A/N: This is the first outtake for the story: A Road Trip to Remember. If you haven't read ch. 9 of that story... please do so... this will make much more sense!


Duckie POV outtake by CullensTwiMistress

I was sitting in my box minding my own business and waiting for my owner to take proper ownership of me. I felt my box being rattled which only meant that I was finally on my way.

Many Duckies before me had gone and found themselves homes and I wished that someday, I would also make some girl very happy.

You see, for fine Duckies such as myself, once you get an owner and show them the road to pleasure in the sanctuary that is the bath or shower, they usually never look back. For us, getting shipped to an owner is the best thing that could ever happen to us.

When I finally stopped moving and noticed light coming from above, I knew I had found a home.

She ooh'ed and ahh'ed at me when she took me out of my package but before I could show her what I could do, I was unceremoniously shoved into a dark bag, surrounded by cosmetics and soap.

I felt myself being shaken and carried around once again and sighed in disbelief. All I wanted was a chance to show her how happy I could make her.

After what seemed like ages, I was finally released from the dark enclosure and gingerly placed on a ledge inside of what looked like a shower stall.

I couldn't help the giddiness I felt at the sight of the girl before me. Her body wet and glistening from soap as she washed herself. I watched the droplets that fell from her erect nipples as she bent over to put her hands on me and turn me on.

I greedily explored her folds, making sure to press my beak in exactly the right area. I could feel her trembling beneath me as I vibrated over her heated wet skin.

Her moans increased as she neared her release and I reveled in the fact that I had done my job properly.

When she was done, I felt her clean me and pat me dry, settling me on the bathtub ledge before she got dressed and left the room.

I felt proud of myself for providing such pleasure to my owner. Many owners often had to use us more than once before we gave them pleasure but not me. No, I had been able to do my job well on the first try. I knew my owner would be forever grateful and would probably use me very often.

Ahh, the life of a good Duckie was a very cherished one.

Soon after my owner left the room, I felt myself be grabbed by a large hand. This was not my owner and left me feeling a bit uneasy. His hand was a bit forceful as he tinkered with my settings and rubbed me all over his hairy body. I was clearly not amused but since I could not move of my own volition, there was nothing I could do about it.

There was discussion and I was abruptly flung away from the hairy skin as the voices around me became loudly animated.

Next thing I knew, I was in the air and floating across the room. The feeling of freefalling washing over me, I would have quacked if I had lungs and...an actual beak.

I then landed on another ledge; I wobbled precariously on it before I felt another sensation of freewheeling. I landed on a hard gray surface with a squeak and a thump.

I sat there scared and frightened, worried how I would even get back to my owner. When I saw several pairs of legs walking my way, I thought for sure I was saved. One of those just had to belong to my owner. Right?

But I was so wrong, as one of them kicked me off the hard grey surface onto another hard surface.

It was like an out of Duckie experience as I felt myself leave my plastic body.

I watched the big moving apparatus' wheels squish my body into a million little pieces before following the light that beckoned me.

I was then greeted by my ancestors in vibrator heaven.


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