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His breath was hot on Carol's neck, pressing her against the dresser, pure lust driving him forward. Carol gasped as he ran his tongue down her collar bone. He couldn't go any further, as the dress was still on and Daryl had to keep from tearing the dress off of her body. He couldn't mainly because it wasn't Carol's. Her arms were wrapped around him as he started to unzip her dress. Her breath came in short pants as he slowly took the long, heavy gown off. He was teasing her, wasn't he?

He tossed it aside, turning back to her. He was still dressed, because he had started on Carol first. As she felt his tongue glide down her stomach, she began fumbling for the buttons on his shirt. She let out a gasp as he began to suck on the skin, nipping her gently. Her bra and panties were still on, but she knew Daryl would take care of the soon. She heard his heavy breathing as she gave up on the last buttons, just tearing the shirt open instead.

Daryl lifted her, only to fall to the ground, his lips still crushed against hers. His rough, calloused hands were roaming her body now, sending shivers of excitement down her spine and he rubbed the inside of her thighs. Daryl was on top of her, pressing his face into her neck, kissing the soft skin there. Carol let out a small moan of pleasure, arching her back. Daryl rolled them across the floor, his lips crushed against hers, tongue probing her mouth as he did so.

He had never wanted anybody like this. He also had never shared this with anybody else before. When they came to a stop, Carol was below him, panting as she looked into his face. He was hard now, no doubt, but he still had pants on. Those were the only things separating Daryl and Carol.

The pants had to go. Now.

Carol began unstraping his belt buckle, pulling the pants down until the were completely off . During this process, Daryl had lent down again, sucking on her bottom lip as she worked. The moans that were escaping them were probably audible all over the silent house. (Poor Hershel, Maggie, Glenn and Beth.) Daryl rolled over again, letting Carol take the top as her hands began to explore his body.

Her mouth was lowered to his cheek, where she sucked on his skin, liking the taste of the sweat from the day. Carol's hands found what they had been looking for; his shaft, which was rock hard and poking her. Daryl gasped at her touch, the gasps growing louder as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. He squirmed with pleasure, panting now as she did so, but groaned when she stopped suddenly.

That earned her a genuine Daryl Dixon glare. Unable to wait any longer, he lifted her up off the floor, letting them fall onto the bed. It was soft, but they had no time to appreciate before she felt Daryl's lips on hers. He had pulled a sheet over them, why, Carol had no clue but went with it anyways. They were both slicked with sweat, panting and groaning as they kissed.

Daryl's breathe was hot on her face as he positioned himself to enter her. She could feel his length pressing against her and she whimpered, squirming as she waited. He was taunting her, wasn't he? His hands were planted on either side of her head and she clutched to his arm, hissing in pleasure as he pushed into her. He had his head buried in her left shoulder, gasping with pleasure.

Carol bucked him add earned a gasp as he thrusted back. "Oh my GOD!" she moaned as he got the hang of it, thrusting into her more and more. The sounds coming from him where unheard of, coming from low in his gut as he worked. The sheets where still pulled over them and all Carol could see was Daryl and the creamy white of the blanket.

"Holy shit!" he gasped, thrusting into her harder. "Damn!" he said again.
"Daryl!" she gasped, gripping him closer to her, nails digging into his back. She knew that the whole world could probably hear them, but for now, she didn't care. She moaned louder, earning a groan back. The heat in the blankets made her gasp more, feeling Daryl's breath on her face as he rocked her back and forth. She knew this was going to have to end soon and she felt him grip her closer, trying to keep the connection with her just a little while longer.

"Holy fuck!" Daryl groaned, thrusting deeper and faster. The connection didn't last much longer and he pressed his forehead to hers as he came, both of them falling limp as it ended. They tried to slow their breathing, every skin cell on Carol humming with energy as he pulled out of her and moved off. They were both covered in a layer of sweat, cool air hitting them as Daryl moved the sheet back.

"Damn woman." Daryl said, out of breath. He smiled, looking over at her. Ed had never responded to sex like that, not letting her be an active participant either.
She felt his arms around her as he pulled her to him. His breath was returning as he kissed her again, holding her in his arms.

Carol knew that she was his and he was hers and nothing was going to change that.

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