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Carol sighed softly and hung the damp clothes on the clothesline. Daryl had gone out with Glenn and Maggie to scavange in the others stores in town this time instead of hunting. Carol knew he could take care of himself but couldn't help but worry if he was ok. Her eyes the road where their car would be coming from. They should have been back by now. What if they were overrun? Or he was killed? Or their car broke down admist a swarm of walkers?

Carol felt her chest constrict with panic until she couldn't breathe. No, she can't think that way. She looked over at Lori.

"Can you finish this up? I'm going to get some water." Carol threw her shirt over the clothesline as Lori nodded. Carol needed air and she needed to be alone. She made her way to the well. It was quiet and the sun beat down on her back as she went for the water. Something caught her eye and she turned to see a car pulling back onto the farm.

Her heart jumped as the car came to a stop.

She could see them in the distance getting out of their car, shouldering their packs filled with the stuff they took from the stores they had visited. Carol pumpd the handle of the old water pump and watched the water stream into the bucket. She picked the bucket up, leaning over at the weight as she carried it back for dinner that night. She met the group as she walked back into their little makeshift camp, but Daryl was no where to be seen.

"Hey Carol." She put the bucket down, facing Glenn's excited face. "Daryl's got something for you." He told her, pointing to his little make shift camp. She nodded and looked to Lori who looked just as excited to Glenn. They were in on something, weren't they? She rolled her eyes but turned in the direction of his camp and began to hike back that way.

When she arrived at his camp, he was no where to be seen. Where was he? Did she really just hike out here to the edge of the woods to find him and he's not even here? Glenn's gonna catch hell from her, Carol was gonna make sure of it. When she turned back around to go back, she came face to face with Daryl.

"Don't do that!" she said, giving him a slight push. "You know it scares the hell out of me when you do!" Carol could see the slight smirk on his face as he looked at her. She narrowed her eyes at his smirk. "What?" she asked him, looking him up and down.

"Nothin' I just wanted to tell you somethin." He said, reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a slim wedding band. It was silver with a diamond in the middle. Carol's heart stopped when he pulled the ring out.

"I want you, and only you until we're done in this world." He said softly, taking her hand. Carol put a hand over her mouth. He was gentle as he spoke. Carol nodded when he looked into her eyes and with trembling hands, he slid the ring onto her finger. He was shaking just as bad as she was Carol noticed. Daryl Dixon could take out a hoard of walkers no problem. Propose to a girl? He went weak in the knees.

"I have the wedding bands." He said sheepishly holding two other rings. "I needed to make sure you wanted me first though."

So it was decided. They were going to get married.

The Day of The wedding

It was hectic as everybody planned the wedding. Lori was going to cook the dinner with help from Patricia and Beth. Rick was the best man, believe it or not. Hershel was going to marry them and Carl was going to be the ring barer. Carol was aware of the looks Andrea gave her, but pushed that away. If she wanted to be mad, then fine. Daryl was hers, and Carol was making sure Andrea knew that.

Carol stood in front of the mirror, examining herself. She was wearing Hershel's deceased wife's dress. He said she could, as he had it and knew there wasn't a bridal boutquie in town for her to get a dress. He lent Daryl a nice dress shirt and some pants to wear for the day. Lori was with Carol all morning fixing the dress until it fit her small frame perfectly.

Her skin was tingling with a fresh clean feeling. Daryl and Carol were both instructed to wash up before their wedding day. Carol looked out the window. The chairs were set in the yard for everybody, a carpet set out and marked a clear path to where Hershel was going to marry them. Glenn was going to give her away, which Carol thought was hiliarious.

Shane was one of the groomsmen, even thought Daryl didn't like him that much. Carol turned back to the mirror and looked at the dress. It fell gracefully to the floor and was a milky white. The sleeves were lace and went over part of her shoulders. There was a simple design on the chest of the dress. Little pearls dotted the chest, the trail narrowing until it went down her leg, other pearls sprouting in other directions. The top of the chest was scrunched near the waist, connecting with the smooth bottom fabric.

Carol glanced at the ring she was wearing and smiled. Then to the neckalce that was wrapped around her neck.

"Show time!" T-Dog said thorugh the door. Lori smiled and opened it, taking her down the stairs to the living room where Glenn was waiting, also wearing a pair of lent dress pants and a dress shirt. He reached his arm out, interlocking his arm with hers.

"Here we go." He said, opening the door. Carol's heart sped up, fluttering when she saw Daryl, standing hands behind his back and smiling as he waited for her.

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