A Star

by orangepumpkins

Standing by Sam's locker, I was talking to him about what my mom was planning for dinner as a celebration tonight, then, in the side of my eye, I noticed a little freshman holding her yearbook on a familiar page of this year's yearbook. The girl was practically fangirling over the name signed on the page, "Rachel Berry", and then I could feel my chest growing warm and the tips of my mouth turning up to form a "U"

Suddenly, Sam tapped my arm with the back of his hand and said, "See you later, dude."

"Wait, what? I thought we were going to go to lunch together." I answered back.

Slowly walking backwards, Sam nodded in the opposite direction and repeated, "Later." with a grin.

Still somewhat confused, I looked in the direction that Sam had pointed at, and I could see a short brunette vigorously towards me. A smile displaying all of the girl's pearly whites graced her face. Rachel.

"Finn!" my fiancée exclaimed as she locked eyes with me and practically started running to my arms. When she reached me, I picked her up and spun her with the momentum of our embrace.

"You'll never guess what just happened to me!" she squealed. "I just got asked for my autograph!"

"I know!" I laughed in return before then placing a kiss on the top of her head. "I saw the girl walk by!"

When Rachel messed up at her NYADA audition, I was really worried about her. Sure, she had that week of seemingly being fine, but actually being kind of scary since she didn't care anymore and everyone thought she was fine up until Nationals, but she was never 100% her; not even after we won. After our national victory, although she was totally stoked about Carmen Tibideaux attending the performance, she soon realized that that would make up for her mess up. After she choked, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but she lost her star—no, not the certificate for Finn Hudson, the star that I gave her for Christmas, that is still displayed proudly on her locker door—but the star that she used to put whenever she signed her name.

I remember one of the first times that we met; Rachel and I were freshmen and were paired up for a "get to know your classmates" exercise during the first week of school. It was before the football team was set up, and the freshman cliques had barely any time to develop yet, so I didn't care that much about reputation yet. When Rach first introduced herself to me, all in one breath, she said her name, mentioned her Broadway dreams, desire for stardom, the genius that is Barbara Streisand, and…how she always signs her name with a star. Heck, she even gave me one of those gold star stickers that she always carries around wither her when I said that that was cool.

I think right now, I am happier than I have been in a while—and we just won a national competition, that's saying something!— but not because of the fact that Rachel was asked for her autograph, I knew that was going to happen sometime from the first time I had heard her sing, but because I saw that Rachel had signed her name with a star. Her star was back, she was back.

Then I heard my favourite voice speak, pulling me out of my train of thought. Rachel was looking up at me, like she does when she catches me day dreaming when she is talking (although it isn't that uncommon for me to do that). "Finn?"

Completely unsure of what she asked, I simply stated what I wanted to tell her, what I felt I needed to say, "I'm glad you're back."

Looking back at me, puzzled, Rachel replied in a questioning voice, "I never left?"

Smiling at the girl I love, I grabbed her hand and told her, "I love you."

"I love you too." she tells me before leaning against my arm as we walk towards the cafeteria for one of our last lunches as high schoolers.

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