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Chapter 86 : Mission Accomplished & The Hunter

"So what's our next mission?" Jacob asks Olaf as they move across the city, back to their base.

"We'll figure it out when we get back. First let's make sure these pokemon get to the base."

Rounding the corner towards the main boulevard, the three have to stop. A small convoy of trucks, all with the giant red R on them are coming down the road. Olaf curses under his breath.

"I thought this was tomorrow!"

"What is it man?"

"It's a shipment from the main headquarters, it's all technology and weapons for the grunts in all of Johto. You asked for a second mission? Well it starts now. Bill, take these pokeballs to base, Jacob, you're with me." Bill takes an alternate alley to get around the road, while the convoy begins to pass the particular alley Jacob and Olaf are in. "You got a fire-type? We need an explosion."

"It isn't a fire-type, but it'll get the job done."

"Aim for the middle truck," which was about to pass at this moment. "NOW!" Jacob dropped his Safari Ball and a giant floating metal construct came out of it. Quickly, it hurled a Zap Cannon at the middle truck, causing a massive explosion. Yelling and screaming from the direction of the trucks alert the Rockets, and sirens across the city begin to go off.

"So much for a friggin stealth mission! Let's do this!"

"Magnezone, Thunder!" Jacob's Magnezone aimed where he pointed, striking the first truck with a huge bolt of lightning, causing another massive explosion. Olaf and Jacob were protected by the walls of the alley, but the Rockets in the road weren't. The few who had water types were able to put themselves out, but were too late to even think about rescuing any others. They were very scared and confused, and had no idea what was going on in the slightest.

"…What were in those trucks again?"

"Weapons, explosives, guns, things that cannot make it onto the streets of our city."

The screams from the burning trucks begin to die down. Sirens blare all over the city. More and more grunts come to inspect the wreckage.

"Come on, we have to leave. Now." Olaf grabs Jacob by the collar and pulls him down the alley. Jacob had mixed feelings about the situation, knowing that he had just brutally killed several men and women. He could justify it by telling himself that it was team rocket, so it's okay.

"HEY, THERE THEY ARE!" Olaf led Jacob down an alley containing 3 grunts headed towards the crime. "WE FOUND THE REBELS!" They pull out four pokeballs, but Bisharp was able to react fast enough to chop down two of them, using the move Night Slash. They fell in heaps among themselves while the other two sent out fierce looking pokemon that would only get blown away by a Thunder from Magnezone. The two ran down another tight alley towards a main road.

"I hope you like to swim boy!"

Bisharp sprinted ahead into the middle of the road, and tore a man hole cover off of the concrete. Jacob returned Magnezone to its ball and quickly shoved it into his pocket. It jumped in first followed by the two members of the rebellion, leaving Olaf to close it over their heads. The ladder led down to the dirty sewer, where almost knee-high sewage seeped into Jacob's shoes, socks, and pants. It was a small price to pay for their escape. Jacob still couldn't get over the events of not even three minutes ago, and dredged through the muck slowly behind the grown man.

"Don't worry about it too much kid. they're evil. They had it coming to them."

"One of them was a girl." Jacob had seen her face through the passenger side window. "She couldn't have been more than 20 years old."

"They knew that this would happen-"

"Dying while driving a car doesn't just happen Olaf! I killed those people…"

"You killed them to save the lives of others. If they had gotten those weapons how many buildings do you think would have collapsed. How many innocent men and women do you think would have been tortured and killed?"

Jacob was silent, sulking behind him.

"What you did was good. It was a good thing."

"She had a family…"

"Everyone has a family, kid. You know what happened to mine." Jacob remembers the picture of the little girl Olaf carries with him. Jacob was lucky enough to not lose his family, but knowing that he is just as destructive as those he fights against is too much for him.

Not knowing if what he did was right or wrong, Jacob still had something to do, and that was get back safely.

