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Chapter 5

Jasper sat next to me on the bed, his eyes slowly but deliberately taking in every inch of my naked body. I didn't realize I was gripping the sheets so tightly until Jasper's hand covered mine, instantly putting me more at ease. His other hand slid across my thigh and rested just to the inside. I inhaled sharply and Jasper shushed me, leaning in to gently kiss my neck.

I could feel my dick begin to throb. Regardless of what any of this would mean later, in this moment, all thoughts were filled with my best friend and his touch.

Jasper's lips glided along my neck to my collar bone and then back up to my jaw. My patience was wearing dangerously thin. If he didn't touch me – really touch me – soon, I was going to lose my fucking mind!

"Jazz," I groaned, pulling his chin up so that our lips brushed.

"Patience, Emmett," he whispered, poking his tongue out to lightly lick my bottom lip.

Just then Jasper's hand closed around my cock. I couldn't breathe for a second. The sensation was overwhelming to say the least. It felt so fucking right to have him with me this way. Honestly, it was a little scary.

He started to slide his hand up and down, tightening a little more each time. Those beautiful green eyes were locked on mine and there was no way I was going to be able to look away; not that I wanted to anyway.

"Fuck," I drawled as his thumb grazed the tip. "Jesus, Jasper."

He laughed lightly and went back to kissing along my jaw. His movements sped and, along with it, my breathing. I was embarrassingly close to coming all over the place.

"You're so fucking hot," Jasper murmured against my neck. "I want you to fuck me so hard, Emmett."

Fucking hell, that boy was going to kill me…

"Fuck yeah, baby," I choked out, feeling that sweet release building stronger by the second.

Before I could fully register what the hell was happening, Jasper was on his knees, replacing his hand with his mouth. God, that mouth; he was talented with it, that's for sure. His head began to bob up and down and my fingers involuntarily moved into his hair.

"Oh fuck, Jasper…yeah baby." I began to pant, my head lolling back. "God, you feel so good."

Jasper looked up at me through his eyelashes, his mouth still wrapped around my dick. Holy shit, those eyes…

"Dammit, I'm…I'm gonna…fuck, I'm gonna come," I managed only seconds before the thick streams shot down my best friend's throat.

He gagged a little but took it all like a fucking champ. He didn't miss a drop.

There was absolutely nothing left. Nothing on his lips or chin and certainly nothing left in my lap.

…So, why the hell did I feel wet?

I shot straight up in bed, the dream still fresh and vivid in my mind. The room was still dark and I heard Jasper's slow and even breathing from the bed across from mine.

Good. He was still sleeping. At least I wouldn't have to try to explain the reason why I had been so freaked out when I woke up or why the sheets were covered in my fucking jizz.

I quietly got out of bed and snuck to the bathroom where I cleaned myself up and discarded the soiled boxers in a trash bag. After slipping on another pair of boxers, I searched the room for another set of sheets but had no luck.

"Fuck," I grumbled lowly. I went ahead and stripped the sheets, deciding I'd tell Jasper that I puked on them. He'd believe that.

After I finished that task, I elected to take a shower. I sure as hell wasn't going to get anymore sleep and I figured a shower might actually do me some good.

Standing under the warm spray of the shower, my muscles finally relaxed and I began to feel a little more normal; more like myself. My peace of mind didn't last long, though, before the thoughts crept in. The thoughts I could deal with, but the questions, the uncertainty, and the suffocating amount of feelings were going to drive me insane.

Why did Jasper look at me last night while that stripper rubbed herself all over him?

That question was confusing enough on its own without adding anything more to it.

Why didn't I look away? Did I want to look away?

I didn't have an answer for the why, but the other question, I already knew the answer to.

No. I didn't want to look away.

Of that much I could be certain. The dream was proof enough of that fact but the feelings…they were screaming at me. After last night's incident at the strip club, I reexamined the events of the last few months. As I analyzed those, other things popped up in my mind.

I remembered a time when we were 13 and I had just begun to look at porn on the internet. Jasper had spent the night, like he did almost every weekend and I thought he was asleep. I'd been sitting at my computer, dick in hand and going to fucking town when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye. I whipped my head around towards the movement and there was Jasper, propped up against the headboard of my bed staring wide eyed at me with his lips parted slightly. For some reason, I hadn't stopped jerking myself and when Jasper licked his lips, I shot my load all over the keyboard.

