it hit her. The sweetheart neckline fit her chest to a T, and the tulle that hung from her waist was like a fluffy dream- perfect for the winter nuptials. To top it all off, the crimson ribbon which elegantly wrapped around her belly button area reminded her of how perfect it would look with the colors of the wedding. After twirling around in the dressing room, the women gathered around for the big reveal. When Hanna stepped out, there was silence. The girls gasped and awed and gawked at the vision in white. Ashley started sobbing almost instantly; this was the dress.

"When that boy sees you in this dress, honey you will need to lock this up before he ravages it off of you." Complimented Aria as she delicately fastened the back. "And this is perfect, because I don't know what I'd do if you had chosen one of those with the mile-long train that weighs the size of five elephants." Added the maid of honor, Emily.

Hanna and Emily had been through so much together already, so it was only fit that she chose her. Plus, she wasn't sure when she would get to be a maid of honor again, being that Spencer was set to be Aria's, Melissa was going to be Spencer's (as per special request from her parents, though she didn't mind). Of course the dark-haired woman had accepted right away.

The bridesmaids plus Emily looked dazzling in their modest dressed. They were all golden with a flared skirt that hit their knees. Emily's dress was a little different, though, hers had a burgundy ribbon around the waistline to match Hanna's.

As they primped once final time, Hanna began to grow nervous, and before long, dizzy. She tried to take slow, soothing breaths to appease the nerves. The wedding coordinator that Claudia had hired hastily plucked at the tulle skirt to get it to puff out more. The meticulousness of the way his fingers worked made Hanna's head spin. She reached over and tightly grasped the back of the chaise, fanning herself.

"You okay?" Spencer asked.

"I don't know. Why is it so damn hot in here?"

"Uh, there's a fire in the fireplace..."

Hanna swallowed hard and strained her neck. "Well it feels like its a billion degrees in here!"

Spencer began to panic as well. "Okay, okay."

"Ladies, ladies, it's show time!" Asher, the wedding planner, announced.

"Oh, thank God!" Spencer cried.

As they slowly walked down each step from the penthouse suite to the terrace entrance, there was luckily so sign of groomsmen. Hopefully they had already made it to the altar.

They had just rounded another flight of stairs when Hanna stopped abruptly. "I can't do this!"

"What?" Asked her mother. "Yes, you can and you're going to-"

"Mom, shut up."

"Let me handle this," Emily suggested. She handed the skirt of the gown carefully to Aria and moved down the stair to be next to Hanna. She grabbed both of her shoulders and shook them. "You can do this, Han. You've waited so long to do this. You are so lucky to be doing this, and with the love of your life. Caleb is the one, isn't he?"

Hanna nodded.

"Right, so now it's time to smile, and be happy, and enjoy this. Because its happening today, right now. And it's going to be wonderful. He's going to be wonderful." She finished willfully.

The bride waved her hands in her face, trying to fan the tears. "Okay, okay. Let's do this." She smiled.

The women finished their descent down the stairs and to the holding area.

Cooper sat in his little ring bearer wagon, alert. Hanna's cousin's two daughters, Grace and Florence danced around with their baskets that overflowed white rose petals. Jamie and Clay played shy around the two little girls, something the photographer thought was adorable and snapped pictures of.

Asher appeared once again and paraded around the body of women, shouting directions every which way.

Soon, it was time to begin. Caleb and the grooms men all entered from the side door, adjacent to the altar. They all lined up. He didn't have many in his party, just Toby, Jason, Lucas, and Ezra. They'd all sort of formed a manly bond, despite their immense differences.

As the violin version of Marry Me by Train was plucked out beautifully by Ted's church orchestra, the wedding party on Hanna's end began entering. Clay came first, holding a sign that read "Here Comes Your Girl" which left not a dry female eye in the room. Right behind him was Jamie who carefully pulled the tiny wagon with Cooper inside. They both got to the end of the aisle before following Asher's directions and sitting in the first row with Claudia and Stephen. Then Jamie was waved over by Caleb, who wanted the kid up front with him.

Next were Grace and Florence, each taking their precious time with their descent. Florence, being just shy of three years old, stopped at one point to pick up some of her big sister's petals out of pure confusion. This too brought a nice chuckle out of the already giddy guests. Hanna's cousin, Lila lured Florence who was on the verge of tears to the pew with Clay, and Grace kept going until she reached the altar and took her spot next to Jamie.

Finally it was time for the final entrances. First was Aria, who took her time gliding past the guests, flashing smiles both ways and winking at her boyfriend. Then it was Spencer's turn. She put on her elegant Hastings grin and slowly made her way to the spot next to Toby. Emily was last. She suddenly got stage fright though, and hastily tiptoed to her spot in the front as well.

The music ended. Trying her best not to hyperventilate and pass out, Hanna stepped up to the open doors, meeting Tom. They linked arms shakily and he whispered how proud he was of her, even though it was hard for him to let go. "You still have Kate," she teased.

