Hey guys! Saber here! Well a friend of mine issued me a challenge to write a crossover between one of the Persona games and one of the Disgaea games and I came up with this. the premise is that after Shinjiro died, he wound up in Evil Academy. Now he's trying to return to the world of the living, and he's willing to headbutt the Overlord in the face if that's what it takes! Also I should clarify that both the MC (Minato) and FemC (Hamuko) existed in this universe and were siblings and that the reason Shinji died is because he forgot his watch when he went to meet Ken. Right now this is just a character sheet but I hope to make a full story out of it. Also this isn't a complete character list, this is just the main characters who have already appeared in the story. Let me know what you all think.


Shinjiro Aragaki

Weapon types: Axe, Fist, Sword


All axe, fist and sword skills

Relentless assault (Shinjiro's critical attack) Description: Use your head! Range: 1 (Knocks enemy back one square)

Castor's blade (Summons Castor to strike the enemy before throwing the spearhead in his chest at them) Description: I guess the spearhead was good for something… Range: 1 (2 spaces ahead)

Might of the Earth (Shinjiro's evolved Persona strikes with fists of earth) Description: As solid as his resolve. Range: 5 (Plus formation, can strike anywhere in a 5 square radius)

Description: The hero of the story and the first to arrive in the Netherworld. The only sane one, if a little confrontational. Wants to return to life to in case Takaya tries to hurt his friends again. Was dating Hamuko Arisato before his death and was a valued member of SEES.

Takeharu Kirijo

Weapon types: Sword, Gun


All sword and gun skills

All ice spells

Twin blast (Kirijo pulls out a second pistol and repeatedly shoots a nearby enemy) Description: Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection. Range: 1 (can hit anywhere in a 9 square line)

Cold heart (Kirijo covers a rapier in ice and begins striking his opponent with it) Description: He's warm underneath. Honest! Range: 1

Frozen kingdom (Kirijo summons a golem of ice to freeze his enemies) Description: Only through coldness can we protect those we love. Range: 4 (square formation, can strike anywhere in a 6 square radius)

Description: The second to arrive in the Netherworld and the smartest of the group. Has a way with words and money. Learned fencing alongside his daughter but feels more comfortable with a pistol. Wants to return to life to see his daughter again. Has a particular talent for ice magic. Secretly a pervert.

Chidori Yoshino

Weapon types: Axe, Sword, Gun


All axe, sword and gun skills

All fire spells

All healing spells

Axe flurry (Chidori pulls out an axe on a chain, sets it on fire and strikes an enemy with it numerous times) Description: How… passionate… Range: 1 (can strike anywhere in a 4 square radius)

Drawing death (Chidori draws a Chernobog and has Medea give it life) Description: Now draw a monkey! Range: 1

Fountain of life (Chidori has Medea heal herself and others) Description: For a healer, she hurts herself a lot… Range: 13 (effects all units in a 2 square radius, including self)

Description: The third to arrive in the Netherworld. Continues to hurt herself. Responds to everything with either boredom or slight surprise. Becomes even sadder whenever she remembers Junpei. Wants to return to life so she can be with Junpei again.

Akihiro (Great Brightness)

Weapon types: Fist, Spear


All fist and spear skills

Shredder Fist (Aki repeatedly punches his enemy before hitting them with an uppercut) Description: Based on his master's kick. Range: 1

Infernal Strike (Aki summons a female fire spirit and the two repeatedly punch and kick their opponent before summoning a giant fire ball to engulf their target) Description: Awaken the fires in your soul! Range: 1

Lightning bolt fist (Akihiro summons a god of lightning who slams his fist into the enemy) Description: Wrath of the Gods! Range: 9 (square formation)

Description: A Fury Fatalist Shinjiro meets when he first enters the Netherworld. He reminds Shinjiro of Akihiko. He seeks strength but is usually too relaxed to do anything about it. Decides to help Shinjiro in his journey.

