Kagome in Wonderland

"Kagome Hurry!" A woman in a regal cloak rushed as she pushed her adopted daughter towards the awaiting carriage. Kagome sighed as she was pushed once more to the blasted carriage, knowing very well where they were going.

"Surly they will not notice if we arrive?" She asked lightly, not wanting to see the Host of the party's eldest son.

Her 'Mother' nodded. "They will notice. Now get in." Her 'Father' sighed for her, and nodded.

"My dear, listen to your mother and get in. It will be at least twenty minutes until we arrive, and we are already late." He said, getting into the carriage right after his wife. Kagome sighed once more and complied to her adopted father's wish, and as slow as possible, got in the carriage.

The ride seemed to take hours before they got to the party, with all the nagging from 'Mother' on her state of dress, and how late they were. After they finally arrived, her 'Mother' rushed out to greet the hostess, while her 'Father' made his way with the Host to the drinking bar, leaving her all alone to fend for herself, not that she really minded. If she could fight off bloodthirsty demons, then she could definitely fight off other people.

She immediately saddened at the thought of demons. During the battle against Naraku, everyone died, with the exception of her and Shippo. The damn jewel was put back into her body, causing her to become immortal. Even the well stopped working, Midoko said something about that not being her true home, sending her here.

A older couple found her, battered and bruised, and took her in. That was three years ago.

"Ms. Wesling!" Kagome turned at the sound of her last name.

"Ah, Young Loxington." She smiled at the young boy, "What brings you to me this evening?"

The youngest Loxington child, John smiled at her brightly. "Big brother is looking for you he wants you to dance with him."

Kagome's smile faltered drastically. She hated Eric Loxington, John's oldest brother, with a passion. He knew it too, only he made sure she knew he desired her, and he did anything and everything to make her desire him as well.

"Well, tell him I'll be there momentarily." The young pre-teen nodded and rushed to tell his 'dear' older brother.

Kagome watched as John ran towards the heart of the party and moved to sit down on the nearest bench. Pulling out a sketchbook she kept with her, she skimmed through the pages until she came to a blank page. Pulling a hidden pencil out of her ponytail, she started to sketch a body. The body was small and child-like, with little fox feet and pointed ears, along with a fluffy tail to match. She smiled sadly as she drew the child's hair, a bow holding the small ponytail together.

Before she could make another stroke, a glimpse of white caught her eye. Immediately, her head jerked in its direction.

'What was…?' She saw it again! She timidly brought her hands to her head. 'Am I finally going insane?' Kagome slowly got up from her chair. 'Maybe its time I took a walk… '

She closed the sketchbook and put it in her messenger bag that she always brought with her, despite her mother's distaste, and positioned her pencil in her hair. She pushed through the crowds, keeping an eye on who was near her.

As quick as it was, she saw the same white glimpse she saw earlier in the form of a white rabbit in a waistcoat. He was looking at her as he pulled out a pocket watch. He opened it, took a glance, and pulled it up so she could she it, pointing to it as if he said it was getting late. In a flash, he put it back in his waistcoat and started off.

'What?' Kagome started to run after him, minding the people she was running into. She almost caught up to the strange rabbit, until…

"Kagome!" …. She bumped into Eric.

"Lord Loxington!" She managed to let out, annoyed and out of breath.

"Where have you been?" he demanded, pushing his blonde hair out of his eyes. "John told me you would dance with me." She quickly glanced toward the rabbit, noticing he stopped for her, again pointing to his pocket watch.

"I'm sorry my Lord, I really want to dance with you, but if you excuse me, I need to take care of something at the moment."

Before he could reply, she darted out in a run once more, following the well-dressed rabbit. She followed him threw the maze, out of the mansion's garden, and into the nearby forest.

"Wait!" she called, but the rabbit didn't stop. He ran down a rabbit hole near a big twisted oak, expecting her to follow.

Kagome watched the rabbit go down the large hole, planning to go after him, and gently slid down.

"Ah!" She let out a small scream as she fell down the hole, a little freaked out she was falling down a rabbit hole with house items scattering the walls.

'First wells, now rabbit holes, what's next?'

Finally, she reached the bottom, breaking threw the floor of the hole and falling into another room, somehow ending up on the ceiling. She braised herself for the incoming fall to the 'ground' and landed on her feet.

"Is it her?"

Kagome glanced at all the doors of the room she was trapped in, and walked towards the closest one to her.

"Has she come back?"

After trying them all out, a table appeared. "I'm sure that it wasn't there before.." She took a glanced at the key on its glass surface and picked it up, admiring and feeling its notices and shape.

"Is she the one?"

Again, tried the doors, using the key. To her disappointment, it only opened the foot tall door. She sighed as she put the key in her messenger bag. She gave the table one last look, now seeing a bottle with a tag reading "DRINK ME". Examining the small liquid filled bottle, she gave a shrug, and pull of the cork top, drinking a small swig.

"Are you sure it's her?"

Kagome, still holding the bottle, felt a change.

'Am I getting smaller?' She looked around her. 'I am. I can't even reach the table now.'

Another small glass caught her eye. Inside a same glass box, there was a yellow cake with the imprinting of "EAT ME". Kagome stopped herself before she even took a bite. If a drink could shrink you, a small cake could cause you to grow. 'Strange… My clothes shrank with me.' She gently placed the DRINK ME bottle and the EAT ME cake into her massager bag, and pulled out the key.

'Surely I can fit threw that door now.'

Kagome was right. Opening the door, she was amazed at all the strange plants and creatures around her, but she couldn't help but think they were familiar.



Taut muscles rolled into place as large mass of white spotted fur bristled with the need to find.

Mistress is back….

Clouded eyes opened and a large growl came from the larger creature, scaring the red card-shaped knights beside it.

Must find…. Mistress….

The red Knights ran off as the large mass of fur's growl became louder, telling a certain Knave that the Bandersnatch is acting up.

Mistress will be found…

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