That Breathless Charm

Chapter 10

Strangely, they started to talk only by phone, the Skype sessions totally forgotten. It only made it harder to look at each other knowing they couldn't touch. Kurt's eyes clenched in his chest every time his cell phone rang and it wasn't Blaine. Would Blaine stop calling one day? Sometimes Kurt felt he was being distant, like there was something he wanted to say and couldn't.

Then one day Blaine didn't call. Kurt spent the whole day in a state of unease that almost drove Annie and Rachel crazy. Before he went to bed, though, his cell phone buzzed. It was from Blaine. "Don't forget I love you," it said, and Kurt, after sending an "I love you too", went to sleep feeling a lot lighter.

After that Blaine only texted Kurt. Only once, at night, variations of "I love you" that made Kurt feel better but not quite. It went on like that for two weeks and Kurt was starting to go nuts. Maybe leaving the ball in Blaine's court hadn't been such a good idea. It had seemed noble and mature, giving Blaine the time he needed to put his head in order, sort out his traumas and his life. But the 'texting once a day' policy was almost making Kurt bite all his nails with worry.

"You have a meeting today," Annie announced in late April.

"On a Saturday?" Kurt complained. He was going to corner Blaine that night; he was going to call him, ball in his court be damned.

"The producers want to talk about a new play. Wear a suit," she said, throwing said suit at him. Well, not really throwing, because she'd always treated Kurt's clothes as reverently as he did.

"Where have you been all day?" he wanted to know.'

"Working," she said. "Rearranging your agenda for the next week, because they want you to have all your days free."

Kurt groaned. "Don't tell me they'll have another marathon of interviews."

"Ask Melanie, she's your agent; I'm just your PA."

Melanie's cell phone went to voice mail all the times Kurt tried to call her. At five Kurt was ready, wearing his suit, inside the SUV. He opened his cell phone but there was no text from Blaine. Not that Kurt was expecting one now; it was still early. Blaine's "I love you"s only came late at night when Kurt was too tired to do anything but reply. How could Kurt have fallen in love for someone so strange?

"Here we are, sir," Harry said, stopping the SUV.

"Here? Are you sure?" Kurt looked around. "The Brooklyn Botanic Garden?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know, sir, Miss Annie just asked me to bring you here and wait."

"This place is huge," Kurt said, wondering if there was a meeting room here and why the producers had chosen this place. "How will I find Melanie?"

"Miss Annie said something about the Cherry Esplanade."

Kurt started to walk muttering under his breath about Melanie and her idea of a meeting. Soon he stopped complaining to himself, because he'd never been in the Botanic Garden before, and it was truly beautiful.

It was easy to see that the Cherry Esplanade was the most beautiful place in the whole Garden. The sight was breathtaking. The grass was the purest shade of green. The trees were in their first bloom, covered in the most beautiful pink Kurt had ever seen. There were posters announcing the "Sakura Matsuri festival" all over the place, and Kurt took note of the date because he would definitely want to come, his schedule allowing.

He looked around, looking for Melanie with the guys in suits that always accompanied her but he was alone in the place. There were only a few children running on the grass, far from where Kurt was. t Apart from the children and their parents, Kurt was alone.

A movement caught his eye on the left and he turned, a retort to his agent already in his mouth…and there was Blaine, beautiful, wonderful, adorable Blaine, wearing a black tuxedo and a black bowtie. His hair was gelled in a way Kurt had never seen before, making him look a little older and formal. His face was serious but his eyes were shining with happiness. Kurt's heart started to jump inside his chest.

"I love you," was the first thing Blaine said as soon as he approached Kurt.

"You made that clear in the twenty-something texts you've been sending me these couple of weeks," Kurt tried to sound bitchy, but he could feel he was smiling too.

"I was afraid I would spoil everything if I talked to you."


"This. I wanted to surprise you. Cooper suggested the texts so you'd know I was still thinking of you."

Kurt snorted. "Cooper has some brilliant ideas."

"Annie agreed."

"Annie?" Kurt's eyes widened. "She watched me sulking for weeks and didn't say anything? Some friend she is," he muttered, but he was smiling.

Blaine took a step that brought him right in front of Kurt. "Aren't you curious?" he asked.

"Oh. I am, about a lot of things. But first, I want a kiss," Kurt said, pulling Blaine closer.

"Not yet," Blaine said, disentangling himself from Kurt. "I have some important things to say and if I don't say them now and we start kissing, I never will."

"Okay," Kurt said, trying to calm his pounding heart.

"You know why I brought you here?" Blaine asked.

"I have no idea, but it's a beautiful place," Kurt answered.

"It's because of the cherry blossoms," Blaine started.

Kurt turned his head to look at the flowers, but he still didn't understand.

"Listen, Kurt…These trees, they are originally from Japan, did you know that?" when Kurt shook his head, Blaine went on. "But here they are, beautiful, perfect, blossoming in a foreign country. Their beauty didn't diminish; neither did their strength, even though they're so far away from home. They just found another home; another place to grow and live, and they look so beautiful that it's easy to see they're happy."