The instrumental version of "So Close" began from the orchestra. The father/daughter duo slowly walked one foot at a time, down the glittery, white carpet. With every smile they passed, Hanna thought of how lucky she was to have so much support. When she was pregnant, it was like she had been exiled from all society. Yet as she spotted every close relative, and every old friend, she realized that no matter what mistakes someone can make, people will always be there to forgive you.

She tried her hardest to avoid Caleb's stare; she wasn't about to ruin her makeup before the wedding had even begun!

When they reached the altar, Ted smiled and asked "Who gives this woman to this man?"

"Her mother and I do." Stated Tom.

"We shall proceed." He continued. "This evening, on this beautiful Saturday in December, I welcome each and every one of you to the bringing together of these two young souls. Tonight, they will become one. I ask that if anyone have any sort of objection, they should speak now or forever hold their peace."

There was a refreshing note of silence in the air, as no one willed to step up. Everyone seemed to be on their side.

"Excellent. Now, I ask you, Caleb and Hanna, that you two understand the pledge you're taking today. These vows shalt not be broken. Even when darkness and anger, or betrayal lurk. These vows are the foundation of your love and promise to keep one another for the rest of your lives. Are you ready to accept that duty?" The couple nodded.

Ted smiled. "Wonderful. Now shall we go ahead to the vows?"

Caleb was first. He drew in a shaky breath, hands however stayed still. "Hanna, the first time I laid eyes on you, in the parking lot of Rosewood Day, it was like seeing a dream standing right in front of me. I tried to play myself off as ruthless bad boy, but only was I trying to hide my feelings from you." He stopped to clear his throat, though tears weren't present. "And you talked to me, and it was like an angel speaking to me, and then we kissed for the first time and I knew that I would never be the same. You and our son are the most precious things to me in this world, and this is my promise to you that I will keep forever. I love you."

Now Hanna was in tears, something that she had expected, but didn't know would affect her so as much as they did. She dabbed her tears with the handkerchief Ashley had gifted her with that morning and caught her breath. "Caleb," she whimpered. "You are my everything, my sun, my moon, my stars. You're my always. And my forever. When I was younger, I thought the only person who could ever love me the way you do was, well, me." She stated simply, shrugging off the laughter. "But you have showed me how to be a better person. For you, for our son, for everyone. And now I promise to you that I will forever feel this way, and act this way as long as you're loving me, as long as forever takes."

He reached out and wiped her tear with his thumb before glancing up at Ted again. Ted announced that it was time for the rings, and Emily have Caleb's to Hanna, while Toby handed Hanna's ring to Jamie, who passed it on to Caleb.

"Hanna, I'd like you to repeat after me." She nodded. "I Hanna Elise,"

"I Hanna Elise,"

"Take you Caleb Alexander to be my lawfully wedded husband."

"Take you, Caleb Alexander to be my lawfully wedding husband. In sickness in health, good times and bad, forsaking all others."

Hanna repeated her part with a watery smile and when it was time, she slowly placed the silver band on Caleb's finger. Soon enough, it was Caleb's turn. He gently placed her ring on her hand and squeezed of gently.

"By the power vested in me, under god, and the state of Pennsylvania, I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Caleb A. Rivers." He chuckled. "You may now kiss the bride."

At this, Caleb smiled and reached for Hanna's face, taking both her cheeks in his hands and bringing her to his lips, kissing her lovingly and tender. She smiled through the kiss, her tears rolling down her face, mixing with Caleb's own. In that moment, everything was perfect.

The reception was small; held in the ballroom on the same floor as the terrace. The ceiling was draped in all Christmas decorations. Elegant ornament bulbs hung lightly from the holly and spruce that clung to the rafters. The ceiling was a beautifully stained wood paneling.

The walls were snow-white, and the modern aura greatly paired with the decor.

Hanna and Caleb danced the first time as man and wife to "For You" by Angus and Julia Stone. Then there was a father daughter dance, followed by the mother son dance, which Hanna and Cooper adorably took part of.

At the end of the night, the bride and groom made their grand exit, both incredibly buzzed from the beverages they'd consumed. The wedding party and family and friends all blew bubbles as they exited the ballroom back up to the newlywed suite the next floor up, kissing the entire journey up. Caleb couldn't control himself as he shoved Hanna up against the wall of the elevator and kissed her passionately. They almost didn't make it to the room with their clothes still on.

The rest of their night was mesmerizing. Hanna had never experienced such gentle, slow, passionate loving in her entire life; and never had she felt so close, so bonded to someone than she did to Caleb. And the word husband hung over his name like a beautiful label which would never fade away.

Life was perfect.

- We will walk out of this darkness
Feel the spot light glowing like a yellow sun
And when we fall we fall together, until we get back up and we will rise as one -

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