Author's note: There are details in this story that don't follow what is canon about the games and manga, such as a 17 year old on his adventure... I just don't see a 10 year old boy have a major love interest or know anything complicated about travel other than "GO THAT WAY". I think its more realistic with a more mature protagonist, but you'll get the best of the world you're used to when I introduce my second protagonist, next chapter. So without further adieu, please enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoy writing it. If it even piques your interest a little bit just keep reading, i promise you'll enjoy it!

Chapter 1

It's around 4:00 when Jacob slowly walks out of the Pokemon Center and crosses the road. As he walks, a small green creature scurries across the road behind him. The Bulbasaur was never one to realize something quickly, but it was more than doing its job right. The grass pokemon and the now 17 year old boy had known eachother for a few months now, and it had just helped Jacob capture his second Kanto badge in Cerulean City. Although the Bulbasaur wasn't his first pokemon, Jacob still liked the little bud a lot. He called it back into its Great Ball, and gently said, "Good work today." Then he slowly started walking in the direction of Saffron City.

He is a tall, somewhat muscular teenager, with short black hair and hazel eyes wearing only sweatpants and a loose-fitting t-shirt. He had decided long ago that he was going to be a great pokemon battler, and possibly make it as a gym leader one day. He heads towards Vermilion as he wants to quickly gain his third badge; but knew he would have a tough time only with a Bulbasaur, a Beldum he had received in a trade with his friend from the Hoenn Region, and his first pokemon, which was a gift from his parents as a baby, Munchlax. He especially loves the normal and steel types; He idolizes the gym leaders Norman and Whitney for their utmost skill as normal pokemon trainers. His favorite trainer though was none other than Steven Stone: the famous ex-Champion archaeologist who ran Steel type pokemon better than anyone else. He relished the thought of meeting someone he had worshipped since seeing his epic battles as a Champion on television, and hoped to somewhere along his travels.

As he left the town, he let the Munchlax he held dear out of its Pokeball. It materialized in front of him, looking groggy, and sleepy.

"C'mon Munch, we got some work to do today," said Jacob, as they begin walking down the long dirt path. The Munchlax sluggishly followed his owner step by step, stopping occasionally to admire some of the fruit in the nearby trees. Jacob begins shouting from ahead to stop dawdling and hurry, they were nearing their first destination. It is a large house with an even larger fenced-out area behind it. He can see many different pokemon froclicking together in the grass and man-made lakes built by the owners of the pokemon day-care center. You can also see an older man, who looked to be in his late 60's, filling up bowls with several different kinds of pokemon feed, and a younger woman, who looks quite possibly to be the older man's daughter (she was actually his daughter-in-law), filling buckets with water so the pokemon had some clean water to drink. There are a few exotic pokemon not native to Kanto behind the fence, most notably a Turtwig and a Mime Jr. that were playing with a Litwick.

Jacob sees the old man and begin talking to him, asking about his how his friend Leonard's Poochyena is doing. The man responded with a firm nod and an assuring, "He's doing great, he loves all the other pokemon here!"

Jacob's friend, Leonard, was always a bit slow when it came to training his pokemon, but always took the best care of his pokemon. Leonard was the son of the younger woman who was now filling bowls with the water from the buckets she filled earlier. He inherited his mother's black hair and brown eyes, but his excitedness and pokemon-know how came from his father's side of the family, who originally ran the day-care center. His good side was knowing how to love a pokemon; he always knew exactly how to please it. He also memorized all of the varioius pokemon's different quirks and natures and can connect with them at a level Jacob could only hope to attain. It was amazing what a 16 year old could do when he puts his mind to it.

Surely enough as Jacob turns to leave, a boy as tall as Jacob wearing blue jeans, and a striped T-shirt comes barreling out of the house with his pokemon egg in hand, exclaiming "LOOK! LOOK JACOB! ITS STARTING TO GLOW!"

The small pink and white egg indeed began glowing. First it was a soft, white light extenuating from the tips, then the light made its way towards the middle from both ends as it grew in intensity. After a small flash of brightness there was no more egg, but instead a small egg-shaped pokemon. It jumped up into the air happily and shouted for joy as it hugged the face of its first friend. "Wow! Who knew a pink egg would turn out to be a Happiny! I thought for sure it would've been a dopey Slowpoke!"

