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Chapter 15 OUTTAKE brought to you by XquisiteProdigy

Ridin' Dirty

Mrs. Stolen Minivan and Mr. Keys POV

I knew the second Rosalie Hale's ass had sat in my driver's seat, that girl would be nothing but trouble. When she drove, she had shoved Mr. Keys into my ignition.

Yeah, that was usually how we got down and dirty, but not like that. Not with my poor husband jangling back and forth. Not with her stiletto heels pushing down so hard on the pedals that it left a scuff mark.

I was a Chrysler; I had to have some sort of standards.

The gang was so tired after arriving to the hotel in London, that no one noticed Mr. Keys was still jangling. We called out, trying to get their attention, but it was all to no avail.

"Pssst!" he whispered, once the door was shut.

"What?" I questioned back, accidently letting out some smoke out of the exhaust. Embarrassed, my windshield wipers flipped back and forth.

He rattled the car alarm against the keys, meaning he had ignored my rude behavior. "So, you wanna…"

My headlights automatically came on, and I shut them off. I was obviously excited. I flipped down the visors. He liked to watch himself when the small light filtered through the front seat.

Within seconds, he pulled himself all the way out of the ignition and pushed himself in again.

"Ohhhh," I moaned, and I purred to life. He drew out for the second time, and inserted once more. "Sooo good, baby."

"You like that, you dirty old girl," he taunted me.

I ignored his comment. I was only a '97, I still had some miles left in me.

He continued his movements, and I was on the brink of my orgasm. Mr. Keys knew how I liked to be worked, so he plunged before turning completely over in the ignition.

My oil leaked, as I splattered all over the pavement.

He chuckled and gave me a few minutes so I could recover. I had not yet come down from my sensual bliss when I heard a group of drunken college aged men stumble over.

"Cut off your lights!" Mr. Keys warned, and I lifted the visors quickly.

It was too late. They started jerking on the doors, surprised that it was unlocked. The young men climbed in, and turned my husband forward.

I immediately started as my engine rumbled to life. I didn't want to, but the driver pounded on the steering wheel, and it's like a tickle to my system.

Gets me every damn time.

Those hoodlums drove us away quickly, spilling beer onto my precious seats, and opening up every compartment that they could find.

I didn't know where we were going, or if we would ever return to our owners. I only knew one thing…

When I finally got ahold of that blonde, I was going to stick my gearshift up her petite ass.

Vroom, vroom, Rosalie Hale, vroom vroom.

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