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Gibbs had verified that the videos had been transferred to NCIS. Ziva stayed with Tony at Abby's apartment and Tim went with Gibbs back to the Navy Yard. Ms. Hart verified that Gibbs would not return to Abby's apartment or the hospital without contacting her, and left for the moment, assuring Gibbs that she would return to the Navy yard in a couple of hours.

Once they returned to the Navy Yard it only took a few minutes for McGee to pull up the video of the person that MPD thought was Gibbs. The suspect definitely had grey or silver hair; it was difficult to say which one because it was black and white surveillance video. Gibbs and McGee looked at the footage for only a few moments and knew it wasn't Gibbs. The hair may have been right but the person on the surveillance footage moved nothing like Gibbs.

Gibbs asked McGee to rewind the footage and focus in on the jacket. Gibbs watched as McGee ran the selected footage. "Son of a…." Gibbs let out as he moved closer to the monitor to verify that he saw what he really saw.

"Boss?" McGee asked, not sure what his boss was so angry about.

"I saw this guy, same jacket, in the coffee shop at the corner of Abby's street. Before I went to Abby's apartment. I bet he was staking out Abby's apartment to see who was going to show up!" Gibbs voice went up an octave as it always did when he was slightly excited.

"Should we put a BOLO out?" McGee wasn't sure what to do.

"No! We go to the coffee shop and see if we can lift any prints from the table the asshole was sitting at." Gibbs said as he grabbed his jacket and was halfway out of the bullpen by the time he finished. McGee was right at his heels, following him.

When Gibbs was in the elevator, he pulled out his phone and hit the speed dial for DiNozzo. When Tony answered Gibbs didn't deal with the pleasantries "We think the guy may still be at the coffee shop at the corner of Abby's block. From Abby's apartment, check to see if you can see someone sitting in the window at the coffee shop facing her apartment. Tony moved to a window in Abby's apartment where he had the right vantage point. "I see someone in a dark blue uniform and a cap."

"That's him DiNozzo! You and Ziva leave the building from the back and circle around to the coffee shop. McGee and I should arrive in about 10 minutes. Keep an eye on the bastard and we'll capture him together. If he tries to leave, get him!" Gibbs was off the phone as soon as the last words came out of his mouth.

Tony and Ziva had circled around and had the coffee shop under surveillance. They were just outside the shop when McGee and Gibbs joined them. Gibbs took a look through the window at the suspect who still seemed to be watching Abby's apartment building. "Son of a Bitch!" Gibbs said under his breath before he left his team behind and charged into the coffee shop.

Gibbs strode up to the table; the suspect was intently watching Abby's apartment building and didn't notice him. He put his hand on the shoulder of the suspect. "You are under arrest, you son of a bitch!' Gibbs slapped handcuffs on the wrist of the suspect, and then moved the handcuffs to encase the other hand of the suspect. The team had joined Gibbs by this time, on his six, but letting Gibbs do what he needed to do.

The suspect's eyes went wide. He hadn't expected anyone to figure out he was to blame for the incident. Let alone so soon.

Gibbs bent down and growled into the suspect's ear, "Hey, Chip! You thought we were that stupid?" then he pulled the handcuffed man to his feet.

"I was just sitting here drinking coffee! Why are you arresting me?! I've done nothing wrong!" Chip exclaimed for the benefit of people around them.

Gibbs let the handcuffed man go and walked out of the coffee shop. DiNozzo took custody of the suspect. "You mess with The Gibbs; you get the horns, asshole! As much as I'd like to put you in your place after framing me, I'd hate to be in your shoes after hurting Abby."

After Gibbs walked out of the coffee shop and left the suspect in DiNozzo's hands, he turned down the alley next to the shop. He punched the wall a few times. Better he hurt his hand than be accused of abusing a suspect.

After McGee saw that Tony and Ziva had the suspect under control, he ran out of the coffee shop looking for Gibbs. He found him beating on the wall in the alley. He stood there and let him finish.

After Gibbs was done. He took a deep breath. McGee approached him tentatively and rested a hand on his wrist. "Let me clean up your fists" McGee said. Gibbs just stood there, almost defeated, letting Probie take care of him and his raw fists.

McGee led Gibbs to their car, took out the first aid kit in the trunk and cleaned up Gibbs fists and checked the rest of him as best he could. He saw no other obvious wounds or injuries.

"DiNozzo and David are taking Chip back to NCIS. Let's go there." Gibbs sheepishly acknowledged McGee cleaning up his fists and agreed to go with him back to the Navy Yard.