Masaru (Victory)

Weapon types: Sword


All sword skills

Black Claw (Masaru's hand is covered in a black ooze, turning it into a claw which he uses to repeatedly slash the enemy) Description: Let the darkness consume you! Range: 1

Zanmato (Masaru summons a katana with a wooden handle and sheath and slices clean through his enemy. When he sheaths his sword, the enemy suffers the damage) Description: The blade is the only truth of this world. Range: 1 (Chance of instant death)

Black Dragon (Masaru rides a dragon made of shadows directly into his opponent, slicing through them as he goes) Description: Light is overrated… Range: 1 (can strike anywhere in an 8 square radius)

Description: A Ronin and Akihiro's best friend. He is very quiet and to the point, not stopping to think his bluntness might hurt someone. Believes highly in honour despite being a demon.

Dai (Great, Large)

Weapon types: Axe, Sword


All sword and axe skills

Flying Sword (Dai throws his sword into the air, then hits it with his axe, propelling it blade first into his enemy. He then jumps forward and pulls it out of them) Description: Requires precise timing. Range: 1 (Hits three squares in front of Dai, moves Dai to directly in front of his target)

Painful Dream (Dai breathes out a cloud of smoke, engulfing his foes. Once inside, he attacks all with his blades while they desperately try to find him. After several attacks, he clears the smoke, revealing a line of explosives barrels surrounding his foes, which then detonates) Description: This won't have a happy ending. Range: 8 (Hits all foes in the eight squares around Dai)

The Bladed King (Dai summons a statue with 8 arms, 4 holding axes, 4 holding swords and it begins attacking enemies) Description: Now you can have both! Range: 5 (plus formation, can strike anywhere in a 4 square radius)

Description: A Fighter who is friends with Akihiro. He can never decide between a sword or an axe. He and Juro get along very well. Has a hatred of Monster types.

Juro (Tenth Son)

Weapon types: Gun


All gun skills

Gun Juggler (Juro pulls out three guns and starts juggling them, firing a shot at his enemy every time he catches one, before firing all three at once) Description: The ultimate form of recklessness. Range: 3 (Sideways line, two squares in front of Juro)

Cursed Bullet (Juro loads his gun with a glowing green bullet and fires it at the enemy. After a few seconds, a Chernobog bursts out of the wound, dealing huge damage as it does) Description: One shot's all he needs. Range: 1 (Can hit any of the nine squares directly in front of Juro)

Gun Reaper (Juro summons the Reaper to blast the enemy with gunfire) Description: Dive into Tarturus once more! Range: 9 (Straight line)

Description: A Gunner who is friends with Akihiro. He is very impulsive. Feels the need to prove that he's different from his many brothers and that he is the best.


Weapons: Guns, Spears, Axe, Staff


All gun, spear, axe skills and all types of magic skills from disgaea 4

Please Die For Me(Mei creates serveral white energy spheres which hit the foe, she then snaps her fingers which are glowing with black flames and the white spheres around the foe becomes black consumes the foe creating an explosion. )Description:She ain't joking... Range:3 (three tiles, star damage.)

Monochorme Duet(Mei summons another her and both proceed to crush and kick the enemy in sychoronized patterns.)Description:One was bad enough! Range:8(one tile)

Death Requiem(Mei sucks all surrounding characters into a black hole and surroud the area in the area brightens to show Mei with her wings more larger and spread then proceeds to obliberate the characters in the black hole with light and black beams.)Description:May your deaths be as painless as possible. Range:5(nine tiles,star damage.)

Appearance:Resembles Hamuko with expection of her long black hair with white streaks and bangs. Has pointy ears, piercing red eyes with slits, has a pair of wings, one black demon wing and the other one is a strange black feather wing. Wears a red torsolette with black shoulder straps, long black fingerless gloves, a black mini frilly skirt, black thigh high stockings with suspenders and laced up white boots. For accessories she wears a spiked blackleather choaker with a small chain attached to it, large white wrist cuffs on each wrist with silver spikes and chains and two with buckle belts around her waist and skirt.

Description: A strange demon and known as a diligent honour student at evil academy. One minute she can be angelic, emoitionless and blunt, the next would reveal her twisted personaliy that enjoys to tease people by bringing emotional weakness which humiliates and agonize other characters and can still be calm without a change in expression. Due to this somewhat twisted and murderous personality, many demons including Mao are afraid of her and tend to stay clear from her. Her greatest wish is to torture a human due to her curiousity in them, thus follows Shinjiro despite his attempts and threats to get rid of her, though he can't bring himself to hate her. Must be because she looks like Hamuko.