"Yes that is something Lenny," Jacob said as the pink puffball continually jumps up and down in Len's hands.

Len turns back towards the house and yells, "Look! It's so adorable! Right sis?" That's when a slender figure, clad in cargo-shorts and a light blue tanktop, who was only slightly shorter than Jacob turns out from the house. She has brownish-blonde hair, cut down to her shoulders, and beautiful grey-green eyes that you could see clearly though her oval glasses. She smiles and skips over to the Happiny in her brother's hands and awe-inspired let out a long "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! IT'S SOOOO CUTE!" She patted its little head and giggled along with the adorable creature. She asked adorably if she could keep it, and mock-cried when her brother refused straight off. It was hard to believe she was the same age as Jacob.

"Knock it off Alex!" pleaded Len as he holds the newborn away from his older sister. In the confusion, the Munchlax awakes from its improvised slumber, and decides to watch this new form of entertainment over getting some shut-eye he didn't need. It liked the idea of a new pokemon causing some mischeif, and started to laugh as chaos ensued between the siblings. After a few minutes, Alex decides to finally give up and hops the wooden fence to play with the pokemon. She begins to pet an Azumarill that obviously belongs to her, and at the same time fed it some pink pokeblocks. Although primitive, she knew the pink pokeblocks raised the cuteness of a pokemon. She wants to enter contests and not have to stay at home to raise pokemon that weren't hers. As much as she loved pokemon in general, she only held a true eye for her own adorable ones.

Jacob nervously skwaks up words towards Alex and says "Hey, i'm headed t-towards Viridian, and I know Saffron is having a c-contest soon, so I was wondering... Do you want to come with me?"

She sighs and says "I'd like to but my parents want me here" and makes an adorable pout.

After about a half hour of talking with Leonard and Alex he decides to leave for Saffron City with Munchlax in tow. He was walking for about a half-hour southward and noticed something, off... he had gained a visitor. It must have gotten away from its group and started to follow Munchlax knowing of its normal-type counterpart. The Togepi probably had followed him from the daycare. It wasn't a short walk away, so he picked up the little thing, and it began to wail. This woke Munchlax from its daydreaming and sent it into a tizzy as well. Jacob says to the hyper-active Munchlax, "Dude, calm down. We'll just bring this back to the daycare," and that calms it down a bit somehow.

When he returned he saw Alex playing with her pokemon. He beckoned her from the other side of the fence and she jumped up and squealed from fright. After taking a few deep breaths she walked over and slapped him exclaiming, "You scared me!"

Jacob began laughing, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!"

Alex saw the Togepi in Jacob's arms, and asked innocently, after another long and drawn out fawning over its adorable smile, "Awwwww! Where'd you get it!"

"I found it along the side of the road following me, I thought it came from here so I came back to return it."

"But..." Alex frowns, "We didn't have a Togepi staying with us..." She holds a thought for a second, then smiles and says, "If you don't want it can I keep it!"

With a smile on his face he said, "No, i think i'm gonna keep the little thing," as he looks down at the now sleeping Togepi in his arms. He reaches into his bag and pulls out a black pokeball with gold trim. Alex gasps loudly at the Luxury Ball asking Jacob, "Where in the world did you get such a ball?"

He explains, "My grandfather gave it to me. He said to use it for a special pokemon." He softly touched it to the Togepi's head and it silently dematerializes and enters the ball. The ball shakes, and then stops, signaling the successful catch. He gingerly returns the ball to its bag and looks down at Munchlax. It fell asleep again. He decided to return it to its ball, reasoning that it got enough excersise today. As the sun sets behind him it shines brightly on Alex's face; Jacob has a mini-heart attack because the sun looks so beautiful reflecting from Alex's eyes.

She breaks his concentration on her face when she says, "Well congratulations on the Togepi, I hope it's happy with you!"

Jacob looks into her eyes, "There's nothing to worry about. I'll treat it as well as I'd treat... never mind it."

"Treat what?"

"Nah forget it Alexandra."

She giggles at the use of her full first name.

"Well i'll be off then"

"Wait, don't you need something to eat?" He hesitates, then continues on down Route 5 and says, "No, I'll be fine, thanks anyways!"

"Be safe Jacob!"

"Don't worry, I will!" He smiled as he continues walking away. Luxury ball in hand. "I think i'll name you something... Hmm...

"Alexandra is a nice name for a cute pokemon..."