Alright after a weird first week of school I finally updated a story!

I drove for miles and miles/And wound up at your door/I've had you so many times before/ But somehow I want more

"Tygra! Get up!" Kat yelled while pounding on the door. The young wily cat was quite irritable with his thighs pressed together and squirming like some kind of worm. "Tttyyyygggrrraaa!" he yelled one last time before giving up and running to the bathroom down the hall.

"WHAT?!" Tygra growled when his door slid open. "Damn it Kat!" the smell of pee made its way to his nose and he cringed back, pushing the button to close the door. After fanning the smell away he ran his hand through his messy, sweaty hair. The air conditioner must've gotten cut off since last night he slept in a damn sauna and the blankets were on the floor to prove it. He looked to the clock and saw that it was 9 A.M. "It's too early…" he groaned, hating Snarf's 'early bird' schedule. One day when Lion'O steps out, he's gonna strangle the little thing then tell his brother that Snarf must've run away.
When he saw that no one was in the kitchen he headed outside where he was surprised to see Pumyra bent over under the Thunder Tank hood. She had a wrench with her and was tightening a bolt. "What are you doing?"

The puma looked up and gave a smirk, "Jealous that I can touch the Tank and actually FIX something?"

He snorted, "Why would I be jealous of you, you're just holding the wrench."

"Really?" she challenged before shutting the hood and giving the wrench to Tygra, "Be a dear and hold it for me." Then the cat headed to the other side of the tank leaving Tygra to picture how pissed Panthro was gonna get when he saw smoke coming from the Tank. It brought a triumphant smile to his face but it didn't last when he heard the engine roar loudly.

"What the?" he jumped back when the Thunder tank skidded forward. The shock subsided when he saw Pumyra through the driver's window. Childishly he raised his middle finger to her only to get the tank jerk forward again. He tossed the wrench aside; he hated losing especially to a girl and in a man's field of expertise.

The puma opened the door and leapt onto the ground with a wide smirk present. "So I just hold the wrench huh, tiger?" Her arms crossed and a brown brow raised.

"Yeah you can drive-" he approached with half his mouth up in a smirk, "And I'm guessing you can work a Thermastat too, right?" A striped arm raised and leaned aganist the ThunderTank while his left foot crossed behindind his right. "Com'on fess up; you made my room hot last night."

"Really Tygra? I made your room hot?" She closed the space between them, causing his cheeks to lightly redden, "Someone should and besides it was probably you who felt hot, after yesterday..." Light pink lips slightly parted as she leaned closer and her hand ran through his hair, fingers tangling themselves in striped locks. Smirks were still present on thier faces but a look of desire seemed to wash over.

Her amber eyes were so enticing espically with the half lidded look and her eyelashes so dark and thick. In the back of his mind he knew it was still a firtatious game but he was in it to win it. His hand gently tiled her face up by the chin and this time it was him who brushed his lips against hers. Brown eyes gleamed with cockiness as he pulled back with a smirk. It quickly dropped when he saw that she wasn't phased at all by his action. "Hmmm, you got game Pumyra."

"I got it all." she replied with yet another triumphant smirk. Now Tygra was annoyed. "Well I got to go talk with Lion'O and I'm pretty sure you want to chat with Cheetara." She said looking over her shoulder back at him as she walked off. Something about the way she said 'Cheetara' made his eyes narrow; was the Cleric some sort of a joke to her? The puma knew how to poke and prod him in all the right places, which ticked him off even more.

His eyes rolled; maybe she just didn't like Cheetara, but he knew there was no way someone couldn't like Cheetara. The Cleric was very mature and kept herself in check and was there when you needed her. Flirting with females was much easier than knowing why they act or feel the way they do. He removed his arm from the tank and turned to leave when something caught his eye. It was a note, "The hell?" The tiger removed the note and read it. After the brief read, he looked back in the direction Pumyra went and smirked. "You got game, puma but so do I." His figure blurred and dissappered as he turned invisable and stalked off.

After dissappering, Panthro retreated from some nearby trees while adjusting his artifical wrist. Wily Kit and Kat followed happily, playing tag around him.

"Panthro" Kat said no longer laughing or goofing off.

"What kid?" the panther muttered, still trying to fix his wrist.

"Um the tank is smoking."

"No kids, it's 'shining', my baby shines." he smiled, proud of his metallic baby. "Just polished her earlier today." The Wilies ran to him and pulled at his pants,

"What?!" he barked, finally looking away from his wrist. The two kits pointed forward and he looked up to see smoke coming from the tank. His smirk wiped off,

"My Tank!" he yelled quickly heading to it. Mud stained the sides, the soot from the smoke stuck to doors and when he popped the hood there was a jumble and mess of engine parts. Aside from his smoking baby, he thought of murder and retribution to who ever did this...

The note read: Have fun cleaning up the mess I made of the engine and explaining it all to Panthro. Go get'em tiger.