"Blaine…what are you trying to say?" Kurt asked, not daring to hope.

Blaine hadn't finished. "In Japan, cherry blossoms also symbolize clouds because they bloom all at the same time. They are a metaphor for how short life is because they are so beautiful but their blossom period is so short."

Blaine put his hands on Kurt's shoulders. "Just like the cherry blossoms, I don't belong to this place. New York is yours, not mine. But just like they adapted, I can adapt, too. Just like they're here blossoming, beautiful and full of life, I think I can be happy here. Their life is short, so is ours, and I don't want to waste my life away from the man I love. But all of this can only happen if you stay with me"

Kurt hugged Blaine so tight he was afraid he would break him. "Do you even have to ask?" he said, grinning madly, like a lunatic, drunk on happiness and love. "And hey, you outdid yourself with the cheesy lines this time," he said close to Blaine's ear, "but I loved every word you said."

"The cheesy lines are included in the deal. If you take me, they come too."

Kurt smiled softly. "There will never be a time when I won't tease you about them. But they're part of you, so I love them too"

Blaine's face turned a little more serious. "I think it's time for me to leave my comfort zone and go after the things I want. And what I want is you, Kurt. It's always been you, from the start."

"Blaine… I don't know what to say. This is all I've wanted to hear for a long time..."

"Say you're happy," Blaine grinned.

"Are you kidding? Hey, that's why Annie cleared my schedule for the week, then? How long will you stay?" Kurt wanted to know, already planning all the free time he and Blaine would have together.

Blaine blushed deep red. "I… um… I took a leap of faith here…A big one."


Blaine took a deep breath. "Meaning I quit my job, applied for my Master's degree here in New York, and I called my old teacher, Professor Wesley Montgomery. He got me a job interview in a school for children with disabilities in a couple of days.

"W-What about the Community Centre in Lima?"

"Nick and Jeff are more than capable of taking care of everything."

"What about your house?"

"It's still there. I didn't have the heart to sell it."

"And - and Percival?"

"Percival is at Annie's house where I left all my suitcases this morning, when I arrived. I've been hiding there the whole day, rehearsing my speech so you would take me back."

"Silly," Kurt said softly, "I never let you go. I was just waiting for a sign. Don't you see? You're my world."

"I love you, Kurt. And I want to be with you forever, famous or not. I want to live with you, go to all your plays, sit in the front row and throw you roses; so everyone will know you're mine. When they ask about me and my 'oh so sad' past, I'll only talk about my future and the man I love, the one who makes me happy."

"How did you change your mind so fast?"

"I didn't. I mean, I'm still freaking out a little. But without you, not all the safety of Lima would make me happy. The life I built for myself there was awesome but without you, it was just plain and boring. You give me courage, Kurt. You're my life, and from now on I want to spend all the time I can making sure you never forget that."

"Can I kiss you now?" Kurt murmured, close to Blaine's mouth. Because God, he wanted to.

Blaine's answer was to grasp at Kurt's arms firmly while Kurt pulled him by the waist and finally their lips met in a sweet and long kiss, full of promises. There would be no more waiting, no more distance between them. Kurt's heart finally stopped beating fast, acquiring the steady, calm rhythm and the warmth that only people who are loved back can feel.

Kurt and Blaine were safe in each other's arms. They'd found home in each other. That was all that mattered now. The rest would come with time. Blaine would never remember the first eighteen years of his life, but now that he and Kurt were starting a new life together it was time to finally let the past go and to make new memories in the life he and Kurt would build together. Kurt would make sure each one of those memories were happy ones. They had all the time in the world.

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glee glee glee glee glee glee glee glee

"Kurt Hummel's new musical is a huge success. "Coming Around Again", running since last month at the Foxwoods Theatre, is already an acclaimed success by the public and the critics. Paired again with his best friend, Rachel Berry, the musical is a love story told from the end to the beginning. The creative way it's being told, plus Kurt and Rachel's talent is taking everyone's breath away. Hummel and Berry have been bringing the house down every night. They not only star in the musical, they co-wrote the script for the play together with Kurt's fiancée, Mr. Blaine Anderson. While Mr. Anderson composed and arranged all the songs for the musical, he prefers to remain out of the spotlight. He currently is a Professor of Music Therapy at NYU "Kurt is the star, not me," he says with love in his eyes, "I'm just the planet orbiting around him." And some planet he is; the CD with the songs he composed for the musical is already in the top ten this year. "I've never been happier," Mr. Hummel says about his musical. Speaking of happiness, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson will finally tie the knot next week. The ceremony, only for family and closest friends, will take place on the 30th, at the Cherry Esplanade on Brooklyn Botanic Garden. When asked why they chose the place Mr. Hummel said it is where he first remembers truly feeling happy. As you can see, he's still enigmatic but brilliant. We look forward to seeing the Hummel/Anderson partnership not only on the stage but also in life. To say these young men seem promising together is an understatement."

NY Times, April 23rd, 2028.