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Chapter 3

'This is what I get when I'm nice to animals' Kagome thought with a scowl as the Bandersnatch kept running in the opposite direction she was going, 'they always end up carrying me off to some weird far-off place to eat me. Kagome, you just never learn do you?'

She could just stare as the creature she was riding slowed as they came to a dark, heart shaped gate.

'Never mind, it came to sacrifice me to its master. Wonderful.'

Kagome lowered her head as she past the small town surrounding the huge heart-themed castle, the feeling of the town's distress and sadness made her noshes and uncomfortable. She buried herself deeper into the Bandersnatch's fur as she felt the towns people stare at her with sad, soul-ridden eyes, until she was hidden from view.

The Bandersnatch felt its mistress' distress and purred loudly in his throat in attempt to sooth her. He felt her fall asleep on his back, her slow and steady breathing calming him. He hadn't felt so calm in along time. He would relished in his newly found calmness until he had to face that bloody bigheaded tyrant that had claimed him when his mistress disappeared.

He growled at the Red Guard the guarded the red gate to the castle, and was pleased to see him tremble. As he felt his mistress shift, he stood up taller to make her more comfortable.

The Guard gasped in horror as he saw a glimpse of the woman's body on the Bandersnatch's back as the Bandersnatch began to its tiny barn. He stared at him and waited until he was fully inside his nesting place to run and tell their commander.


The Bandersnatch glanced at his bed of straw, looking for a clean patch to lay his mistress down. Once he deemed the spot worthy, he gently pulled her off his back, laying her on the newest straw, he sat protectively in front of the doorway, alert in cause someone would catch sight of her and take her away. Just the thought of her being taken away from him again made him growl. He glared at a random piece of straw as her recalled the night his mistress was taken from him.

She had been a fairly young pup, around about seven summers or so when a wretched witch took her away from Underhand. After the kidnapping of their precious sister, the two remaining sisters blamed each other for her absence, pushing anger more than it already was between the two.

The Red Queen's side then forced him upon his position now, after the two anger-filled sisters broke into full-scale war when the younger was crowned and put on the throne.

While a new battle wagered, after many years people forgot all about his wonderful and fair mistress. He doubt that even the Red Queen's prized Knave knew about the third daughter of Underland. Hell, he doubted no one would remember, give or take a few elders and servants, but he couldn't blame them if they didn't remember.

Glancing at her one more time, he noted how much she had grown since the last time he saw her. She was defiantly not a pup any longer, but he could still see some of her features from when she was younger. Her hair was still the dark shade that he remembered it was, her face was still slightly heart shaped, and her eyes were still electric blue, but this time she looked different. She didn't look as sickly as she did last he saw her.

She was brought into the world with a terrible illness, and the news of the new princess stayed in the castle. No one knew if the newest child would make it through the night, her body being so tiny and fragile-like, and to everyone's surprise, she made it threw year after year. Still, the news of the third daughter never left the castle; she was still sick, and they felt it only was a matter of time before she died.

Even though they knew, that never stopped her sisters from loving her, although it was a hard beginning at first, they couldn't help but love her. Iraceabeth thought she was the cutest little doll, and would spend some of her free time dressing her up in cute red heart outfits, while Mirana would read to her when ever she was sick in bed. All was peaceful until she turned five, the day she was taken from her family, away from him, by that wretched witch.

His thoughts were interrupted by a angry yell of the Queen's knave, and he let out a agitated huff. The knave was looking for him to see if he had run off. How idiotic did he think he was?

He went stiff as he heard a moan from his mistress, watching her toss and turn herself in a comfortable position.

As long as no one would find her…..

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