Authors notes.

Disclaimer - Unfortunately I do not own the wonder that is gone in 60 seconds (boohoo!) nor did I invent it or any of the characters.

I love gone in 60 seconds, and am guessing that as you are here you do too! So I hope you enjoy this, and that it does some kind of justice to the fabulous film that we all know and love! Please review if you get chance, I thrive on feedback and knowing that people are reading my stuff is a motivation beyond belief! Anyway, again I say ENJOY!


2 years after the death of Raymond Caletri and the infamous 50-car boost, Randall 'Memphis' Raines has finally begun to settle down. He owns a share of Otto Halliwell's garage, and also a long Island flat with his girlfriend Sara 'Sway' Wayland. He has his friends and family close by him, and lives a much quieter, happier life. Things change.