At the time I didn't worry about it. There were several logical reasons why I hadn't stopped when I saw him watching me, or at least that's what I told myself. Up until last night, I was content with those reasons but now I was questioning everything.

My feelings for Jasper had always been strong and, I thought, were only rooted in friendship. Now, I couldn't be sure anymore. Of course I love the guy. He's my best friend. And yeah, I've always thought he was an alright-looking dude for being a scrawny little shit. It's obviously no secret I've noticed the fucking intenseness of his eyes and judging from my dream, I've got some sort of obsession with his mouth but did that mean I found him attractive? I guess the answer was yes.

Am I gay?

I didn't have time to properly think about that before I jumped back, cursing loudly at the ice cold water that came pouring from the shower. It was only then that I heard the laugh coming from outside of my little cubicle and realized that at some point during my inner musings, Jasper had come into the bathroom to pee. The fucker thought it would be real funny to flush the toilet.

"You fucking dick!" I yelled, slamming my fist against the shower wall.

Jasper just laughed harder in return and had the fucking audacity to whistle as he left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

I didn't care to go back to the questions or feelings I'd been so consumed with earlier so I just waited patiently until the warmth came back to the water and finished my shower.

I was already thinking about ways to get the douche bag back as I dried off. Wrapping the towel around myself, I stepped out of the bathroom and headed towards my bags. Jasper was already fully dressed in a tight fitting white t shirt and some worn blue jeans. I stared a little longer at his ass than I meant to but abruptly looked away when Jasper turned around and gave me that adorable lop-sided grin of his.

Fuck! I have to stop calling him adorable. Sure, it's a real possibility I could be gay but I sure as hell wouldn't be the chick in the relationship. Relationship…why did that word make my stomach feel all funny and shit?

"Sorry about fucking with your shower," Jasper said, interrupting my thoughts. His half-assed apology only served to irritate me more than I already was.

"No, you're not," I shot back, turning my back to him as I pulled a dark grey t shirt and jeans out of my bag. I looked at him over my shoulder with a wicked grin and added, "But you will be."

The smile fell from his face pretty quickly after that. I couldn't help but laugh. Jasper knew what was up. He'd been the victim of my payback pranks enough to know I didn't play around. There would be no way to know when it was coming or what it would be. I'm a pretty creative mother fucker.

"So, what the hell happened to your bed? Did you piss yourself or something?" Jasper asked as he stuffed his dirty clothes in a separate bag.

"Nah, I puked," I answered nonchalantly, my back still to Jasper.

"Shit, dude, you okay?" he asked. It was kind of cute how he seemed concerned.

Dammit, there I go again… It was nice, not cute. Nice.

"I'm fine," I muttered as I zipped my bag back up and tossed it onto the floor. "I'm actually starving."

"Of course you are," Jasper returned, setting his bag gently in the corner next to his bed.

It was actually comical how different the two of us were. I'm messy as fuck, loud as hell, cruder than a hooker at a bible study, and I never say the right thing. Jasper is clean, quiet, and polite. He's not much for sharing his feelings either, though, so I guess we have that much in common.

"I'm a growing boy." I smiled widely at him and sat on the end of my bed. "So what's the plan for today?"

"Aren't we going to the campus today?" Jasper asked, taking a seat across from me and leaning forward so his shoulders strained against the fabric of his shirt.

"Uh…yeah, if that's okay with you."

"Yeah, I was kind of looking forward to it," he confirmed, rolling a piece of fuzz he'd picked from his bedspread in between his thumb and forefinger.

Why was simple conversation so awkward for us now?

"Okay then," I said as I tapped my foot impatiently on the floor. "So, we should probably go."

"Yeah, we should." He dropped the piece of fuzz he'd been playing with and looked at me. "But I think we need to talk first."

Confusion was the first emotion I felt, followed by suspicion, realization, and then finally, embarrassment.

Had he not been asleep this morning when I woke up from my sex dream? Oh shit…did he know it was about him? I started to panic, my mind coming up with nothing to say.

"What are you talking about?" I finally choked out while wiping a few beads of sweat from my forehead.

"I'm talking about last night, Emmett," he said, his face completely sober. "We need to talk about what happened."

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