I couldn't help it, it wouldn't let me be!

Previously on Young Justice- Bloodlines:

Bart looked up at them excitedly, eager to prove himself. "See! I know stuff only a future boy would know!" Being restrained, he could only nod in their direction as he called out, "Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Garfield Logan."

Robin flinched slightly at the reveal, while Beast Boy just became incredulous. "Your name's Tim?" He looked to his good friend in shock, but the boy sheepishly ignored him. "And yours is…" He looked at NightWing in slight repulsion, "Dick?"

"Oops! Spoilers!"

Later that evening.

Dick Grayson did one last sweep of the cave, making sure nothing had been forgotten. Tim had already headed home without him, deciding he'd help Batgirl with the nightly Gotham patrol. What a day. God, I need an aspirin.

Sure, superheroes normally have excitement in their week. But this day kind of topped the charts. First, the not only receive a time traveler from the future, but a speedster time traveler from the future that couldn't get back home! And then the original Roy that was supposedly dead is found alive by Red Arrow (no matter what anyone says Dick will always see him as the original) and that smug clone bastard is going to be holding it above their heads for the rest of their existence. Not to mention Wally got back in the game briefly, in fact, Jay Garrick got back in the game briefly. And Iris was pregnant. With twins. Twins with speedster blood.

What. A freaking. Day.

Oh, there was plenty more, for one, NightWing is convinced Bart's not telling the truth, on a lot of things. He seemed a little too happy with seeing Barry, and not just because he was 'in his prime'. The fact of the matter is, though, the kid is related, and whatever his secrets are, he's not doing harm now. So the Dark Knight's protégé will let it slide… for now. He'd also have to go had have a bro talk with Wally, he saw the looks his best friend was throwing at the intruder. Thing was, NightWing had felt similar when the new Robin had been initiated in, so who better to talk him through it? But he wasn't even going to touch the original Roy issue, it was best to let the Arrow clan figure that one out. Another worry was Iris and Barry's kids. Sure, that problem was still nine months away, but there was a good chance that these would be meta babies.

Nobody wanted to deal with a speedster baby. Especially if it was able to toddle all the way to India.

So, time traveler, frozen Roy, babies, best friends, was he forgetting anything?

"You heading home, Dick?"

Oh, right.

… He really needed an aspirin.

"Beast Boy," Dick Grayson turned to face the green skinned boy, who was wearing a ridiculously self-satisfied expression. Kid Flash had been hanging around with him too much. "Do I really need to have the secret identity talk with you?" Sometimes, especially with Tim always around, he forgot how immature teenagers could be, especially the thirteen year olds. "And didn't Megan give you a ten thirty curfew?"

"I was doing some homework, and thought I'd share with you." Garfield waved some printed sheets out from behind his back dramatically. It seems his actress mother had rubbed off on him. "See this?" He pointed to a grayscale photograph that Richard recognized all too well. "Here," Beast Boy pointed for emphasis, "We have an article about the newest addition to Gotham's richest. Timothy Drake joins the high class, now seated next to his adopted brother Richard 'Dick' Grayson," NightWing really wanted that aspirin now, since he knew where this was going. "And here," Gar's smile grew ten-fold, thoroughly triumphant. "Is the father of the two wards, Bruce. Wayne. Aka," he threw the paper to the floor, revealing a very familiar bat symbol, "the BATMAN!"

Did he need to shout it?

"That's right, Dick Grayson." Gar tossed his hands into the air dramatically, throwing away the remaining papers in his hands. "I have discovered the true identity of the most secretive member of the Justice League!" NightWing held in a groan as the teen began to victory dance poorly.

Well, time to be the buzz kill.

"Yep, you sure did."

"That's right!" Garfield pointed at the young adult playfully, "I did."

"You found out Robin's and my secret identities, which Batman told us to keep safe. Which he never wanted revealed."

The way he said it gave the green boy pause. "Uh, yeah!"

"You even went as far as to do research and dig up Batman's most guarded secret, his identity."

Garfield bit his lip, shrinking slightly. "…Yeah?"

"Tell me, Gar." Dick level a purely cynical smirk at him. "What are you going to do when the Dark Knight himself finds out you snooped and found out who he is under the mask?"

Beast Boy frowned in confusion for a few moments. "Well, I guess he'd…" His green eyes widened in horrified realization. "Oh god, I know Batman's identity!"

Don't laugh Grayson, you'll ruin it. "Yep."

"I looked up who he was, I invaded the Batman's personal life!"

Heheheh. "Sure did."


Behind the domino mask, the vigilante rolled his eyes. "Don't be dramatic, we Bats don't kill," Dick leaned in close, his smile one hundred percent sadistic. "We make people we don't like disappear."

Gar's complexion paled considerably.

"So, just out of curiosity, what do you know again?"

"Uh…" Garfield shrunk even more, his animal features slightly morphing into that of a mouse. "N-nothing." He managed to squeak out.

"You know nothing about what?"

"I-I'm not sure, I know nothing!"

"Oh, okay, I guess we can just say this conversation never happened then, couldn't we?"

"Y-yeah! It never happened! I don't even know what we're talking about!"

Heh. "Good." NightWing turned back to the main computer, ready to zeta home. As he listened to Garfield pick up his papers and begin slinking away, he couldn't resist one last poke. "Oh, and Garfield?"

The green morpher froze, turning slowly to face their team leader. "Yeah, NightWing?"

The black haired man looked absolutely smug. "I'd burn that 'homework', if I were you."

Garfield ran.

Huh, guess he didn't need that aspirin after all.

Really, no one thought about this before me? No one? :D Good thing Batman's off planet, eh Beast Boy?