What if she was going to get married? Don't think about dumb stuff like that Jacob. She was probably going to live a happy life and retire from being with Team Rocket. No. Stop it. You're just making yourself feel worse. I killed her… I was the one that commanded Magnezone to blow up the truck. You didn't know the explosion would be so big as to kill people. It isn't your fault. But it is. It's all your fault those people died. YOU killed them.

Jacob began to tear up silently, thinking that he might be in way over his head. But this is something he started… He needed to see it through.

You killed them. Things like this would happen in a rebellion. You killed them. My friends died fighting Rocket too! YOU KILLED THEM. They killed Roy and Heidi and John! YOU KILLED THOSE PEOPLE.

Back at the base, Bill had returned only 20 minutes earlier with the stolen pokemon, and while everyone was cheering about that, Olaf had announced that we had stopped a major shipment of weapons into the city as well. Everyone around was happy, except for Jacob. Olaf was in the middle of giving a speech when Jacob had to leave the table they were standing on to, "go to the bathroom." Alexandra would follow him out of the room closely behind, to clutch his arm endearingly as they crossed the threshold out of the room.

"How are you doing my hero? Tired after saving all those pokemon?"

"Hero. Pfft."

"What's the matter?"

"I…" Jacob thought for a moment, "I don't think I can tell you."

"Yes you can, you can tell me anything." She buries her head into his chest and embraces him in a hug. "I love you, you know." She stands on her tip-toes to kiss him, to which he doesn't kiss back. "What's wrong?"

Jacob broods like a character from a teenage romance story, walking further away from the room with the party, dragging Alexandra along. "In our attack on their trucks, I told Magnezone to hit the middle one with Thunder. It was filled with explosives and the truck blew up and killed several people and I just feel awful… I killed those people as mercilessly as they killed our friends…" He sits down against the wall and slouches, thumping on the floor. Alexandra kneels down next to him and gives him another big hug.

"It'll be okay. John would want you to fight against them."

"He wouldn't want to kill them."

"But he wouldn't want you to get killed either."

"No… but… It's not like that."

"I know. I can't imagine what you're going through right now. But I'm here for you. And so is Bill. We will help you."

"I don't think this is something that can be helped."

Alexandra gives him another kiss on the cheek. "I love you Jacob."

"I love you too." He grabs her, pulls himself into the crook of her neck, and begins to weep.

A speed boat slows down as it approaches a small dock. The area is full of life, but not nearly as great as it was before. Some of the trees had died since then, and it seems a lot of pokemon have moved out. He had heard the destruction was bad, but luckily it didn't hit his precious home. He would tie the boat to the dock where a few Surskit were passing by. He was upset with many things: one being that his expedition was unsuccessful, coming back with no rare pokemon, another is the fact that his homeland was destroyed in the year that he had left his home, and the fact that he couldn't do anything about it.

The tall, muscular man in a trench coat tromped down a wooded path, his Furret coming out of its ball and hopping down the road with it. Even it could sense that something had changed drastically, but it didn't see the destruction while going past Pallet Town, or Vermillion. The man's boots were still caked in mud, sand, swamp water, and whatever else they came across in Hoenn while on the hunt, and they would still see a lot more work ahead of them. They've carried him through a lot, but this would be his greatest endeavor yet.

"So Furret, what do you think of Mount Silver?"

The Furret cheered and hopped up onto the man's shoulder, brushing its small face up against his beard that engulfed most of his own face.

"But this time, it won't be a pokemon we're hunting for. I've told you the story, right?" Furret nods its head, purring and giggling. "Hah, yeah." He steps up the wooden steps to the porch of a wooden cabin. He crossed the threshold in through the door and immediately turned to slouch himself onto the couch. "Let's take a short little break first. We can get going in a few days."

He kicked off his boots in two different directions and put his feet up on the table in between him and the unlit fire place. He pulled his hat over his face and said, "Turns out my little cousin might be the only one that can help us now. It's too bad he has such a dumb name. Hah, if I were him I'd leave home forever too." He laughs aloud. "Red. What a dumb name."