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I had my stomach in my throat as I watched Eli drive towards my house. When we pulled up in front I saw that it was dark and my dads were gone for the weekend. I took a deep breath before pulling Eli up towards my bedroom.

As soon as we shut the door I heard him let out a breath. "Are you a virgin? I need to know before we start doing anything."

I smiled and started laughing at his face. He looked so scared that it was comical and sweet at the same time. "I'm not a virgin, far from it actually so you don't have to worry."

He seemed relived as he slid my blazer off of my shoulders and peppered my skin with kisses. I bit my lip as I lulled my head back so he could have my skin. I kicked off my booties before turning around to face him. I pushed him away enough so I could pull his shirt over his head and I could untuck my tank top from my skirt.

His hands were up underneath it lying against my stomach as I held him close to me. He pulled his mouth away from mine and held me at arms' length taking me in. I raised my eyebrows and waited for him to pull the tank top over my head but he didn't.

He took the bottom of my shirt in his hands and pulled it off of me before pushing my skirt down my legs. The only things I had on were my panties, my bra, and a pair of black thigh high stockings whereas he had on jeans still.

"You're wearing far too much clothing, Mr. Goldsworthy," I said, unbuttoning his jeans. "I think I may need to even out the playing field a little bit more."

"By all means make everything equal," he said, looking down at me with his smirk on his lips. "Maybe I should make things equal too."

He slid his hands up my back and took my bra clasp in his hands. He looked in my eyes for permission and when I nodded he undid it. He slid the fabric of the straps down my shoulders as I pushed his jeans down his legs. He stepped out of them before dropping my bra to the ground and taking me in.

He ran his fingers over my tattoo and the scar that lay underneath. I pressed our torsos together and placed my hands on his lower back. We just stood there for a while taking in the feel of skin on skin until I felt his member pressing against my thigh.

"You seem a little bit excited, Eli. Am I that sexy?" I asked, pulling away and tracing his cheekbone with my thumb. "I am too."

He picked me up and walked us over to my bed. He lay me down before straddling my hips. "You're so beautiful; I can't get over the fact that you're completely mine."

I just rolled my eyes before throwing my leg over his hip and using it to pull him closer to me. He took my other leg and slid the stocking down off of me. He pulled the other one off before taking my panties in his hands, looking up at me.

"If you want to stop you need to say something now because there's no going back once I pull these panties off of you," he said, completely serious for once.

I just pushed his hands out of the way and pulled them down on my own before flipping us over. I tugged his boxers off before looking up at him. He just pointed to his pants and I figured he meant there was a condom in them so I rolled off of him so he could grab it.

"You're just grabbing it because I'm the one that's putting it on you, I'm in charge now," I said, pushing him back onto the bed.

He just laughed until I tore the wrapper open and slid he condom onto him. He groaned as I stroked him a few times before placing him at my entrance. I bit my lip as I sank down on him, taking every inch he gave me.

"Fuck Delaney, you're going to kill me if you don't move," he groaned, taking my hips in his hands and trying to move me.

I placed my hands on his chest to use as leverage to move myself. I bounced steadily on him as my head went back in complete ecstasy. He slid one of his hands up my body and started pinching my nipple as I moved on top of him.

I felt myself start tightening and I stopped focusing on being on top long enough for Eli to pin me under him. He grinned before taking my legs and laying them over the bends of his arms, pounding into me. I could feel his tip touching my cervix and I couldn't help it.

"Eli fuck," I groaned as I came.

He came soon after and rolled off of me to dispose of the condom before pulling me close to his chest. I tried to calm my breathing but I felt my eyes tearing up and I started crying against him. He brushed my hair out of my face and rubbed the length of my back to try and calm me.

"What's wrong? Did something happen that you didn't want?" he asked quickly cupping my cheeks in his hands. "Did you not want to do this?"

"No, I wanted this so much it was just really intense," I whimpered, kissing over his heart.


I felt like she'd punched me when she started crying but once she explained herself I calmed down. I held her close to my chest as I felt her breathing slow down enough that I knew she was asleep. I kissed her forehead and lay her on her back so I could go clean up.


I woke up the next morning to someone tracing my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw Delaney's hand playing with mine on my stomach. She was lying next to me with her head on my chest and she seemed genuinely happy for the first time in a long time.

"Good morning beautiful, how'd you sleep last night?" I asked my voice rough with sleep. "You looked particularly gorgeous this morning, you seem to be glowing. No thanks to me or anything."

"Yeah, this really cute guy came in and got me off last night. I'm sure you saw him, black hair and big green eyes with an annoying smirk?" she asked, rolling over to face me.

"You're crazy, did you know that?" I asked, leaning my face closer to hers. "But then again so am I so I think we work just fine."

She just rolled her eyes before getting up and heading towards the shower. I placed my arms behind my head and looked up at her ceiling. I thought about how great it felt when her head was sitting on my chest, it sort of felt like I was finally where I belonged.